PSO2 Station #4 Recap

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Before we start, please be sure to check the New Year Carnival post to see which quests qualify for the event.



February 4th Tidbits

Solo Profound Darkness

  • Has a time limit of 20 minutes.
  • Can be S-Ranked in 12 minutes
  • Has the same drops as the regular version, but the Solo version has Union Boosters.
  • Costs 50 Weapons Badges if you plan on obtaining the Trigger version.
  • Gives you 1 Union Booster for clearing it, and another one for S-Ranking.
  • You'll get 4 through a Title when clearing it for the first time.

Neo-Japanese Weapons

  • The second potential's stats are [Power +20% / Taken Damage -40%] within the Solo Profound Darkness EQ.

4 Person Limited Quest

  • You can receive a Title for S-Ranking it while Solo.
  • Has another Title when S-Ranking it with 4 people.
  • Has great EXP for those leveling up from SH and below.

Revolucio Collection: Longterm Revival

  • Revolucio Collection will be reviving late March. Basically this will be implemented as a relief measure for people who have a hard time getting 13 star weapons. 

SORO (White Day Event)

  • Make sure to clear ALL of Rina's Valentines Client Orders.

Class Level 80

  • Gunslashes are not included in the conditions for unlocking Level 80.
  • Your Support Partners can also reach level 80 for the class that you've unlocked.

Overlimit Item (Under Consideration/Planning Stages)

  • They were thinking about an item that can force a +1 Overlimit. It would be reaaallyy hard to obtain but you might be able to sell it through My Shop.


  • There are about 22 patterns of footstep sound effects for Cast Leg Parts.

Costume Conversions

  • They'd like to make some old costumes into Layered-wear. This won't be done for all costumes though.

Names of the Neo-Japanese Weapons

  • 雪華椿 Sekka Tsubaki
  • 雪凪 Yukinagi
  • 氷柱華 Tsuraraka
  • 凍迅 Toujin
  • 双霜華 Sousouka
  • 華天狼 Katenrou
  • 想雪夜 Omoi Yukiyo
  • 針忍冬 Shin Suikazura
  • 寒覇 Kanpa
  • 斬霜 Kirishimo
  • 幽揮風 Yuki Kaze
  • 凍時雨 Ite Shigure
  • 風花 Kaze Hana
  • 斬雪 Zansetsu
  • 氷天華 Hyoutenka
  • 咲雪崩 Saki Nadare
  • 虚細氷 Kosaihyou
  • 砥氷雨 Tohisame

More to come…



Post Livestream Updates

  • Added PSO2es information.
  • Added tidbit to Purchase Passes.
  • Updated tidbits for Lv. 80 Unlocking.
  • Added Gravity Daze picture.


Secret Phrase

  • Speak the phrase まめまきの前にあけおめ in chat to receive the following items:
    • Bitten Oden
    • 2017 FUN Ticket
  • You have until February 8th's Maintenance to complete this action.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Racing the Phantom Mother (After the Concert)
  • +100% Rare Drop Boost & +100% EXP Boost (+10% Extra Boost if you attend the Concert)
  • January 28th @ 22:30 (Quna Concert)


WebMoney Award Campaigns

In-game Chat Item Present

Speak the phrase グランプリ連続受賞おめでとう between Feb 1st ~ Feb 8 (maint) to receive.

  • 100 SG Ticket
  • +100% Tribooster (x2)
  • Free Salon Pass

Boost Campaign

  • All quests will receive a +100% Rare Drop Boost  (2/1 ~ 2/8)


AC Scratch: Sparkle Fashionista

  • Bunny Girl, Leather Jacket, & Exposed Pajama Layered Wear
  • Blended Japanese/Western Style Layered Wear
  • Scratch Bonuses include a Snow Sculpture Lillipan and falling washbasin lobby action


Early February Update

  • Xie will receive new Client Orders
  • New items will be added to Xie's Exchange Shop.
  • New Solo Emergency Quest for Perennial Apocalypse
    • Face Double and Profound Darkness on Extra Hard Only.


Early February Update

  • Neo Japanese Style Weapons (Xie's Exchange Shop)
    • These weapons will receive a new potential that comes into effect for the Solo Perennial Apocalypse. This potential increases power and reduces the damage received.
    • Don't forget you can switch potentials from the Item Lab!!
  • Xie's Exchange Shop Update
    • Radiant: Perennial Apocalypse Trigger
    • According to the video, it costs 50 [Weapons Badges 2017]
  • Perennial Apocalypse Collection 2 (~3/8)

    • A revival of the Ray weapon series.
  • Weapon Upgrade System
    • You can upgrade your Ray weapons into Union Weapons.
    • You'll need a Ray Weapon + 5 Union Boosters
    • The upgrade  maintains your Grind Value, Element Value, and more…
    • You can also change the weapon's photon colors.


