PSO2 Station #8 Recap

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Post Livestream Updates

  • Added PSO2es Info
  • Added Merchandise


Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase 感謝祭2017もうすぐ開催 in chat to receive:
    • Ro Deo (Room Item)
    • +100% Tribooster (3)
  • You have until May 24th's maintenance to complete this task.


PSO2 Event: Campaign Quest

  • Various features will be added to quests.
  • Level UP Quests
    • Enemy ATK +100% (XH+SH)
    • Enemy HP +100% (XH+SH)
    • Player PP Recovery Speed +200% (XH+SH)
    • Drops: Weapons Badge 2017
  • A +100% EXP Boost will also apply.
  • The first [Campaign Quest] will begin May 17th ~ May 24th


Phantasy Star Festa: Part 1
ARKS Battle Chronicle

  • Duration: June 7th ~ July 26th
  • Earn points by defeating bosses within qualifying quests.
  • Running Contests
    • Item Design Contest (Now with Makeup/Body Paint!)
    • Character Contest and Art Contest
  • Other Events
    • ARKS License Exam:
      • Receive Accessories / Stickers based on Quiz points.
    • ARKS Investigative Report (Game Stats)


Phantasy Star Festa: Part 2
Extra Boost Event

  • Duration: July 5th ~ August 9th
  • Boosts will apply to both Players and Enemies in proportion to the event points earned.
    • Event Quest: EXP + Meseta + Rare Drop UP (For All Difficulties)
    • Event Quest: Enemy ATK UP (For Extra Hard Difficulty)
    • The more points we earn, the higher the risk.


Early June Update

  • Frame Arms & Frame Arms Girl Collaboration
  • Male / Female Cast Parts
  • Flying Base [Lobby Action]
  • *Gunblade Lance & *60mm Gatling Gun
  • Evo Device / Stylet G



Early June Update

  • Frame Arms Replica (AC Scratch)
  • Male and Female Nun outfits
  • Cathedral Suit Layered Wear
  • Scratch Bonus: Rappy Head


Early June Update

  • PSO2 5th Anniversary Web Interlocking Event!
    • ARKS Battle Chronicle!
  • Xie (5th Anniversary) (~7/20)
  • 5th Anniversary Exchange Shop
    • Trade in 5th Anniversary Badges for
      [Weapons Badge 2017/2016/2015]
    • Lobby Actions and 5th Anniversary Donuts
    • Other items..


Early June Update

  • ARKS Battle Chronicle Part 1 (~6/14)
    • Limited Quest: Breakthrough Training: Episode 1
    • Enemies and fields appearing in Episode 1
  • Drop Item: *Coat Edge (Photon Color Changeable)
  • Special prefixed Falz Arms and Falz Hunar will appear at the end.


June 14th Update

  • Star Gem Scratch: Mother Cluster Imitation
  • Mother Cluster costumes, accessories, and hairstyles.
  • Mother Cluster Lobby Actions.
  • Gram Weapon Camo.


June 14th Update

  • Arks Battle Chronicle Part 2 (~6/21)
    • Limited Quest: Breakthrough Training: Episode 2
    • Enemies and fields appearing in Episode 2
  • New Client Orders for Xie
  • Drop Item: *Coat Doublis (Photon Color Changeable)


June 14th Update

  • New Quna Concert
    • Episode 4's Ending theme: 「光の果て」
    • Original Song: 「Cosmic Twinkle Star」
  • A Participation Style Live Concert!


Late June Update

  • Sonic Lobby (~ 7/5)
    • The Chaos Emerald will appear when you collect all the rings.
  • Suzuhito Yasuda Collaboration Part 2
    • Rira, Eri, and Quina will appear in the lobby.
    • They'll even have COs and Partner Cards.
    • Previous characters will appear in Franca's Cafe.


Late June Update

  • AC Scratch: Eccentric Girls
    • Costumes, Hairstyles, Camos, Voice Tickets, and Accessories.


Late June Update

  • AC Scratch: Eccentric Girls
    • Hagito Phemut and Quna's New Live Concert outfits!
    • *Muse Bless
    • Sky scenery posters for screenshot backgrounds.


Late June Update

  • ARKS Battle Chronicle Part 3 (~6/28)
    • Limited Quest: Breakthrough Training: Episode 3
    • Enemies and fields appearing in Episode 3
  • Drop Item: Evo Device / Petit Anga
  • New Client Orders for Xie


Late June Update

  • ARKS Battle Chronicle: Part 4 (~7/5)
    • Limited Quest: Breakthrough Training: Episode 4
    • Enemies and fields appearing in Episode 4
  • Drop Item: *Alchemic Gene


Additional Expert Block Requirement

  • Obtain a Title by completing the following task:
    • Equip ★12 Leg, ★12 Arm, and ★12 Rear units!
    • Each unit must have a grind value of [+10] 
    • Equip them all at the same time.
  • This requirement kicks in June 7th.


