Apology for PSU server downtime

Sonic Team has apologized for the server downtime that occurred sometime at 7:40PM JST. They have restored access at 11:20PM JST. The servers may be offline for an hour for ISP maintenance but this may be put off until Thursday night. No official reports yet on what will be updated, though we heard GMs say that the clothing mission may be released this week. Stay tuned for further news.

Maintanence tonight will Fix Ambitions End Story Mission

Tonight, Sega Of Japan has decided to schedule a maintenance period 1 hour earlier to fix "Ambitions End" story mision.  It is speculated this fix will allow Howzer to drop a rare item called "Vijieri / Resist". This itemwill allow you to resist any form of incapacitate or instant death that occurs when Megid hits you.

All Servers Back Up!

As everyone should know by now. PS2/PC and Xbox360 servers are back up. The Xbox360 demo server however is still down. Game Master, Ruby Eclipse, mentioned that this server will come back online at a later time. The Xbox 360 Demo servers are back up.