Christmas Eve 2011 Phantasy Star Online 2 Event

Phantasy Star Online 2 will be presented at the Akihabara Game Festa 2011 where you can play PSO2's updated character creation feature. Since the previous alpha test in August, character creation has added new costumes and cast morphing. Characters created at the event will be showcased at the official site at a later time.

There will be two presentations:

  • 14:00 JST (Saturday, December 24th, at 12:00AM Eastern)
  • 16:00 JST (Saturday, December 24th, at 2:00AM Eastern)


These presentations will cover new information including details about the alpha test 2 version, and a talk show presented by the development staff with prizes in store. This stage event will be streamed live on USTREAM.

Event Notes

  • You can only play the Character Creation portion.
  • Each stage presentation will be different so you should watch both!
  • The contents of the event may change without notice.

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What happens when you fail a grind?


Shougai posted minor info about grinding from this week's Dengeki Playstation. The grind's (+value) goes down and you'll have to pay again to strengthen the weapon.

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