PSO2 Episode 3: Releases with Bouncer Class and Casino

~ August 27th, 2014 ~

~ August 27th, 2014 ~

~ August 27th, 2014 ~

Post Updated: 8/22

  • Added Jet Boots Branch Attacks.

Bouncer is a new class proficient in striking, tech, and aerial combat. They have access to two new weapon categories, striking weapon "Dual Blades" and tech weapon "Jet Boots." They can also activate support effects like Shifta and Deband automatically, by utilizing the Jet Boot's weapon action.


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Dual Blades

Dual Blades are a striking weapon characterized through the sword fighting style of "Nito-Ryu." They excel at close to mid range combat, and produce photon blades. They can recover lots of PP when attacking the area the photon blades pierced the enemy.


Jet Boots

Jet Boots are tech weapons that can attack with Technics and Photon Arts. In conjunction with the Boot's weapon action, they can perform branched attacks and automatically trigger support effects like Shifta and Deband. These actions allow Jet Boot users to support the party while fighting enemies. Not only are they allowed to double jump, but they can also change the element of their weapon through charged technics!

Branched attacks could be described as a secondary action that occurs following an attack. For example, the Strike Gust PA makes the character do a vertical roundhouse kick. Immediately after this, you can branch the attack to perform a drop kick which leads into Auto-Shifta. In another example, Moment Gale makes the character swipe the screen left and right. Immediately after this, you can branch the attack to perform a spin attack leading to Auto-Zanverse.


New Skills for All Classes

A sample of some of the new skills coming to each class.

War Brave (Hunter)

  • Hunter Main Class Only
  • Applies a 30 second damage bonus and recovers PP depending on the number of enemies attracted during War Cry.

Limit Break (Fighter)

  • Fighter Main Class Only
  • Temporarily applies bonus damage to striking power while reducing the max HP.

Bullet Keep (Ranger)

  • Ranger Main Class Only.
  • Loaded special bullets will not disappear even if you switch to Launchers/Assault Rifles.

Twice Chain (Gunner)

  • When twin machine guns are equipped, it doubles the chain number.

Chain F Bonus (Gunner)

  • During Chain Finish.
  • Reduces Chain Trigger's recast time based on the chain number.

Charge Escape (Force)

  • Force Main Class Only
  • Temporarily preserves the charging state of a Technic during an evasive action.

Shifta Strike (Techer)

  • Techer Main Class Only.
  • Increases damage towards the enemy during Shifta.

Charge Shoot (Braver)

  • While bullet bows are equipped, it increases the bullet speed and power of charged normal attacks.


Planet Harukotan

Planet Harukotan
A planet of two nations, 'White' and 'Black', where the two powers clash.

Planet Harukotan is inhabited by giant beings hailing from two nations. For the sake of simplicity, we'll be referring to each nation of Giants as "Shirokotans" from the "White Nation" and "Kurokotans" from the "Black Nation."

Both nations border a huge river, an area of non-aggression for each side. However, the Kurokotans broke this law and began invading the other nation.


White Territory

Stone walls and tiled roofs can be seen from all around. With cherry blossoms in full bloom, it expresses a Japanese-style atmosphere. The buildings were made to conform to the size of its inhabitants. Climb aboard the roof to get a better shot at the enemy's weakpoint.


Gigur Gunnegam

A kurokotan—triumphant in size—Gigur Gunnegam wields a huge sword dealing out ice attacks.


Various new enemies will appear, from flaming wheels, to gigantic Onis and Toy Darkers.


Episode 3: Chapter 1

Mistaken Shrine Maiden Matoi

Episode 3 kicks off with a new story quest on Planet Harukotan! You can start Episode 3 immediately even if you haven't cleared Episodes 1&2.


The quest takes place during an invasion by the Kurokotans; who are attempting to raid the shrine of the Ash Maiden. Kotoshiro, the Ash Maiden's guardian, wants to confront them alone. Matoi heads to the White Territory, sensing something amiss behind the invasion.