~ Boosted: Phantom Battleship Yamato ~
~ Coming July ~


Phantasy Star Festa 2017 Merchandise

  • P-SPEC Vol.5 (2000 Yen)
  • P-SPEC Reprint Vol 1 ~ 3 (2,200 Yen)


Phantasy Star Festa 2017 Merchandise

  • PSO2 B2 Tapestry (3,000 Yen)
  • PSO2 Character Mascot Vinyl Pouch (1,500 Yen)


Phantasy Star Festa 2017 Merchandise

  • Play the PSO2 Challenge Lottery to win random prizes!
    • [Gene & Annette] [Luther & Risa] Cushions
    • [Matoi] [Quna] [Io] [Luther] Slim Tapestry
    • [Mascot] [Empe Rappy] [Ship & Arks Star] [Class Monogram] Hand Towels
    • [Rappy] [Lillipur] [Arkuma] Notepad


Phantasy Star Festa 2017 Merchandise

  • Official Aluminum Clear File
  • Phantasy Star Festa Photon Drink
  • Phantasy Star Festa Deband Drink
  • Rappy & Lillipan Branded Manjū


Phantasy Star Online 2: Official Soundtrack Vol 5

  • Pre-Sales: June 10th (At Festa)
  • General Sales: June 28th
  • Price: 5000 Yen
  • Contains: Tokyo, Yamato, Arks Training, Ult Amd, and more…
  • Item Code Music Discs
    • Tokyo Day & Tokyo Night
    • Yamato [First Half]
    • Battle Arena & Battle Arena Lobby
    • Ultimate Amdusica
    • Event [Adam 1] & Event [Phaleg 1]
    • Event [Phaleg 2] & Phaleg Battle
    • DJ Booth



QUNA (Album)

  • Pre-Sales: August 12th
  • General Sales: August 23rd
  • Price: 2,800 Yen
  • An album containing Quna's best hits, including the 2 new songs featured in the June 14th update. Some instrumental tracks will also be available.



Don Quijote × PSO2 Collaboration

  • PSO2 will be collaborating with the discount chain store [Don Quijote] to bring you Boxer Briefs and Bath Towels!
  • Sales begin on June 9th



Don Quijote × PSO2 Collaboration

  • Buy the collaboration items at Don Quijote to receive item codes for the following items
    • Donki × Quna Panel
    • Head Riding Donpen
    • Miracle Shopping (Music Disc)
    • Donki Briefs [In]
    • Donki Inner [In]
    • Donki Briefs 2 [In]
    • Donki Inner 2 [In]
    • 【Loser】Pose (Lobby Action)
  • Items are packaged into different sets which are given at random.
    (I guess technically you're better off buying several Bath Towels)


Phantom Battleship Yamato (Plastic Model)

  • Scale: 1/700
  • Date: Summer 2017
  • Price: 5,300 Yen
  • Item Code: Hagito Phemut (LA) + Male Hagito F voice + Borderless Quest Ver.




PSO2es Update

  • Lindwurm (Weaponoid Chip)
  • Lightning Espada (Weaponoid Chip)


June 7th PSO2es Update

  • Personifier of Justice Hitsugi [Premium] (AC Only)
  • Innocent Matoi [Anniversary]
  • Pseudo-intelligent Luther [Anniversary]
  • Charming Patty & Tiea [Anniversary]


PSO2es Update

  • Kae Traitor (Weaponoid Chip) [5/17]
  • Yasha (Weaponoid Chip) [5/24]
  • Rikauteri (Weaponoid Chip) [5/31]
  • Lutyrus (Weaponoid Chip) [6/1] [Exch Shop]
  • Guilty Break (PA Chip) [5/17]


Weaponoid Side Stories

  • Susano Shouha (5/17)
  • Dio Tigredor (5/24)
  • Shooting Drive (5/31)
  • Gandiva (6/7)

Weaponoid Potentials June 7th

  • Flowdia
  • Overtail
  • Susano Shinari
  • Susano Shouha
  • Darl Weigle
  • Dio Tigredor
  • Shooting Drive


PSO2es Events

  • Burn Draal EQ (Mid May)
  • Ranking Event: Nove Ringadarl & Org Keratos (Early June)
    • Ardillo (Weaponoid Chip) (XH Drop)
    • Evil Pirikanet (Weaponoid Chip) (Top Rankers)
  • Catch the Bride's Bouquet (Early June) (Special Quest
    • Funny Bouquet Rifle (Quest Drop)


PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Season 2 (Late June)
    • Gene and her friends start a new adventure!
    • Gene (CV: Sora Amamiya)

82 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #8 Recap”

    1. This is getting retarded with the pro block requirements. I do have 12 star units sitting in my storage so I'm good for it but still lol. Kinda don't wanna affix a new unit set using those 12 stars ones when my current set had been doing me justice. XD i rather of it have been clear BoC solo Xq 1-5. Lol

  1. so, having a full 12* unit equipment is required to be called "expert". Even crafted saiki or austere is doing well.

