Face Profound Darkness Alone in Upcoming Emergency Quest

~ February 8th, 2017 ~


4-Person Limited Quest

PSO2 is introducing its first 4-person multi-party quest. This new Limited Quest has players facing Ultimate Quest bosses across the calamitous areas of several planets. The quest supports up to four players, even across multiple parties should you so choose. Clearing the quest under certain conditions will award players with a new title. In order to play the quest on the Extra Hard difficulty, your main and sub classes must both be level 75.


Xie Client Orders

The trouble in Las Vegas may have ended, but now a new disturbance has arisen in the calamitous areas of each planet. To combat this threat, Xie has prepared additional client orders targeting the new Limited Quest.


Solo Profound Darkness

A solo version of the Perennial Apocalypse Emergency Quest will be available for a limited time. The quest is only available on the Extra Hard difficulty, and must be faced alone. ARKS skillful enough to triumph against the forces of Double and the Profound Darkness will be awarded with a title.


A quest trigger will be added to Xie's exchange shop, so keep trying and don't give up if you fail at first. The quest can only be cleared once per ship during each occurrence. Your main and sub classes are required to be at level 75 in order to participate.


Neo Japanese Weapon Potential

The Neo Japanese weapon series available in Xie's exchange shop will receive a new potential. Beneficial to players taking on the solo Perennial Apocalypse, this potential increases power and reduces the damage received during the quest. Before taking on the quest, don't forget to switch your potential at the Item Lab.


Perennial Apocalypse Collection 2

The Perennial Apocalypse Collection will be revived until April 5th, giving players another chance to nab the Ray weapon series. You can even transform your Ray weapon into one of the new weapons from the Union series.


Union Weapon Series

A new "Upgrade Ray Series" menu will be added to Zieg's exchange shop. By combining your Ray weapon with five Union Boosters, you can upgrade it into a Union series weapon. Union Boosters can be obtained from the solo Perennial Apocalypse quest. Upgrading will carry over the Grind Value, Element Value, Special Ability, etc. of the original weapon. As an added bonus, the photon color of the Union series can be customized.


Star Gem Content Expansion

This update launches a new Trigger allowing you to play Where's The Chocolate 2017 on your own schedule.


Sparkle Fashionista (AC Scratch)

ラッグレイズバニー[Ou・Ba] | Luck Raise Bunny

Gorgeous, intricately designed layered wear fusing Japanese and Western styles will appear in the latest AC Scratch. Apart from those, the scratch will also include studded leather jackets, a bunny girl getup, and revealing pajamas.


はだけパジャマ[Ou] | Revealing Pajama
七分丈パジャマ[Ba] | 3/4 Length Pajama


スタッズジャケットF [Ou] | Studs Jacket F


スタッズジャケットM [Ou] | Studs Jacket M
勇凰綿装[Ou・Ba] | Valiant Phoenix Attire
佳凰綿装[Ou・Ba] | Beautiful Phoenix Attire

7 thoughts to “Face Profound Darkness Alone in Upcoming Emergency Quest”

  1. Make sure to do that 4 player LQ and Solo PD at some point people. Would be nice to not see people complaining about having to do it for the titles because it suddenly becomes a requirement for the 'expert' blocks.

  2. So, this "four members party quest" will be a LQ we're we'll go like any other Quest but with 4 instead of 12 max? It feels interesting to try, and see how it can work depending of the members of the PT.

    It makes me also curious about Solo PD. As this one is not "that" powerful and more interesting (for me) that some other fights…

    Anywa, just a question: "Star Gem Content Expansion

    This update launches a new Trigger allowing you to play Where’s The Chocolate 2017 on your own schedule." what's the link with "Star Gem content expansion"? The mission will be playable as we want by paying SG?

    1. 4-man LQ reminded me of Gods Eater where some missions requires you to kill bosses in succession and your party is 4 people only

    2. Well, boss rush (With four or more, or less) is not that rare after all. (But I never tried GH so I can't say more)

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