New Characters

Episode 3 will introduce new characters including Sukunahime (known as the Ash Shrine Maiden) and her guardian Kotoshiro. In addition, Katori and Saga will make their debut in dealing with the Bouncer class.


Shirokotans vs Kurokotans

Kurokotans are approximately 8m tall.
These ones in particular have an Oni like appearance.


Shirokotans are shorter, around 4m tall.
Help them battle enemies in Emergency Trials.

Event Chronicle

Event Chronicle pic
The launch of Episode 3 lets you view all the events of Episode 1&2!


Interdimensional Enemy: Nyau

Nyau The Cat

Nyau is a cat with a mischievous personality, who just can't stand the prospect of losing in battle. Brandishing his signature weapon, Nyau challenges the Arks in a competition of strength. But once he loses his weapon, he'll go on a tantrum and run away. Still, one must remain vigilant, as a large enemy may spawn.


 Casino Area

PSO2 Casino Theme Park

The Casino Area is a new amusement center filled with attractions in a delightfully gorgeous atmosphere.


Mesetan Shooter
Mesetan Shooter: Cooperation is the key to victory!

Mesetan Shooter is a shooting game that you can play with up to four players. Shoot the enemies on the stage and acquire the coins that roll out from them.


Rappy Slots
Rappy Slot: Aim for a Big Jackpot.

Rappy Slot is a 1 player slot machine game. Achieve a winning pattern to earn coins; and hit the jackpot to earn much more! Various Rappy animations will appear on the screen to liven up the game.


Coin Exchanger
Earn coins by logging in each day!

Casino Coins are required to play the attractions. You'll automatically receive a Casino Coin pass upon logging in each day. This Casino Coin Pass can be used to exchange for coins at the "Coin Exchanger." One Pass equals 100 Casino Coins, but if you're really lucky, you may get even more!


There's all sorts of things you can do at the Casino. Why not take a tour on a giant balloon, or try to find the hidden Lillipan. After you're done, there's no need to return to the main lobby, as the Quest and Shop counters are available here for your convenience.


Arkuma Weapon

Trade in your Casino Coins to obtain wonderful prizes! Acquire casino-themed weapon camos, or 'Rare Enemy Triggers' that summons a rare enemy. Don't miss your chance to obtain the prizes as some items are swapped out after a period of time.


Arks Lobby Makeover

The Shopping Lobby has been given a Southern Tropical makeover, with an entrance to the Casino area located at the back. The Gate Area has been renovated to look like an airport. In addition, there's now a map to help guide you to the various locations of the Shops and NPCs.



Balance Adjustments for All Classes.

Ep3 Techer Tree

The development team has adjusted the balancing for each class in various ways. Some changes you can expect in the Episode 3 update include:

  • Improving the speed for Striking Weapons. (Except Knuckles.)
  • Adjusting PAs and Technics in various ways. Using level 16 as reference, they revised the power levels through Level 1 ~ 15.
  • Adjusting the arrangements of the Skill Trees and reducing the points required for some skills. These arrangements free up points, allowing for more freedom! (Accompanying this update, an [All Skill Tree Reset Pass] will be distributed to all players.)
  • Making all classes available from the start!
  • Increasing the character's movement speed.


'My Set' Feature

My Set Feature

'My Set' is a new feature available at the Class Counter, allowing you to register up to 10 slots of equipment. These slots may include weapons, units, mags, photon arts, technics, and even your main and sub classes' skill trees.


Craft System Expanded

Jet Boots and Dual Blades will be among the available craftable weapons categories when Episode 3 launches.


Timed Ability Update

New Timed Ability recipes will cover Story Quests 😕 , Advance Quests, and the new field on Planet Harukotan. Timed Ability crafting level cap will also be rising to 40.


Character Creation Improvements

PSO2 Accessory Adjust
You can adjust the placement of accessories.