    My guess for their implementation is that we have been playing the game for long time and 12* units dropped by chance. by the amount of experience we gained from the hours we play, and so it justify we fit to be called expert. :V

    Anyways, 12* rear n leg is available in 2017 badge shop. What's left is 12* arm unit drops.

    1. RINA and Itsuki arm units, available in SH. This entire requirement is beyond pointless.

    2. RNG (since some need drops) as requirement doesn't reflect being an expert. i also dunno why they implement it like this.

      Expert CO sounds better.

    3. That was my exact reaction when they announced the new requirements for expert blocks lol. Saiki and Austere still works fine for classes which doesn't need that much rings, so I didn't understand why do they want this new requirement. In any case, people are still going to exchange badges for 12* units to achieve this requirement, then go back using their 11* units which are still better…

      Other than this requirement being pointless, it also feels like a waste of resources to me (assuming if you already have non-12* units that function decently).

    4. So in short it just sounds more like an attempt to keep us busy till ep5 releases. Maybe if they made mobs and bosses that are actually fun to verse they wouldn't have to do nonsense like this.

      Can't call it a desperate attempt yet, but we'll see after ep5 ends.

    5. Honestly it feels like a desperate attempt to knock some good players down to reg XH blocks yet again. This does nothing to fix the problem and does nothing to aid the fact that most people stuck in reg xh blocks are unprepared for XH stuff.

      The lack of understanding of the game by the people in charge is frightening. That or… I swear KMR here wants to run the game into the ground till no one wants to play it.

    6. Clearing Ultimate Amducia at least ONCE will award you with a good 12* arm unit.

      The requirements are really pointless anyways since 11* units from the player shops are much stronger than the badge shop units. The only difference is that you can shove rings into them.

  2. the thing is some 12* units are completely trash people will upgrade their 12* and keep using their 11*s lol

    1. it makes nonsense and people have to deal with dudu heck even some 12* are trash lol

    2. Much like that dumb 13 star NT weapon, people will just upgrade bait 12 star units and use that to get access, then go back to their actual, good units, thankfully only the title is required, i'm not sure wtf sega is doing but this is getting really stupid, it still won't help either, this is another pointless add on to expert blocks that will change absolutely nothing.

    3. Thinking that expert block has something to do with your expertise is a misleading romanization, like bullet bow or hebrew punisher.

      It should give you enough of an idea that XH block is an actual trash compactor, and you're expected to leave it about at the time you get enough 12s units and 13s weapons.

    4. what the hell are you talking about, did you even read what i posted? or just decided to say the most random, not related to the topic thing i just said Everyone knows XH blocks are trash, Not sure why you even needed to bring that up,

      The problem is most 12 star units are garbage, and just like the NT weapons, No one is going to give up their good units for garbage 12 star ones, when there are only a select few good ones and they are hard to get. it's a stupid move once again by sega because they don't seem to understand their playerbase.

  3. I don't really care for expert blocks seen i just stay in regular blocks because of the population.

  4. The only 2 things that I'm hyped about in today's broadcast:

    1) Loser Pose (I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the LA)
    2) 4-man Yamato raid ( it seems like it's going to be fun!)

    In any case it seems like June~August is going to be a really busy period with SEGA dishing out all the content updates.

  5. >Enemy ATK +100% (XH+SH)
    >Enemy HP +100% (XH+SH)
    >on the "grind here guys" quests
    for what porpoise? doesn't that… kinda… make them worse for grinding…?

    do want the koto collab weapon camo… tho it'll prolly be x-ty billion on the market.

    >coat edge/doublis camos
    is there actually a demand for this? feels more like sega going balls-out on their attempt to push the "hurr u r persona!" shit.

    arks battle chronicle being spread out like this feels like they're straining for filler, but why precisely? haven't they gotten enough complaints about ep4 being spread out to hell and back? regardless of one's opinion of ep4 itself…

    yasuda and his fashion victims, man. tbh smh faaaam.

    >another """"expert"""" block condition
    seriously just give it up. and moreover, given how most of the 12* units are inferior to stuff that's been around for like… three years now?(even without considering saiki!) what precisely is this supposed to be proving? that you can RNG extra hard? that you can farm badges and get lucky with itskie/RINA unites, if the other sources won't cough up units? how does THAT make someone an "expert"?
    mind you, I already have 12* units, but honestly here… anyone rolling saiki, or austere+12*leg or whatever is going to meet the req and switch back anyway.

