PSO2 Live Broadcast #28 at Tokaigi 2015

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Post Livestream Updates

  • Added videos.
  • Added PSO2es section.


Cadet Secret

Secret Phrase:

  • Say まめたろう in chat some time between now through February 12th's maintenance to receive voice tickets from the ARKS Cadets.
  • These items will be distributed at a later time.



EQ Boost Survey a

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Winner: Advent of the Annihilator @ 2/1 22:00 JST starting with a Quna Concert.
  • +200% Rare Drop Rate and EXP Boost (Gain extra +10% by attending the Concert)


BlackNyack card

February 12th Update

  • Black Nyack (New Casino Game)
  • Black Nyack supports up to 5 players!
  • The difference between winning and losing rests upon whether you HIT or STAY.


Seven Eleven Collab

February 12th Update

  • Seven Eleven Collaboration Items
  • Seven Eleven Oracle Branch Store (~4/22)
  • Seven Eleven [Sega Lucky Kuji] Prize costumes!
  • Limited 7-11 Costumes from the Seven Spot [United Festival Stamp Rally]


doko demoFebruary 12th Update

  • Doko Demo Issyo Collaboration
  • Toro And Kuro will distribute new client orders.
  • Toro Kuro Nyau appears (~3/11)
  • Toro and Kuro's Suit!



February 12th Update

  • AC Scratch "Million Years Prisoner"
  • Freedom Wars "Prisoner-issue Clothes" (Supports Color Changing)
  • Percy Propa Sticker
  • Thorn Weapon Camo
  • Seabed Themed Costumes


XH Quests again

February 12th Update

  • Chaotic Tranquility and Rampaging Malice gets Extra Hard difficulty.
  • New rare items!


Ocean Menace

February 12th Update

  • The Ocean Menace (Floating Facility Emergency Quest)
  • Bal Rodos becomes powerful each time it's defeated.
  • Battle Bal Rodos, Nepto Cassadora, and Rheo Madullard!


White Day 3

Late February Update

  • White Day Lobby (~3/18)
  • (White Day) Xie (~3/18)
  • A Boisterous White Day 3 (~3/18)
  • White Day Bingo (~3/18)



 Arks United Cup

Late February Update

  • ARKS Ship Competition: United Festival 2015 CUP
  • New Host "Arkumami" (17 Years Old) (VA: Kikuko Inoue)
  • Two Teams: Red Rappy and Blue Rappy
  • Red Rappy Group: Ship 1,3,5,7,9
  • Blue Rappy Group: Ship 2,4,6,8,10
  • Expect to see some round objectives at the Casino.
  • Arkumami themed item rewards


Winners Design 2 Side a

Late February Update

  • New Scratch: Winners Design 2 SideA
  • Costumes, Weapon Camos, Mags and Accessories designed by the Item Design Contest winners!


XH Loser

Late February Update

  • Ebon-Winged Vanguard and Paragon of Deceit receive Extra Hard difficulty.
  • Beckoning Darkness also receives Extra Hard difficulty.
  • Mother Ship themed weapons.


Tales of Zestiria collaboration

Spring Collaboration

  • Tales of Zestiria collaboration announced!
  • Sorey, Lailah, Dezel, Rosé costumes, hairstyles, and weapon camos. 


~Challenge Quests in March~
~A.I.S. vs Magatsu Sneak Peek~

Challenge Quests

  • 12 Players can participate in Challenge Quests.
  • Players start unarmed at level 1.
  • There's an "Interval Area" with a Recycle Shop.
  • Trade in weapons you've obtained to receive other weapons at the Recycle Shop.
  • The Recycle Shop also has trading menus for:
    • Units
    • PA/TEC Disks
    • Skill Disks
    • Consumption Items
  • It is unknown what you'll need to trade to get the above items.



PSNova V103

Phantasy Star Nova: Version 1.03 Update

  • Level Cap 150!
  • Super Hard Difficulty
  • New Quests
  • New Skills
  • Gran Arts Level Cap UP
  • New Weapons
  • New Facility "Core Refinery"
  • New Cold Sleep Characters
  • Esthetic (Beauty Salon) Counter Level 5!
  • Releasing This February!



 Arks Caravan 2

ARKS Caravan (Hiroshima City)

  • PSO 15th Anniversary Project
  • March 1st, 2015 at TKP Gardencity Hiroshima.
  • Those who attend the event receive PSO2 swag like a Neckstrap, Arks Card, and a Clear File.
  • Attendees will also receive an "Evo Device / Pushan" and a "PSO 15th Anniversary Sticker"
  • Afterwards, the Arks Caravan will visit Sendai City in April.


PSO2 Episode 3 Master Guide

PSO2 Episode 3 Master Guide Book

  • Plans to release in March.
  • Bonus Item Codes include:
    • Bamboo Blaze (Weapon Camo)
    • Half Doll x1
    • Casino Coin Pass x5
    • Grinders x99



 711 Stamp Rally

Real United Festival: Stamp Rally

  • Collect 7 stamps to receive a 7-11 Costume set.
  • The total number of stamps from all players are tallied up to unlock rewards for participating players.
    • 100,000: 711 Casino Coin Ticket
    • 200,000: Free Salon and Color Change Pass
    • 300,000: Evo. Device / Rukmin (進化デバイス/ルクミン)
  • This campaign is available at participating 7-11 stores across Japan.


