Minor Update with Her Secret Mission S

Today is just a minor update with S rank version of Her Secret Mission which is only available for Ambition of Illuminus expansion. This mission is another one geared to picking up 20 discs under a time limit, you also do not need to kill every enemy in this party mission. Be sure to enjoy the surprising twist at the end of this mission.

The updates will be slowed down for the time being since Japanese players are on their Dengeki Carnival Event, while the International servers are slowly reaching to where Japanese players left off. Our next event mission is Maximum Attack G which is scheduled to come April 25th if all things go to plan.

Swimsuit PMs, Bruce Dungeon S, and Level 130 Cap, Maydi Clothing

Starting March 14th, the new cute swimsuit PMs, GH-461 and GH-465, will be added to the game. Remember Bruce Dungeon, the Party Mission at Dagora's Guardian Branch? Well a new S rank will be added allowing you to obtain Bruce's partner card. Not that we really need him fighting with us… Also there will be a party recruitment room.


However I believe everyone is more excited for the Level 130 Cap.
Now go play before our population on the PC/PS2 dwindles even more!

Bruce Dungeon has a Party Recruitment Mission to make it easier to find parties. By selecting the counter, you can now join a party before hand, then start the mission. This should do away with people shouting "Looking for Group" messages… hopefully. Now remember its been a very very long time since everyone has done Bruce Dungeon, so please don't expect everyone to be perfect.


The New PM: GH-465
Brings Cute and Creepy at the same time!


Goshkaira Clothing Set:
Can't Get Any Uglier than this!

Maydi Clothing Set:
Now You Can Look Just like Your Favourite PM

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