A Stream of Rainy Season Content Hits PSO2

~ May 24th, 2017 ~


In the Driving Rain 2017

Each year brings us yet another iteration of the [Driving Rain] Emergency Quest. As they progress through the quest, players will encounter bosses and boosted enemies. The latter have a high chance of appearing during Emergency Trials.

Mr. Umblla and Mr. Boing may drop in during the quest to grant players rare drop boosts. Tagami Kazuchi also has a chance of appearing for an opportunity at netting some serious experience points. At the end of the quest is a special prefixed Diabo Igrithys. While it might be challenging, this version of the creature comes with an exclusive drop.


Rainy 2017 Bingo

進化D/フログラッピー (Evo. Device / Frog Rappy)

The [Rainy 2017 Bingo] will shower players with a variety of objectives, covering not only the Emergency Quest, but the Ensemble Catalog as well. Players up to the task can earn rewards such as booster items and the [Frog Rappy] Mag Device.


Driving Rain 2017 Collection

The [Driving Rain 2017 Collection] introduces three new weapons to the Fornis series. Pour some time into obtaining a new Gunslash, Bullet Bow, Wand, or even ★13 Popple and Redran Eggs.


Limited-Time Enemy

Frog Rappies can be found waddling around various fields for a limited time. If you can stomach harming these cute little guys, they may drop a ★13 weapon.


Fresh School Days (AC Scratch)

氷を召す理装[Ou・Ba] | Frigid Ideal

Dress up as young school children or their sexy female teachers with new Tensei Academy uniforms! Make lots of new friends and play out school life together. Class is now in session!


ゾディアック・カモ[Ba] | Zodiac Camo
ゾディアック・カモM[Ou] | Zodiac Camo M
天星初等部制服F[Ou・Ba] | Tensei Elementary F
天星初等部制服M[Ou・Ba] | Tensei Elementary M
タイトジャケット[Ou] | Tight Jacket
スーツスカート[Ba] | Skirt Suit
スーツスカート2[Ba] | Skirt Suit 2
サテンロングピアス | Satin Long Earrings


20 thoughts to “A Stream of Rainy Season Content Hits PSO2”

  1. Can anyone tell me.. the name of the dress the girl is wearing in the picture for the "Satin Long Earrings"? I can't remember the name… and can't find it…. I hope since it's shown there, it'll get revived in the next scratch, I guess..?

    1. Looks like it is Lotus Dress Sakura [Ba] which is not too expensive as of right now.

    2. Yea, fashion as a whole is pretty expensive, i like how most black shadow and white snow version of outfits are 20x more then any other color, i wonder how people value these things.

    1. Going by Fornis trend, it's going to be "heal when you hit things of a certain element". Looking at the weapon, it's most likely going to be Fire/Lightning. Also going by how the JB Pot works, it mostly likely only works for innate element only; Wand Ele Change has no effect on the Pot.

  2. ok am i missing something not gonna lie been on for the past like 3 days (enjoying my days off work :D) and ive not once seen a diving rain eq like whats going on there not on the eq list either. D::D:D:D:D:D:D:::D:::::::D:::

    1. Check the date under the video. This update does not come out until May 24th.

  3. How on earth does this game have different sized characters with different porportions yet keep the clothing & animations the same on each??

    1. Lazyness, sega has shown they can do a lot, but stick to the bare minimum to keep the cash flowing.

  4. Photons? Time to complain about something that isn't about the bulging balance problems this game has. A lot of the animations in this game are too soft, and very anti-badass which I guess unfortunately suits the anti-badass/anti-cool theme the playerbase promotes with their characters :(.

  5. Ugh sorry about this but.. What is the current download size? I want to get back but I'm afraid it will exceed my data plan
    It has been 1,5 years I have missed a lot of things

    1. Find somewhere with wifi. If you're connected through a wifi network, it won't use your data.

  6. "Ice-beckoning ideal" is probably a better translation for ice-tan's outfit name, not that anyone cares. Icebringer? Icecaller? if one wants to shorten things and cut spaces.

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