PSNova DLC: Valkyria Chronicles 3: Riela + Version 1.02

Valkyria Chronicles 3: Riela DLC

[VC3: Riela] Set

  • ヴァルキュリア・ドレス (Valkyria Dress)
  • ヴァルキュリア・ホーン (Valkyria Horn) [Accessory]


Version 1.02 Cold Sleep Passwords

PSNova Ryoma
リョーマ (Ryoma)
pw: takanokouhei

Ryoma's Shop Effects

  • Beauty Salon: Item Selection UP +3


PSNova Stella
ステラ (Stella)
pw: hasegawayui

Stella's Shop Effects

  • Item Shop: ★5 material costs lowered.


ネキコ (Nekiko)
pw: famitsu01


ネキミ (Nekimi)
pw: famitsu02

Nekimi's Shop Effects

  • Restaurant: ★3 material costs lowered.
  • Costume Shop: ★5 material costs lowered.

[thanks kaserto]


Version 1.02 Update

PSNova 1.02 Quests

New Quests

  • タイムアタック・鋼の荒野: Time Attack: Steel Desert
    • Compete for the fastest time at a preset level with fixed equipment.
    • This quest is available at the start of Grand Act II.
  • 運命の殿方: Destined Man
    • A Makhia side story available to those who cleared the game.


This update introduces two new characters to the game as part of the
「マキア外伝」 Makhia Side Story.


Speak to Garnet at the Upper Level to enable the quest.
Speak to Garnet at the upper level to access the quest.


PSNova Garnet
Garnet (CV: Yukana)

A young lady forced into the ARKS by her bigwig father. Garnet was raised in the lap of luxury, naive to the ways of the world. She expresses her dissatisfaction even while on duty; declaring she's either hot or cold, or wants to go shopping!


PSNova Sunshout
Sunshout (CV: Tomoaki Maeno)

As a member of Delta Valiant's security forces, Sunshout keeps an eye on crime within the ARKS so that peace and order can be maintained. Being a Cast of logic, he conducts an investigation into a suspicious case.



  • Added a feature that allows for the precise placement of Attachment Parts.
  • Added Cold Sleep Password characters.
  • Made improvements with accessing Promise Orders.
  • Performed various bug fixes.



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