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The latest issue of Famitsu Magazine revealed details of Phantasy Star Zero for Nintendo DS. A brand new world into the series of Phantasy Star. This game will be very loosely based on Phantasy Star Online, borrowing only its class types and interface. The rest of the game will be brand new with brand new characters and a brand new style! This game is expected to be released on December 25, 2008.

Phantasy Star Zero Classes

One of the few features Phantasy Star Zero will borrow from PSO will be the classes. In clockwise order starting from the Green Android figure at the top and ending at the center, the classes are:

  • RAcast = Ranger Cast Male
  • HUmarl = Hunter Human Female
  • HUnewm = Hunter Newman Male
  • FOnewearl = Force Newman Female
  • HUcaseal = Hunter Cast Female
  • RAmar = Ranger Human Male
  • FOmarl = Force Human Female
  • HUmar = Hunter Human Male

These are all the classes described so far. There are two brand new classes to the PSO series. One that appears to be a cross between a newman and a hunter in a bodysuit.

Phantasy Star Zero Fields

These brand new areas depict the visual departure away from Phantasy Star Online. There is definitely some Phantasy Star Universe influences going forth but this game will detach itself from both. You and up to 4 players will be hunting through these areas.

Phantasy Star Zero HUD

The top screen will show all the action taking place, while the bottom screen will show important information and stats, including what attacks you have equipped. Though the visual style is different, you can see that the HP bars borrow from PSO, however TP has been changed to PP. The attack icons also are very similar to PSO's style.

The symbol chat of PSO has been expanded even further. This has been described as similar to PicToChat, where players can use their elite illustrative skills to send messages using the stylus.

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