Error 060: Unable To Login

Critical Error

As for the PC/Ps2 servers. The authentication servers are up, thus you will now be able to log into the game. Also the GM: Melchior is looking for information on what time zones received this error.

Photon Arts Leveling Enhanced on June 6th

The most anticipated update for PC/PS2 servers is the Photon Arts Leveling update. Its now official, and here are the changes for each Photon Art type:

  • Skill Photon Arts will level 2 times faster
  • Bullet Photon Arts will level 3 times faster
  • Technic Photon Arts will level 2 times faster

Also there will be a new story mission called, Farewell to Mother, and a new regular mission called "Seal of the Dark God" which will pit you against a much harder Dark Falz compared to the one in Maximum Attack G.

Rappy Tip Daggers for everyone!

Now that we have reached 120million, everyone will receive a Rappy Tip dagger as long as you have played the Maximum Attack G mission once.