PSNova DLC: Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth + 3 New Quests

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth DLC


  • ヴァルキリーガーブ (Valkyrie Garb)
  • シルバーブライド (Silver Braid) (Hairstyle)
  • 咎人の剣 (Villain's Sword: "Angel Slayer") (Sword)



Additional Quests DLC

Gran Energy Rush

Three new quests are available to download at the Japanese Playstation Store! They will all appear at a new location at the top of the map.

Extra Quests

  • グランエナジー・ラッシュ: Gran Energy Rush: (400 Yen)
    • A special quest to acquire lots of Gran Energy.
  • 難:炎の支配者: Emperor of Flames (Free)
    • Defeat Gigantes Defcyone within the time limit.
  • 波状防衛戦: Defensive Wave (Free)
    • Prevent Agrios from crossing over the indicated line.


PSO2 Livestream #27 Recap: Arks X' Mas Party

Warning: The post is currently updating and is incomplete at this time.

Post Livestream Updates

  • Fixed typos with quest names and dates.
  • Added information about Sukuna-hime's blessing.
  • Added information about Arks Grand Prix weapons.
  • Added January 1st video.
  • Added Seven Eleven and Deluxe Package details.
  • Added PSNova stuff.



Secret Phrase

Say さんたろう in chat sometime between now through December 24th's maintenance to receive:

  • 寿ハット: Celebration Hat
  • FUN2015獲得チケット: 2015 FUN Ticket
  • Casino Coin Pass x5

The items will be distributed at a later time.



 Sukuna-hime's Divine Blessing

  • We earn points as we damage Magatsu, break its parts, and clear Emergency "Quick" Trials.
  • There appears to be three levels for the points.
    • Level 1: 100 Pts
    • Level 2: 500 Pts
    • Level 3: 1000 Pts.
  • In the Live Playthrough video shown above, the effects were as follows:
    • 100 Pts =  MVMNT Speed UP / Jump Power UP / Moon Range Extended
    • 500 Pts =  Max HP UP
    • 1000 Pts = PP Restoration UP


EQ Boost Arks Parrty

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Living Universe + Merry Christmas on Ice 3
    • Rare Drop +250% / EXP + 250% after concert.
    • 12/14 @ 22:00 JST


~ January 1st Update ~


New Years Scratch reviva

January 1st Update

  • New Years Lobby with Space Battle Ship Yamato (~1/14)
  • Noiya Nyau (~2/12)
  • [New Years! Year of the Sheep Accessory Selection] and [Year of the Sheep Lucky Bag G].
    • Resale of Popular Accessories and Costumes



~ January Update ~


Arks Unity Festival 2015

January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015

  • Arks Unity Festival 2015 begins!
  • Vita 2 Year Commemoration Bingo (~2/12)
  • Unity Festival Xie (~2/25)
  • Arks Unity Festival 2015 FUN Shop (~2/25)
  • 2 tone color hairstyle.


Extra Hard pso2

January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015

  • Mecha Awakening and Mining Base Intrusion (Extra Hard Support)
  • New Rare Items


Kotoshiro Suit

January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015

  • Nature's Beauty Harukotan Style
  • Sukuna-hime, Kotoshiro, and Shironian outfits.
  • Harukotan themed costumes and parts.


Limited Quest Unity

January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015

  • An All Star Limited Quest on Shironia.
  • Oceanids and Mechs will also appear.
  • Run through Shironia with Quna's song as background music.



 ~ Late January Update ~


Valentine Update

Late January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015 (Part 2)

  • Valentine Lobby (~2/25)
  • Valentine Bingo (~2/25)
  • Love Rappy (~2/25)


Where Chocolate 3

Late January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015 (Part 2)

  • Where's the Chocolate 3 (~2/25)


Fate Hollow ataraxia

Late January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015 (Part 2)

  • AC Scratch: Materialize Vision
  • Fate/hollow ataraxia Costume, Voices, and Weapon Camos.
    • Bazett
    • Caren
    • Avenger
  • Prisma☆Illya 2wei! Costume, Voice, and Weapon Camo.
    • Kuro
  • Saber Alter Costume and Weapon Camo


Arks Unity Part 2

Late January Update: Arks Unity Festival 2015 (Part 2)

  • Lead Border Breaker and Cradle of Darkness (Extra Hard Support)
  • New rare drops.




  • Releases March 26th. (Accepting Pre-orders)
  • Costs 7,000 YEN.
  • Item Codes Included:
    • 星濱学園男子制服 : Star Coast Academy Male Uniform
    • 星濱学園女子制服 : Star Coast Academy Female Uniform
    • スタークエーサー : Star Quasar
    • Plus several voice tickets.


Freedom Wars Collab

February Collaboration

  • Toro and Kuro themed costumes and weapon camos.
    • New Client Orders and an interdimensional enemy!?
  • Freedom Wars
    • Costumes, Hairstyles, Accessories, and Weapon Camos.
    • Color Change Pass support for the costumes.


