White Day Returns With Afin As The Charming Bachelor!

~ February 20th, 2019 ~


A Boisterous White Day 2019

The annual White Day emergency quest returns, but this time you'll encounter Omega Apprezina and the white day themed Empe Rappy. Players will be rewarded with some White Day Chocolates that can now be eaten together with the New Year's Donuts!


Lucky ARKS may find themselves with new item drops such as the adorable [Lovey Rappy Suit Mini] or the new ★14 Rifle [Exacrimav].


Afin will also be in the lobby with stylish new duds and a variety of client orders. Complete the orders to receive his partner card and a new weapon camo: [*Punk Shake]


White Day Bingo

Complete objectives related to White Day to receive the weapon camo
[*Anlazwal] and other rewards.


Chaotic City

[Chaotic City] is back for the finale of the ARKS New Year Carnival. In addition to the quest's return, Xie's Client Orders from before will be available once again. In addition, her [New Years Exchange Shop] will change back to the second half's product listing.


PSZero Shop Changes

The PSZERO Memory Exchange shop will now include Ogi and Ana’s cosmetic items, along with the [*M25SE Missouri] and [*Maisen] camos.


Fluent Attrait (AC Scratch)

Accompanying White Day are new WD themed attire from Afin, Quna, and Phaleg. Noble medieval Knight Outfits will also be available.


9 thoughts to “White Day Returns With Afin As The Charming Bachelor!”

    1. If you played a male CAST you'd already be used to the recycled leftovers. *sigh*. At least the Oggi replica seems interesting. Let's see.

    2. Well, don't really know about CAST problems though I think I saw one or two good sets, but (female) kyasts have their problems too – since the (really good) Hero kyast set I got only 3-4 new parts out of ~60 parts I have now, design team just makes a costume then cuts it into parts and that doesn't work when you try mixing those with another set, not to say anything about dis-proportionally big/long legs.
      At least the new Risa/Hariett(?) looks good, but then story character costumes seem to have another(maybe old) design team working on them as their quality is usually much higher.

    1. When you say Victim i just can't help but think about Monica Rial cause she's playing Victim lol

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