Ambitions End S Rank Walkthrough

Laia Martinez

Ambitions End story mission has major plot changes and character devolopment as we are introduced to a brand new character named Obel. This is one of the few very hard story missions and this time, it doesn't rely on time limits to increase the difficulty. However you have 6 minutes to complete it to gain S Rank results.

Ambitions End 1

At the start of the trial head forward and defeat all in front of you. For S rank purposes skip killing any Fire traps along the way. Some of them will give you keys to open a locked gate to the north. Avoid obtaining these keys as they will be a waste of time. Head over to the left and defeat the special assault ops. Get the key and head straight to the right, and defeat all the enemies to open the door to the next block.

Block 2

In the second block its very straight forward. Just try to kill them in the quickest amount of time possible. Eventually you'll reach the end of the trial.


Renvolt Magashi

Here you'll fight several Magashi clones.  If you have 3 star luck, it would be a good time to fight Megashi to receive his special Arms, Legs, and Torso materials. Later on you'll use these to create a new Partner Machinery not released yet.

Ambitions End 2

Here are the key points on getting S rank for this mission.

  • Minimize outside distractions, skip unnecessary monsters
  • Bring your strongest light weapon with the highest damage per second.
  • Skip monsters that appear in narrow corridors.
  • If you have a key, run to the nearest locked door or gate.
  • In Block 2, you only need 2 keys, avoid the other set.

Block 1

When you start the trial, defeat the 3 galdeen, and head to the right, defeat the next set of monsters. Then head to the right and pick up the key. You should skip every monster that spawns until you open the door with the key.

In every narrow corridor you will be skipping enemies that appear, including the Delp Slami that appears next to the ceiling traps.

In this last room you'll see some inactivated floor warps. Do not step anywhere in their vicinity. They will automatically spring a trap and teleport you back, as indicated on the map above.

Block 2

As you start, fight the 3 galdeen in front of you, run to the right and avoid waiting for the key to drop. Head over and fight the large crab, hit it's weak spot for massive damage. Run back to the start of the block and pick up the key and open the door. Head through and skip the Galdeen. As you reach to the next area, skip the Galdeen again, and fight the giant lobster across the dip, then pick up the key.

There is a fake wall behind this Zasharogan, if you run through it, you will obtain a key.

Head to the lower area and fight all monsters here and obtain the key to open the gate. You may now skip these monsters ahead and run to the right and fight the last 2 Zasharogan to finish the trial.

This mission also contains a treasure trove of Nanopolymers, Ortapolymers, and Metapolymers. But you won't be able to obtain a S rank if your trying to get them. You can find keys hidden around in monsters or secret rooms. The map above shows you the exact 4 locations on where to find the keys.

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