Accessory Slot 4 PSo2
Choose a 4th Accessory Slot


Simple Face
Set a new face variation for boys and girls!



Rare Enemy Trigger

Rare Enemy Trigger

Rare Enemy Triggers are items that let a specific enemy appear in a free-field. When the Rare Enemy trigger is used at the start of the quest, an Emergency Trial will appear in Area 1 of the quest. After successfully completing the trial, it will grant the Rare Drop and Rare Enemy boost effects.


Recommended Quests

Recommended Quests are a new type of quest, that selects different quests depending on the day. The selected quest is available even to those who have not yet unlocked them. Daily Orders and Client Orders related to the quest are available here for your selection.

For some Daily Orders, in addition to the rewards you receive, there's also a Daily Boost which grants an effect similarly to a Triboost.


PSE Balance Adjustments

PSE Omens PSO2 EP3

Some PSE effects have improved, including effects such as "Decreased PP Consumption" and "Increased EXP values." Furthermore, the designs of the PSE omens were changed to make them easier to understand.


Other Improvements

EP3 Urban Recovery

The updated 'Urban Recovery' quest summarizes the contents of the three City EQs. Head to the deepest area to fight Dark Ragne. Along the way, you'll encounter Falz Hunar, Zeshrayda, and more.

There's a whole slew of other improvements included in the Episode 3 update. Some of these include:

  • Viewing the position of all 12 players on the Area Map.
  • Making Area 1 for Emergency Quests into Multi-Party Areas.
  • Increasing the party exp bonus to a maximum of +40% when you form a party with other players.
  • Adding EXP rewards to Team Orders with clear conditions requiring just to defeat a specific enemy.
  • Improving some of the support effects for the Photon Tree and letting it fill with more water.
  • Making [Emergency Quests] display at the top at the Quest Type selection screen for easier access.


Scratch Previews

PSO2 EP3 Accessory Preview

It's finally here! Now you can preview scratch content on your character. From costumes and parts, to hairstyles and accessories, you can preview all sorts of things, including lobby actions. This function extends through the My Shop window as well, so you can preview hairstyles, accessories, and lobby actions while shopping.


Symbol Art Parts

EP3 Symbol Arts PSO2
24 new characters and 16 new parts are available for selection.



HP/PP Overhead Display

The overhead display shows HP and PP above the character.


Chat Channel Colors

PSO2 Chat Channel

There's now an option in settings that changes the background color of the chat box. The colors correspond to the selected channel; like orange for Team Chat, or purple for Whisper Chat.


Order Item Improvements

Client Order Icon EP3

The details window will now display the name of the client requesting the item. In addition, the window will also display if the Client Order can be reaccepted. Client Orders, like Koffee's, that can only be performed once, will have a blue icon container for their items.


Matter Board Improvements

Matter Board EP3

Completing certain nodes on the matter board will open up a number of nodes.

Some of the previous matter board rewards have changed. Players who obtained the matter boards targeted for the changes will be distributed the new rewards in the future.


Gold Rush Fever AC Scratch

The Gold Rush Fever AC Scratch features Bouncer themed costumes and Casino outfits. This scratch releases a few days later on August 29th at 14:00 JST.

ディーラースーツ Dealer Suit
ディーラースーツ Dealer Suit


ディーラードレス Dealer Dress
ディーラードレス Dealer Dress


サイハジン Saihajin
サイハジン Saihajin


フウリンカ Fuurinka
フウリンカ Fuurinka


トウシャモノノフ Tousha Mononofu
トウシャモノノフ Tousha Mononofu


[b]オウカテンコウ Ouka Tenkou[/b]
オウカテンコウ Ouka Tenkou

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  1. If Gigur Gunnegam is weak to fire and dark, how can it be frozen? anyone see how it got frozen in the trailer?

    1. It uses ice, that probably results when the player makes an attack backfire or something along those lines.

  2. Interesting. But, what was more interesting to me is the Symbol screenshots. They are written in english…eh… what does that mean?
    Looking forward to the new skill tree.