    >UFOs in yamato
    >those ever-so-annoying-not-even-hard pieces of shit that derp around in random directions
    >using vegas' mooks that fit in with hagith's .mil fetish even less than most of the tokyo ones
    no. BAD. no supper for you. they're not even a boost of challenge, just "let's slap in something different" as far as the first half goes. at least the actual fight with the ship has been given more stuff. hope they remember to rebalance the damage done if they intend to make failing possible; the various things that could wipe your AIS quickly would become a nuisance if "deaths" started mattering.
    and also for an "improved yamato" they should be retooling it into musashi.

    1. Enemy hp boost will be cancelled out by insane PP regen. Even without that, enemies lucky enough to live for at least a second would survive for whole two seconds with doubled hp.

      So essentially its a 100% exp boost with PA spam funsies.

      I want more of those "field conditions" that globally modify how the quest works. They were always too reserved with existing quests, despite the field shuffling instrumentality.

    2. To quote Kimura, it's basically a "High risk high return" EQ since other than the 200% pp recovery, there's also 100% exp and rdr boost for the quests. I think they also mentioned that this is something like a test for a "new type of boost" since they are going to implement this boost again in some of the future EQs.

    3. …"high risk"? The Level-up quests?

      As a first look, the major effect I see from upping their hp and atk is that those of us who like hoarding items will now be able to catch up to the rest of the group.

      PP regen boost seems weird. I mean, unless you're Force main/sub you don't regen PP during casting, and 2-3 autoattacks are already enough to give you 50+ PP back.

    4. >keeps telling you you're persona
      >never ever in the story makes that logical change where you actually become persona (pretty much cause that would mean the end of the pso2 story)

      musashi is also a pso2 anime character, that cowboy loser dude that doesnt even wield tmgs, next to the fact that yamato survived longer than musashi

  6. Looks like Sega forgot what Austere is, yet again.
    Most people are just gonna get 100 Gold Badges, S-Rank UQ Amduscia, and/or just use what ever 12*s the game vomited out onto them.
    (It's like Sega expects all "expert players" to run 12* units with 3 different skill rings lodged into them or something)

    Time for me to grab a couple of cosmetics, some camos, and just be lazy I guess, least I can have some nostalgia trips with the Battle Chronicles.

  7. You people should of been upgrading your 12 star armor units. Yeah 10 star units might work fine but I have all 12 star units with 4 slots each at 105s att which is pretty dang easy. I never had a 10star unit that was my main gear. why use saiki and other 10 star units yeah they work fine but provided the game drops 12 stars would it not be smart to actually upgrade those? Stop living in the past and complaining about your awesome saiki set and not wanting to affix new gear. Ive been playing 3 months and have just as good gear as people who been playing 5 years so in reality its not hard to affix your 12star stuff play the game you whiney fuckin cunts.

    1. The problem isn't just the fact that some people are too stubborn to update their outdated units (I can agree that 10*s and below even if crafted just outright need upgrades). I'm fine with some sort of standard for units, but the issue is, do you label something like Austere, which is an 11* unit set (2), as obsolete and should be upgraded?
      Just for the sake of information, I'll provide below the stats for some units 11*s: Saiki, Austere, 12*: Union, Quiphad, and Izane

      (Crafted) Saiki: 10PP OR 100HP per piece
      (Full set (3)): 60 ATK, 80DEX, 25PP
      Austere: 5PP 70HP per piece
      (Rear/Arm Set): 60 ATK, 50DEX, 50HP 20PP

      Union (per piece): 25 ATK, 75HP, 9PP
      Izane (per piece): 20 ATK, 150HP
      Quiphad (per piece): 35 ATK, 40HP, 13PP

      See what I mean? Full sets of 11* units can easily rival 12* units, so there's no reason why all should be deemed as not okay.

    2. To piss this individual off here:
      1-Get xie's rear/leg from the 2017 shop (100 badges total),Arm can be the common drop from the Itsuki/Rina "rescue me" e-codes OR clearing amduscia UQ or the deadleon arm unit drop(Break his arms).

      2- Grind all 3 to +10 and wear them

      3- Get yer title from the counter and re-equip your non-trash units and giggle at Yuuki and/or Sega as you run around Expert with 10-11* units

    3. Also as Shina said, that one extra star on a unit's item card doesn't mean it's exactly "stronger" than anything of the 10-11* list, and in fact alot of 12* ones are straight up weak or are unlikely to drop… I've been running mother since it's been a thing and I and many friends in my Discords have yet to even see her drop a 12* units.

      It's not exactly people being stubborn as it is the RNG making it rather annoying to upgrade, Zein/Qhil came along before most players could even see a 12* mother units for example.

      How about you realize that maybe this requirement is actually rather shitty before you go calling people "cunts" for sticking with what works?

