Traverse Planet Lillipa in PSO2's Ultra Explorations!

~ May 15th, 2019 ~


Ultra Explorations

Face a brand new difficulty of foes with [Ultra Explorations]. These quests will cycle through Sub Tunnels, Desert, and Quarry, on a daily basis. Players can join in on the mayhem with a main and sub class of Lv. 85+.

Ultra Explorations comes with several characteristics, such as reduced healing effects, new enemy attachments, and a new enemy classification. The latter two will be explained in the following paragraphs.


Coinciding with the Photoner invasion is the mysterious arrival of [Ultralized Enemies]. These enemies have different color schemes and attacks.


Sometimes enemies will appear with Photoner infections that increase their health and power while the core sends out powerful attacks. Unlike regular infection cores, these Photoner cores are not considered weakpoints.


Enemies can also have barriers, severely reducing the player’s damage. The best way to attack them is to ascertain the weakpoint, such as, hitting them at close range, hitting them from the back, or hitting them from above, etc.


Clearing the Emergency Trials may reward players with a S-Class Ability Capsule.


List of S-Class Ability Capsules
S1 S2 S3
S1: Radiating Grace S2: Photon Reduction S3: Radiant Strike
S1: Guardian Armor S2: Sturdy Recovery S3: Offensive Intent
S1: Spirited Response S2: Cursed Radiance S3: Skilled Strike
S1: Skilled Brilliance S2: Flowing Grace S3: Vital Intent
S1: Radiant Strike   S3: Wise Skill
S1: Flowing Exhilaration   S3: Rupturing Intent
S1: Double-Edged Sword    
S1: Skilled Strike    
S1: Rupturing Excess    


Ultra Hard comes with new 15★ and 14★ weapons!

★15 Resonant Series (Rod, Rifle, and Katana)

  • Potential: +13% Power. When Phantom Mark is detonated, the Marker Accumulation value is increased by a set amount.
  • S-Class Ability Slots: S1, S2, S3

★15 Dyne Ombros (Twin Machineguns)

  • Potential: +7% Power. If your HP is below a certain amount for twenty seconds, recover 700 HP, gain 8% power, and reduces received damage by 30% for 120 seconds
  • S-Class Ability Slots: S1, S2, S3

★15 Serpen Blaze (Dual Blades)

  • Potential: +11% Power. Increases normal attack power by 40% and the normal attack range.
  • S-Class Ability Slots: S1, S2, S3

★14 Mirage Series

  • Potential: +6% Power. Increases natural PP recovery by 250% when sheathed, but stops natural PP recovery when unsheathed. Increases PP Recovery from attacks by 50%. When unsheathed with 100% PP, it increases the power of PAs by 12% for 14 seconds.
  • S-Class Ability Slots: S3

★14 Dim Series

  • Potential: +12% power and reduces received damage by 10%.
  • S-Class Ability Slots: S1, S2, S3
  • Takt Potential: +3% power and reduces received damage by 10%.


Wild Easter: Ultra Hard!

Wild Easter will also obtain Ultra Hard difficulty with Lv. 91+ enemies.


Descente Draal, a destructively powerful dragon, awaits players at the end of the quest.


The ★14 Awake Weapons will be able to drop from Wild Easter on Ultra Hard.

★14 Awake Series

  • Potential: +20% power when attacking a boss. In addition, regenerates 4 PP every second when near a boss
  • S-Class Ability Slots: S1, S2


Blessing World (AC Scratch)

Phantasy Star Online 2 collaborates with the anime Konosuba. Dress up in the outfits of the main cast and start your adventure!

  • Aqua
  • Megumin
  • Yunyun
  • Kazuma
  • Darkness

Additionally, lobby actions depicting scenes from the show will also be available!



The Next Endless Quest Twirls Into PSO2!

~ March 6th, 2019 ~


Endless: Eternal Rondo

The second Endless Quest debuts for you to deliver the diligence of your Episode 5 training! It'll be tougher than [Endless: Memories Beyond], and Extra Hard will be the only difficulty. You will be faced with 36 different areas, containing new mission orders, such as: "Do not take damage" and "Defeat a Certain Enemy."

Your mission orders and enemy spawns are subject to change depending on how many players are in the quest. For example, if you are playing solo, you won't have to worry about the order: "Defeat from behind."

At the end of the first lap, you’ll finally encounter an enemy that has yet to make an appearance in past multi-party quests!


One of the new areas will be [VR Arena (Forest)] from the Battle Arena!


Locales found within Episode 5’s story will appear as the interval areas, and medical terminals will finally be accessible. In certain interval areas, you'll also be given more time before you have to depart to the next area.

Furthermore, Duo and Trio join the score conditions! These conditions will also be added to: [Endless: Memories Beyond].


By achieving new high scores, you'll be able to obtain the Angel Wings A, B & C accessories. While A & B have fixed colors, the C variation's color will change to match that of your costume or outerwear.


Buster Quest Adjustments

The following adjustments will be made to standard Buster Quests:

  • Implemented Dash Panels.
  • If a Buster Quest is started with only one person:
    • Double amount of Mana acquired.
    • Reduce amount of Towers to two.
  • The Final Phase will have only one side with enemies on the stairs.

The following adjustments will be made to all Buster Quests:

  • Mana will automatically be picked up as you near them.


KOF Legends (AC Scratch)

Cosplay as fan favorite characters from the King of Fighters series! Collect the cosmetics of Leona, Mai Shiranui and Athena – as well as the two rivals; Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami! Lobby actions depicting fighting moves from the game will also be available.



New Year Carnival Revival Scratch

A revival scratch to commemorate the ARKS NEW YEAR CARNIVAL 2019 will appear on March 13th. The [Accessory Selection] side will include popular hairstyles, accessories, and lobby actions, whereas the [Support Item Selection] contains items for mag raising and item strengthening.



White Day Returns With Afin As The Charming Bachelor!

~ February 20th, 2019 ~


A Boisterous White Day 2019

The annual White Day emergency quest returns, but this time you'll encounter Omega Apprezina and the white day themed Empe Rappy. Players will be rewarded with some White Day Chocolates that can now be eaten together with the New Year's Donuts!


Lucky ARKS may find themselves with new item drops such as the adorable [Lovey Rappy Suit Mini] or the new ★14 Rifle [Exacrimav].


Afin will also be in the lobby with stylish new duds and a variety of client orders. Complete the orders to receive his partner card and a new weapon camo: [*Punk Shake]


White Day Bingo

Complete objectives related to White Day to receive the weapon camo
[*Anlazwal] and other rewards.


Chaotic City

[Chaotic City] is back for the finale of the ARKS New Year Carnival. In addition to the quest's return, Xie's Client Orders from before will be available once again. In addition, her [New Years Exchange Shop] will change back to the second half's product listing.


PSZero Shop Changes

The PSZERO Memory Exchange shop will now include Ogi and Ana’s cosmetic items, along with the [*M25SE Missouri] and [*Maisen] camos.


Fluent Attrait (AC Scratch)

Accompanying White Day are new WD themed attire from Afin, Quna, and Phaleg. Noble medieval Knight Outfits will also be available.