PSO2 JP: Maintenance and Patch (2/1/2017)

February 1st Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 2/1/2017 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 1/31/2017 @ 8:55 PM ~ 3:30 AM EST

February 1st Patch

  • Launcher: Version 04.00.03
  • Client: ver. 4.0701.2
  • Patch Size: 27 MB (PC) / xx (PS4) / 32 MB (Vita)

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Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Arizona / Pacific

Hawaii / São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan

Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega's discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear in this calendar with only their start times.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the "period" suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.
  • ARKS Leagues are typically 3 hours long. Check the event itself for details on its duration.


WebMoney Award Grand Prix Prize

Congratulations to Phantasy Star Online 2 for winning the Grand Prix prize of the WebMoney Awards! Sega will be holding several campaigns to celebrate this momentous occasion where players can claim prizes at the Visiphone.

Item Presents

Speak the phrase グランプリ連続受賞おめでとう in chat to receive:

  • 100 SG Ticket
  • +100% +Tribooster (x2)
  • Free Salon Pass (x1)

You have until Feb 8th's maintenance to claim the prizes at your visiphone.

Boost Campaign (Feb 1st ~ Feb 8th)

All quests will receive a +100% Rare Drop Boost.


Buy AC Campaign #33

Purchase set amounts of AC during the campaign period to receive these wonderful prizes.

Campaign Period

  • January 31st @ 11:00 ~ February 5th @ 23:59 JST

Campaign Qualifications 

(1) Purchase 500+ AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • +100% Tribooster (x1)
  • 15,000 EXP Ticket (x3)

(2) Purchase 2000+ AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • +100% Tribooster (x2)
  • 15,000 EXP Ticket (x5)

(3) Purchase 5000+ AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • Lovey Rappy Suit (x1)
  • +30% Ability Affixing Success (x1)

(4) Purchase 10,000 AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • +150% Tribooster (x3)
  • Lambda Grinder (x2)

If you purchase 2000+ AC during the campaign period, you will receive (1) and (2). However, if you purchase 10,000+ AC, you’ll receive all four prizes! Please be sure to login with a character on your account.

The campaign also has reward tiers for AC Auto Charges, but the international community is barred from using their credit cards.

※ Purchasing [AC] or [iAC] from PSO2es will not count towards the campaign.

Prize Distribution Date

  • Late February


Order Request Campaign

Players can vote for a Client Order they'd like to complete in the future. The Client Order with the most votes will run as part of a Client Order Campaign beginning January 25th.


Client Order Campaign

Clear Lottie's Client Order 砂漠のブーストエネミー・II Desert Boosted Enemies II:

  • +250% Rare Drop Booster

You have until February 8th's maintenance to complete this task.


Client Order Voting

Voting Procedure

  • Click the black and orange [投票する] button to vote for a Client Order.
  • You may vote for a client order once a day after 0:00 JST.
  • Clear the winning Client Order to receive a prize in your Visiphone.

Voting Period

  • February 1st ~ February 6th @ 11:00 JST.

Client Order 7 Client Order 8
Zieg Revelle
Prize Prize
Demerit -30% (x2)
Merit +30% (x2)

+100% Tribooster (x2)

The winning client order will become a Client Order Campaign starting February 8th!


~ Vote Here ~

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