    4. I have a Saiki set which adds 160satk and 10pp, which took me at least 6 months of TACO running (I just joined around 8 months ago). I'm not saying these are OP units, but they work well for me and cost me so much with all the affixing and given that melee boosts are so expensive. Why should I shortchange myself and get a 12* unit set when I don't need extra rings, and put affixes that are lower than my current units? 12* units have their advantages, but so does Saiki/Austere/other combinations as well.

      May I remind you that GOOD 12* units needs to be acquired with luck, and if you're saying trash 12* units are still better than properly affixed saiki/austere set, well… I'm just gonna equip my pointless 12* units to get the title, enter the expert block once again, and use back my best armor units. Har har har. See you in Expert blocks again!

  8. I came here because YouTube made me see the new song as a suggestion so I was wondering if there already was a new post about it here, and it's the case.
    So my Quna fanboy side is up again… This song stage is a little wtf but I like it.

    I'm pretty impatient to see all this new content too.

  9. I think everyone is missing the point about the new expert block requirement. Players need only have a 12 star set and have equip it at least once for the title. Wear whatever the f*** you want and stop crying about the new restriction. Lastly, Deus Esca units drop like candy from a pinata.

    1. "Like candy from a pinata"

      Not for everyone.
      I've gotten 3 13* weapon drops
      1 Rappy egg
      105 fuses
      a few dozen Nox weapons
      and 2 weapons +35 now from CFs

      And I just got my very first ever Deus unit 2 EQs ago

      Though I do agree getting 3 trash random 12* units to +10 just to bypass this pointless restriction isn't too hard. Leg and Rear are both obtainable for 50 weapon 2017 badges each, arm is the only issue locked behind RNG in certain E-Trials, or try to get one from deadlion in Ama UQ, or the Gix one there as well.

    2. Most people caught the point that you only need to equip the 12* unit for the title. That's precisely why everyone's saying its pointless because people who still prefer their old units will have to upgrade 12* units just to enter the blocks. Also, it's further limiting NEW players from entering the blocks. Why should RNG be a requirement to enter the blocks?

      Lastly, I'm envious of your ability to make Deus Esca drop units like candies from a pinata because I've went to probably all scheduled runs, only to have none dropped.

    3. At least one unit every other run. So far three full sets and one spare rear. Consider playing on multiple ships. There is enough time for players to run deus
      and gracia a combined 5 times.

    4. lol, so the solution is to use multiple different characters on different ships, well of course if you're doing that you're going to see units every other run, good luck getting all them on one character, for those of us that like to play on 1 ship with 1-2 characters, they rarely drop. unless luck, No one is going to see them that often.

      Not a very good comparison, in the end, they don't drop like candy, not even close, other then those garbage 11 star units. Nothing can justify this dumb move, sega makes bad decisions and thi sis clearly one of them.

      if they want everyone to have 12 star units so bad, make the easier to get ones not trash.

    5. Players should be able to find at least one full set. I was able to find a full set on two different ships. Any remaining pieces are just spare parts (maybe fuses). I found a cliff weapon on my first gracia run too. I should say I stay boosted for the entire run. I know people have a habit of popping boosters right before breaking the crystal, in my experience I never get anything that way.

    6. I got 6 zein rears and 4 arms just from running deus alone. It's gotten to the point where I just dump them for fuses because I'd never need that many.

    7. questington mannn ive been at almost every duece since he launched (outside of my working hours) and i have had a crap ton of his weapons drop and definitly plenty of the collects but ive only gotten one leg unit and nothing more. no clue if im doing something wrong or not. got my rare drop 5 earth on my units a 250% a 125 tri with the 50 ti daily and someone always drops a party marker so that tri also but still ill get multiple weapons but no units T_T

    8. The fellow thinks his luck applies to everyone. I have more fingers than I've missed Deus and only after the rematch started did I finally get some unit drops, and I still don't have an arm unit. …and Mother takes the cake. I rarely missed Mother since it started and until today, I haven't gotten a single mama unit.

    9. Ignore question, this dude honestly thinks everyones luck is the same, and should be doing the runs on different ships, he clearly has no understanding of how RNG works for different people, by his logic, Not a person you should be taking seriously, its like someone getting a 14 star, and suddenly thinking everyone should have one by now, idiots should be ignored.

    10. All the more reason to play on multiple ships doing multiple raid boss runs, right?

      If anyone played PSO (the original) you know that drops are based off of a character's name. Even though that may not be apparent in PSO2, it helps to run alts with different names. On that note, IF you're going to run alts, why not run them on different ships?

      Just saying if your luck is bad improve your odds. There is enough time for at least three mama runs and three deus runs/ two gracia.