PSO2es Update Feb

PSO2es February Statement

  • The game has been suffering from increased lag due to the increase in connections since the December EQ update.
  • The team has taken measures to address the lag in January 28th maintenance. Expect to see further action taken (behind the scenes of course) in February 2015 and beyond.

PSO2es Emergency Quest Improvements

  • They plan to make it easier to reach the next stage in the Bonus Scratch in a February Update.
  • They’re going to introduce an “Achievements” system where you can receive item rewards by clearing certain objectives.
  • There’s also going to be a powerful [Type C] boss variant appearing in Emergency Quests.

Future EQ Outlook for PSO2es

  • Take further action in addressing the lag.
  • Perform some balance adjustments and system improvements.
  • Improve the item rewards including es-Exclusive Weapons.
  • Release Ulc, Kotoshiro, and Sega Hard Girls chips.




PSNova DLC: The Makhia Side Stories Part 1

Makhia Side Stories + EXP Quest

Sunshout Part 1
サンシャウト編 第1話:疑惑の捜査官

Sunshout's Story: Episode 1 : Investigator of Doubt

  • While Sunshout begins his lone investigation into the case, our protagonists head towards the scene in pursuit of the truth.
  • 600 Yen / Version 1.02 required. / Level 82+ (Very Hard)
  • Clear this quest to receive new costumes as rewards!


Garnet Story
ガーネット編 第1話:無敵艦隊、発進

Garnet's Story: Episode 1 : The Invincible Armada, Takes Off

  • Garnet, having fallen in love with Glover at first sight, continues the search for her beloved. But as fate would have it, he happens to hold a secret
  • 600 Yen / Version 1.02 required / Level 82+ (Very Hard)
  • Clear this quest to receive new costumes as rewards!


EXPa Fever

EXP Fever

  • An extermination operation of Native type enemies in the "Gran Source" territory.
  • 400 Yen / Version 1.02 required / Level 15+ | 31+ | 61+ (N | H | VH)
  • Clear this quest to receive new costumes as rewards!

The next major update for Phantasy Star Nova is scheduled to release next month! This update will feature new items and a new level cap!


New Characters

【Glover】Hidenobu Kiuchi

【Glover】CV: Hidenobu Kiuchi


New Characters

【Cowen】 Yuka Komatsu【Cowen】 CV: Yuka Komatsu


New Characters

【Zuck】 Daisuke Sakaguchi【Zuck】 CV: Daisuke Sakaguchi



PSNova DLC: Valkyria Chronicles 3: Riela + Version 1.02

Valkyria Chronicles 3: Riela DLC

[VC3: Riela] Set

  • ヴァルキュリア・ドレス (Valkyria Dress)
  • ヴァルキュリア・ホーン (Valkyria Horn) [Accessory]


Version 1.02 Cold Sleep Passwords

PSNova Ryoma
リョーマ (Ryoma)
pw: takanokouhei

Ryoma's Shop Effects

  • Beauty Salon: Item Selection UP +3


PSNova Stella
ステラ (Stella)
pw: hasegawayui

Stella's Shop Effects

  • Item Shop: ★5 material costs lowered.


ネキコ (Nekiko)
pw: famitsu01


ネキミ (Nekimi)
pw: famitsu02

Nekimi's Shop Effects

  • Restaurant: ★3 material costs lowered.
  • Costume Shop: ★5 material costs lowered.

[thanks kaserto]


Version 1.02 Update

PSNova 1.02 Quests

New Quests

  • タイムアタック・鋼の荒野: Time Attack: Steel Desert
    • Compete for the fastest time at a preset level with fixed equipment.
    • This quest is available at the start of Grand Act II.
  • 運命の殿方: Destined Man
    • A Makhia side story available to those who cleared the game.


This update introduces two new characters to the game as part of the
「マキア外伝」 Makhia Side Story.


Speak to Garnet at the Upper Level to enable the quest.
Speak to Garnet at the upper level to access the quest.


PSNova Garnet
Garnet (CV: Yukana)

A young lady forced into the ARKS by her bigwig father. Garnet was raised in the lap of luxury, naive to the ways of the world. She expresses her dissatisfaction even while on duty; declaring she's either hot or cold, or wants to go shopping!


PSNova Sunshout
Sunshout (CV: Tomoaki Maeno)

As a member of Delta Valiant's security forces, Sunshout keeps an eye on crime within the ARKS so that peace and order can be maintained. Being a Cast of logic, he conducts an investigation into a suspicious case.



  • Added a feature that allows for the precise placement of Attachment Parts.
  • Added Cold Sleep Password characters.
  • Made improvements with accessing Promise Orders.
  • Performed various bug fixes.