Sega Lucky Kuji Seven Eleven Bonus Items

  • Late February
  • New 711 Male and Female Uniforms
  • Nyau Suit 711 Costume too


Spring Roadmap 2015

Winter 2015

  • Web Interlocking Event: Arks Unity Festival 2015
  • New Casino Area Game
  • Limited-time FUN Shop
  • New Limited Quest
  • New Emergency Quest
  • New Collab Scratch
  • Collaboration Nyau
  • Limited-time Collaboration FUN Shop
  • Emergency Quest (XH Support)

Spring 2015

  • New Quest System
  • New Lobby System
  • Limited-time NPC and Client Orders
  • New Story Quest
  • Episode 3 Deluxe Package
  • 12 Player Quest (Boss)
  • Emergency Quest
  • New Collab Scratch


Drama CD 2

PSO2 Drama CD: Idol Capriccio

  • On Sale in 2015
  • 3,024 Yen
  • Wonderful Item Codes
    • Huey, Quna, and Io's Voice Tickets
    • Jacket Illustration Poster (Room Item)
    • Jukebox (Room Item)
    • アポなし訪問録 (Music Disc)
    • 500 FUN Ticket


 Arks Grand Prix Winner Designs

Arks Grand Prix Winner Designs

  • Arks Grand Prix champions, "Team Buta" and "Team Chaser," have earned the right to design weapon camos for the game.
  • These weapons will be distributed as rewards by clearing the Arks Unity Festival 2015 Web Panels.
  • More details about the Arks Unity Festival 2015 Web Panels will be discussed at a later time.
  • Hover over each picture to reveal the weapon camo's name and category.


 ~ Episode 3 Deluxe Package ~

EP3 Deluxe Package

  • On Sale March 19th.
  • Nagisa's costume, voice, hairstyle, and Steel Hearts.
  • Shizuru's costume, voice, hairstyle, and Rengokuto Ensa.
  • 30,000 customers can input a special code to receive Nagisa's Swimwear and Kumhan's voice.
    • The availability of these items are on a first-come first-serve basis.



~ Challenge Quests ~
 Coming March 2015


 Nova Update soon

New Quests for PSNova:

  • Three new quests are coming to Phantasy Star Nova.
  • However, the quest "Gran Energy Rush" apparently costs money.


Nova Version 1.02

PSNova Future Updates:

  • V1.02: New Story and New Characters!
  • V1.03: Lifting the Level Cap!



PSNova DLC: Star Ocean 4 + Version 1.01

Star Ocean 4 DLC

「SO4:Reimi」 Set

  • SRFプロテクター [SRF Protector]
  • レイミリボン [Reimi Ribbon] (Accessory)


 「SO4:Edge」 Set

  • SRFアーマー [SRF Armor]
  • SRFブレード [SRF Blade] (Sword)


Cold Sleep Passwords

3Z 103 PSNova
pw: mitsutomitakao


デスマスク Death Mask pw: SummonDaemon
Death Mask
pw: SummonDaemon



Sega Eigyo Man pw: NOVATAIKENKAI
Sega Eigyo Man

Sega Eigyo Man's Shop Effects:

  • Item Shop: 2★ material costs lowered.
  • Costume Shop: 5★ material costs lowered.
  • Restaurant: 1★ material costs lowered.


Dengeki Erena
Dengeki Erena

Dengeki Erena's Shop Effects:

  • Restaurant: 1★ and 2★ material costs lowered.


Version 1.01 Update

New Menu

Added a new entry to the Stockroom menu that sends materials and cores to the storage box.


Basic Settings Update

Added two new options to [Basic Settings] that automatically sends materials and cores to the Storage Box.

  • 入手した材料を自動的に倉庫に送る (Auto Send Materials to Storage)
  • 入手したコアを自動的に倉庫に送る (Auto Send Cores to Storage)
    • 手動: Manual
    • 自動: Automatic


  • Extended the player's interaction range, making it easier to interact with NPCs and facilities.
  • Performed bug fixes, stat corrections, and fixed typos.


Upcoming Cold Sleep Passwords

Dengeki Bazooko

 Dengeki will be releasing a few more Cold Sleep characters later this month. The first up is [Dengeki Bazooko], whose password can be obtained in the upcoming [Dengeki Bazooka: 2/2015] issue going on sale December 20th.


Elder Sister Dengeki

The second character, [Dengeki's Sister], can be obtained from [Dengeki Playstation Vol. 582] going on sale December 25th, 2014. However there seems to be a discrepancy between the issue number and the sales date, so we'll correct this information as details emerge.

In addition, Dengeki's Sister password has already been leaked , so you can add it now instead of waiting for the issue to release.

[via kimagurena blog]