    11. It's not pointless from newbie point of view, it's made to show them how much defense you can get and how easy it is to get +10 12* units that you can insert "cool new rings!" into, as well as giving some protection to natural leechers that don't affix or grind stuff unless forced to.
      And as someone unimportant said you can get leg + read from badge shop and arm as a title reward.

    12. Tbh the defense barely adds crap. It's mostly hp and damage resistance that boost survival. Getting good units/sets if non-12 is way more important.

    13. Def adds A LOT to survival (try removing one unit, compare damage) and while "good units/sets" are important for best performance it means a lot less to newbies who can't stop themselves from hugging the floor which is that requirement is about.

    14. "Stacking" def would be viable if the game wasn't all about time-attacking and reducing enemy damage to 0 simply by double-tapping. I mean, you will see that units selected are not the ones who have higher S/R/T-def, but highest atk bonuses. What % of players selected Shine Blue over Shine Red? How many people cook Marinade instead of Stirfry?

      At the same time, I tried what you said about removing a unit and seeing how much more damage I take. Going from 1500ish to 1100ish, I was taking roughly ~5% more damage. But I also lost 90hp, which is ~10% at 900 before buffs. Now you also have to consider that players do not spend a lot of time below 100% hp (unless Limit Break etc) to make continuous damage reduction important. If they get hit, they will be restore back to full, either through -mate or through some other player in the group. Max hp is more important in avoiding hugging the floor with the current game design.

    15. Apologies for double posting:

      Those players that hug the floor, they do it because they have low hp and not low defenses. Often when I rez them with Reverser Field (ie. they are at 10% hp), I see that one single tick of Resta for about 700 either full heals them or gets them close to 100%. Which means they have less than 900hp WITH 25% extra hp due to Deband Toughness.

      And this isn't about some sort of elitism against those players. Noone told them that they need 1000+ hp before entering the quest. And it is definitely not needed in pretty much 99% of the content before XH EQs.

    16. I know the atk meta.
      It's strange that removing one unit increased damage to you by 5%, maybe you already have high defense with 2 units as moving from 330 s-def per unit to 270 per unit (as well as dex, but dex, hah) was VERY noticeable for me, small shit from mobs I could ignore before began doing some actual damage.
      And while hp is the best stat for floorhuggers (except Fi, but then it's genetic) they (leechers) need to affix for that shit (lol) and sega won't force people to have hp.

    17. Okay, finally did the test and that 1% is bullshit as expected.
      Here crit hit, 240 damage, I was too slow to get another screenshot with stronger units but the stats were:
      617 dex for both, zero resistances to monkey for both, same monkey jump attack
      1562 s-def – 213 dmg, crit
      1433 s-def – 240 dmg, crit
      delta 129 s-def, 27 dmg, 4.(7) s-def per point of damage so in my case with 204 s-def difference = 42-43 dmg in case of monkey attacks it's about 20% less maximum damage, even more when below maximum.

      Thus against light attacks that hit for small amount it matters a lot. Also I don't know how mob damage is calculated but if mob/boss attacks have separate power values and the enemy has s/r/t-atk stat (like the player) then def will be just as good against stronger attacks as well, and judging how people survive attacks that 100% oneshot me (red numbers are noticeably less, less than my hp pool), it does work that way.

    18. Plot twist: What if Sega is putting this requirement to force people to spend meseta on Dudu? What if they are doing it to siphon meseta out of the market?

    19. What siphon, grinding units barely costs anything in comparison to NT weapon routine.

    20. It's still easily 500k+ meseta per unit even during boost periods, because Dudu likes to fail and reduce grinding level by 1 when it says Safe with Grind -1 risk.

    21. Might wanna throw some excubes at it to make that last part, so might need to consider that too.

      But yeah this is why I don't like this. Even if you bypass rng bull crap people will be grinding units they won't use. And the way the team has been handling player money, newer players just have it ridic hard… any new player hoping to do well with Summoner is already being beaten hard by costs.

    22. This BS happens with rings as well, they are usually "safe" but have an unusual high fail rate, or maybe RNG just hates me specifically, i remember one ring failing 6 times in a row with "safe" so i can imagine some horrors people will go through for these useless units upgrades. only to never use them.

    23. Sacred, that experience are only for us the bad lucks. Lucky bastards won't experience this and they won't understand the feels.

      And me here, wondering why they should put RNG as req…
      (This is already a reason why affix as req is a big no)

    24. Untekking weapons and appraising eggs is a greater meseta dump than grinding units because of the frequency at which players do it.

      What we need aren't more block restrictions but rather dungeon restrictions like in TERA. An overall gear level number that is based on a player's total equipment.

      Block restrictions are broken because people can meet the condition to gain access but then scrub-out in the dungeon, example: alts.

    25. Gearwhore levels, nonono, I'm glad sega is deliberately avoiding this shit because they know it'll ruin PSO2 in every way possible.

