Phantasy Star Online 2 Mags and My Room and Item Lab

Today the official site updated with some vague information about Mags and My Room and Item Lab. But the conciseness of the update made some information clearer than before. 


Those familiar with PSO should remember Mags, they are mechanical life forms that grow when you give them items.


They will grow into various forms, and will support the player on the battle side and status. ("ステータスや戦闘面?" I'm not going to read too much into this.)


Not only can you customize your character but you can also customize your living spaces with the My Room feature. My Room can accommodate 12 players at the same time. Make your room by customizing it with various items.


Furthermore, you can customize your weapons and armor in the Item Lab. Not only can you strengthen the power and defense of your items but also by composing the same weapon, you can increase the attribute rate.


With the feature to "Add a Special Ability", you can transplant special abilities from other weapons.



The Item Lab itself so far is split into THREE distinct features. The first one is to increase your stats on items. The screenshots show all the stats an item has and what it can increase to. For example when grinding the Rifle to +3 to +4 it listed its Striking and Range Power and tech power, although the Rifle's tech power is zero making it irrelevant. Grinding it to +4 would increase its Range Power to 136.

The second feature is to increase the attribute rate, which by the way the description is written, sounds exactly like Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity's weapon synthesis system.

The third feature is to add special abilities on weapons which shows a possible list of abilities you can add onto a weapon. 

As for the mags, well, it could be referencing a photon blast, I'm not going to think of PSU's PMs until more information is revealed.


Before and After

Shougai's observant eyes noticed the Alpha Test 2's version of the camp ship is slightly different and has a new counter near the exit. It was stated in the alpha test improvements report that they wanted to add an interface that lets you do mission and basic shop functions without going back to the main lobby. Perhaps this is what it looks like.



City Area

A new area revealed in the last promo movie is the city area. Though currently details about this area are unknown, this location utilizes the Arks font on street pavement. There is a boss enemy for this location, according to Famitsu and reported by Shougai, his name is ダーク・ラグネ Dark Ragne (Dark Lagne)


When Dark Ragne is down you can jump on its back and attack its weakpoint directly.




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