    1. It means the Japanese love putting English in simple things like that.

      Besides that, it means nothing.

    2. Possibly a minimal cross language thing. They kinda like to do Bi-lingual stuff in media… if you have ever seen Magical Girl Lyrical Nanhoha you'll see what I mean, the characters speak Japanese, but the A.I. in the weapons will speak anything from English to German and for some reason, everyone magically knows what all of them are saying.

  3. @STARJUNK: You could always use a VPN to connect to PSO2. That's what I do and I've have no problems whatsoever. Try out SoftEther VPN. Works great for me. 🙂 Just find a host in Japan and connect through the VPN client, then fire up PSO2 and enjoy! Here's what I use:

    It is a plugin for SoftEther that comes with the SoftEther VPN Client download. Also, it is free. 🙂

  4. Minor note, but I'm pretty sure that one Dual Blade PA is "Starling Fall" in keeping with the bird theme.

    And I thought the one Boots PA was "Strike Geist" but maybe I read it wrong. I hope I didn't, though, 'cause Strike Geist is a pretty cool name.

  5. I -thiiiiink- it's supposed to be "destruct" wing, but… eh. one of those spots were going from english to japanese to english gets weird. *shrug*

    1. Yeah, not trying to be a downer or anything but I wouldn't expect a Western release at all at this point. Have you tried out the JP or SEA servers? Since the JP servers are obviously the furthest ahead content-wise, I recommend them if you're wanting to play. Drop me a line at [email protected] if you decide to play, and we over at D-COM on Ship 10 would be glad to take you in. 🙂

      I would be more than happy to show you the ropes and help you out. 🙂

    2. With PSO2 going into its 3rd year and no word from Sega in over a year about a Western release – there is virtually NO CHANCE that it will ever come out over here. That said – the game plays great on the japanese servers using the english patch. Sucks that the DDOS made it so some people have to use a VPN now – but if you ever want to play this game – this is how – don't wait for a western release because you will be waiting forever!

    3. If you're using PSO2 Tweaker you don't necessarily have to use a VPN. If you click the Orb, go to Other Tasks, and click PSO2Proxy Server settings, it will ask you to input a URL. If you paste in this:, you should be able to connect perfectly. I haven't had to use a VPN since. The little thing on the right side that shows the compatibility of patches on the Tweaker has a status showing whether or not the proxy server is up.

    4. This is fine to use?
      I keep hearing something about being banned if issues are caused from public ip or whatever, i dont really know.
      dont really know if i believe it or not either, but wouldnt hurt to confirm i guess?

    5. Whether you'd actually get banned or not is unknown, but it's definitely riskier than using a private VPN.

    6. You're running the same risks regardless of what method you use, the only difference is using CyberKitsune's VPN method is moderately safer than using a public VPN. With CyberKitsune's VPN, there's an active policing of connected accounts so no one ruins it for everyone, but with a public VPN you're leaving everything to chance. If you don't like either method, just get your own private IP from Amazon Web Services like many others.

    7. Basically what Clotho said. If you don't already have a private VPN this would probably be a better way to go than using a public VPN in my honest opinion as it feels like you're less at the mercy of other people's actions. Which was my main concern. Plus (this was my reason for switching from SoftEther) it doesn't require you to launch a secondary client beforehand that also inherently affects the rest of your location-based internet services (like google for instance) so you don't have to worry about "Oh I need to Google something about this item!" only to realize "Wait, my Google is in Japanese and useless to me atm… D:" There's also less of a slowdown compared to SoftEther, from my experience.

    8. @slayme No problem, just trying to help.
      @OldLinkCj You mostly hear "ghost stories" like that from players who think everything will get you banned, tbh. I'm fairly certain there hasn't been anyone who has been banned yet other than for legitmately doing something dumb in the game, not for being an English speaking player or using a proxy/VPN. If it happens pretty sure it'll be bumped's front page news. 😛

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