    26. Players who are cost effective will never untekk eggs unless they are 10-12 stars (and even then, unless you're smn to feed them, not even those) and untekking weapons actually saves meseta if you're weapon grinding and need fodder as ungrinded weapons cost more,

      as for gear level, lol yea sega will never be that stupid. so we don't have to worry about them going that route, their whales would leave so fast if they implemented that.

      FFXIV has item level and restricted access to certain content based on it as well and it does a decent job of keeping out the terrible players, but PSO2 works different and is a much more simplifed game, since 14 actually requires planning and skill for the high endgame content it works there.

      Much like your dumb ship changing idea for units, this is not advice you should be sharing. Questionton

    27. O.K,

      1). It's Questington, not Questionton, Do you have dyslexia?

      2). Is there a gun to your head demanding that you play on multiple ships if you want units? You think it's a bad idea because you aren't seeing what I'm seeing in the drop pool, you know, running deus a combined 5x.

      3). If you think it's a bad idea to have item level / gear level restrictions to enter dungeons then you must be that scrub player who will be denied access. It's a great idea, players who actually give a fart shouldn't have to carry lazy scrubs.

    28. Why gear level to enter a certain quest is a bad idea in PSO2: Because there is higher-tier equipment that is objectively inferior to lower-tier equipment.

      Why stat-requirements to enter a certain quest is a bad idea in PSO2: Because players will go for the stat-increasing skills in all the trees, therefore decreasing their actual potential performance. Also, different race/sex combination provide different stats.

      Requiring players to have completed a certain in-game challenge to gain access to blocks/content is the "fairest" solution for PvE-oriented games.

    29. 1) No body cares, if you can't understand who i was referring to then the mental issue is on you, your name it self makes very little sense, but if you are so disabled that you can't figure out i was talking to you "question" then i'm sorry, you are beyond any form of help,

      2) No, it's a bad idea, period, because changing ships isn't free, and the goal is to get them all on one character, and to stay on a different shiip, costs the player, it's a very stupid idea actually, just so you can "see; your self get multiple units. of course the fool them self will not see the flaw in an unnecessary and pointless move, No body is going to switch ships constantly, wasting AC/Money just so they can get some decent units for a title, to a rational, sane person, it's a terrible idea,

      If you honestly can't see the flaw in this, you're very delusional, "question"

      (3 Wrong again, i infact already have the units, does not exchange it's a dumb idea, and anyone who isn't insane, can clearly see adding item llevel to this game will kill it dead, But thankfully, sega is not going to listen to such a stupid and insane idea so they can kill their game, namely from you, so we don't have to worry about it. i know your think it's a good idea, because it's you, but sorry, no, we'ere just very lucky you don't command anything at sega, because you would kill the game very fast, dumb, unnecessary ideas seem to be your forte "questionton" (i'm talking about you, in case you have trouble figuring that out again)

      Now, like i said, stop spreading really stupid ideas, but anyone who has an actual brain won't follow them anyway, this is a blg after all, where people hardly read to deep, so lucky your stupidity won't get to many people. Bye bye now.

    30. //quote
      2) No, it’s a bad idea, period, because changing ships isn’t free, and the goal is to get them all on one character, and to stay on a different shiip, costs the player, it’s a very stupid idea actually, just so you can “see; your self get multiple units. of course the fool them self will not see the flaw in an unnecessary and pointless move, No body is going to switch ships constantly, wasting AC/Money just so they can get some decent units for a title, to a rational, sane person, it’s a terrible idea,
      /// End of quote

      Cough, cough
      You should lower your bias with the said target person in your mind a little bit Sacred. You should correct this one.

      Multiple ship case
      It is optional. Only those who have time and money did.
      I have seen lots of multiple shipper including my friend. Most of this guys is hardcore player with 200+ atk affix average with astral soul on each unit. These guy, when new content pop up they grind their ass pretty hard TRYING to get the new content FIRST HAND and contribute additional info to wiki and other player directly.

      To brand them up as a fool to do multiple ship is a little bit too much. I am understand that, you're trying to find such reason to counter other opinion that doing multiple ship method is stupid.

      Please consider a bit more open mind before judging other opinion is wrong or stupid. You're making yourself looks bad enough already. Just a friendly feedback.
      Hell, you even said "No body is going to switch ships constantly, wasting AC/Money" Let me clarify a bit.

      To spend a dirt price as cheap as 350/450/700AC to transfer is farcry better than doing gacha 300x roll for a guarantee one pick up JPY 90k monthly (who did play the game knows it) Most Japanese do, including me. FGO, Granblue Fantasy etc. You forgot that this is Jap game oriented for their audience player base and it is very optional to do so. Hate your money, in many many game.
      Pay for convenient, pay for upper hand, P2W. You named it. Whatever reason, these money does support the game.

      PS. "who is this poor stinky bastard?" is the first impression when reading your comment. Just an example. Sorry, but it's true. (Not from me)
      Better change that attitude of your real fast. Cool down your head.

      Gear check system is good for hard content. Only if it is appropriate enough, not a dumb check.
      PS.2 (Does this game ever have such hard content?) Hard grind? nope, I have seen farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr worst than PSO2.

    31. Also, It is far more smart and worth your investment in the future to do free EQ from multiple ship.
      Like, You can do 15 times Deus in each EQ for two day only have to attend for 2-4 schedule from many ship.
      Better than only able to join one or two EQ for each day. For half a month. Not to mention when said EQ disappear get fewer appearance in schedule. Or worst you get busy in RL.

      See? even if you're a busy flight attendant can do more EQ than those NEET class who refuse to pay a small price.

    32. Guess it's a whales choice thing then, i'm personally not going to "ship hop" just to farm, i'm fine with staying on 1 ship, as well as anyone who does not just mindlessy toss money at sega, so that's out for me and a lot of other people who aren't "hardcore"

      However, the entire point of this useless back and forth i had with him was, this is a dumb move by sega that won't really help since people will just upgrade trash 12 stars to get access, and nothing can justify it in the long run, People who like to save money aren't going to ship hop just to get multiple runs for a meanigless task such as units. he can waste his money however he likes, i just ask he ddi not spread such wasteful ideas that no one is really going to follow accept the "hardcore" spenders i guess.

    33. nah, not mindlessly. Mindful.
      Pay monthly 700AC and you work your part time and get say 50-100k jpy. Don't have to wait for stupid EQ schedule table. Have more time do other things. Get a life, do more work, vacation with your family, lover or by out right grind another of your favorite game that have time conflicted with PSO2 schedule.

      It doesn't just mean for people who is hardcore.It does mean for people who have busy life too. even JAP player. They have more great game and more waifu to grind their ass than you ever think about.
      You just have to spend some time to build and raise another chara from another ship that's all. And be free from month worth waiting for each EQ.

      About 12* requirement. Yeah I think it is stupid check too for old player.
      But it does work and applied to new player only. It will restricted them to access XH block too fast.

    34. Then you need to constantly check if the player still uses his proper gearchecked combo, and kick him out of the block immediately once he changes class, dismounts weapon or simply falls behind certain DPS quota at any given time. Since, you know, you can never be sure if any given player is capable of utilizing his gear properly.

      The purpose of gathering people together for a quest is completely lost behind these discussions on who should be allowed to share the same lobby with Your Highness.

  10. Is there any way to get hands on that Don Quijote × PSO2 Collaboration merchandise? Some store selling them and having option to ship to west?

    1. Don Quijote has their own online website which provides shipping, although I'm not sure if the collaboration items will be available for purchase online.

  11. The frame arms cast parts are seriously underwhelming, it's just the same regurgitated nonsense that has been plaguing cast parts since ever

    1. Actual Frame Arms models are skeletonlike chassis with lots of pylons everywhere, so that you can adjust and customize the shape, weaponry and color pattern in any way. FA collab somehow reflects that, as FA cast parts themselves are fairly basic, but there is a lot of various shoulder, leg and hand accessories coming along to further define the shape.

    1. Looks like it's another one of those "gotta show superiors that I'm doing something" copyright retards…

    1. If you can't refer to japanese as japanese, how do you supposed to refer them to?

    2. It absolutely is. My grandfather was, well, the kind of racist that didn't mean to be racist? He used that to refer to basically anyone who was asian because he didn't care to tell the difference…

    3. Jap is a derogatory term from WW2 when the Western Alliances made propaganda posters to ridicule Japanese people, and this term remains its negative connotations until today. However I believe the terms jp/jpn is still an abbreviation for japan/japanese (and not jap) and thus it should be fine to use. But sometimes, some people refer to Japanese as Jap just because Japanese is too long to type, without knowing that Jap has a negative connotation.

    4. Thanks, I don't know that JAP is a bad word. I am Asian from SEA region. Ping to Japan is just only close to 100ms. Secret!.

      Since my primary language is not native English and when I'm talking to the Japanese I would only talk with them with their own language not English as middle language. Most of the Japanese are bad with English this is quite true. Japanese or Nihon-jin or if the person are from Osaka would be Nippon-jin.
      Even if I were have to speak with them with English, I would rather speak fully word as Japanese over than abbreviation JAP,JP or JPN as it gonna make them even more confused.

      It is nice that there is someone here who is kindly nice enough to explain and clarify things clearly than point a finger at you then told you that you 're a racist without explaining anything.
      (I didn't even know that I'm being called a racist until I have read MAZ7238 and Mr.A 's comment.) Thank you again. I learned more bad word today.

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