Early February Update

  • PSO2 will debut its first 4 person multi-party quest.
  • In this you must defeat Ultimate Quest Bosses across several planets.
  • You'll receive a Title if you clear it under certain conditions.
    • Stats will adjust when playing it solo!


AC Scratch: Winter Symphony (Late February)

  • Casual Summoner Layered Wear and Parts
  • Casual Winter clothing for women.
  • Blue Heart Earrings as a Scratch Bonus!


Late February Update

  • White Day lobby (~3/22)
  • White Day Bingo (~3/22)
  • Client Order rewards will include ★13 weapons!
  • Itsuki, Coa, and Musashi will appear for the event.
  • Achieving certain conditions during the current Valentines Event will make SORO appear.


 Late February Update

  • A Boisterous White Day 2017
    • You can receive Itsuki Chocolate if you clear the E-Trials.
    • A special nicknamed Gruezoras Drago will appear at the end.
    • There's also a chance for Empe Rappy or Izane to appear.


Late February Update

  • Itsuki Avatar themed Weapon Camo and ★12 Unit will also be added in this update.
  • White Day 2017 Collection (~ 3/22)
    • Fornis Gen (Sword)
    • Fornis Fanaid (Jet Boots)
    • L&K38 Combat (Launcher)
    • ★13 Melon Egg
    • ★13 Zinga Egg


My Shop Pass Changes (Early March)

  • ★10 ~ 12 weapons and ★10 ~ 11 Units will no longer need a My Shop Purchase Pass.
  • You can also turn in your existing passes for other items.


Class Level 80 Cap Unlocking Conditions (Late March Update)

There will be two Titles for each class that act as conditions for unlocking level 80.

Unlocking Condition #1

  • Clear your class's Skill Point Client Orders from I ~ IV
    • Ex: Rangers would clear [The Perfect Ranger I ~ IV] from Risa
    • Ex: Hunters would clear [The Perfect Hunter I ~ IV] from Ohza

Unlocking Condition #2 (Excluding Summoner)

  • You'll need to have just one ★13 [NT] weapon category designated to your class at +35. For example, Hunters would need to grind either a Sword, Wired Lance, or Partisan.
  • This is also valid for rarities above ★13.

Unlocking Condition #2 (Summoner Only)

  • Raise a ★13 Pet to Level 120.


The Launch of a New Guide

  • Soon they'll publish a [Recommended Skill Tree] Guide.


~ Battle Arena ~

Battle Arena Update

  • Battle Arena launches in March!
  • Additional arenas include the Volcano and Tokyo fields!


Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 0

  • The PSO2 Episode Zero serial will debut in Monthly Shonen Ace in the issue that goes on sale February 25th.
  • The story takes place during A.P 228 and will feature the real Melphonsina.


Gravity Daze 2 Reverse Collaboration

  • Gravity Daze 2 will receive the Crazy Kitten costume from PSO2.
  • This costume will be distributed as free DLC starting February 2nd.



PSO2es Update

  • Valentine Limited Scratch (2/1 ~ 2/4)
    • Annette [Valentine]


PSO2es Update

  • Valentine Limited Scratch (2/5 ~ 2/8)
    • Gene [Valentine]


PSO2es Update

  • Valentine Limited Scratch (2/8 ~ 2/15)
    • Silva [Valentine]
    • Last Samurai [Memorial]
    • Kid [Memorial]
    • Silva [Memorial]
    • Orga Cats [Memorial]
    • Master Nezumi [Memorial]


PSO2es Update

  • Astral Riser (Weaponoid) (2/8~ )
  • Final Impact (Weaponoid) (2/15~ )


Weaponoid Stories

  • Yu Kariwatashi (2/1)
  • Turbulas (2/8)
  • Nox Dinas (2/15)


PSO2es Update

  • Emergency Quest
    • Evil Curste (Weaponoid Chip)
    • More ★13 Weapon Drops
  • You can obtain the [Giri Heart] chip by collecting Bon Bons!




59 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #4 Recap”

  1. > Among the weapon categories set for your class, grind one of the ★13 [NT] weapon to +35.

    Grind any type of weapon or a weapon of my class ?

    Level caps are bad and now I don't feel like trying any other class that Hunter and Braver.

    1. The answer to that question is pretty evident. "wep categories set for your class" certainly does not mean grind any type of weapon.

  2. Before people jump to conclusions or stress over how tedious and difficult it will be to reach lv80, id like to point out a few possibilities.

    The requirements for all classes could be account based. This would especially be true if they added a title for say "grinding a 13* hunter NT-wep to +35" or "getting the 4 xtra sp COs" as a indicator of completing the requirement.

    The first requirement is more likely to be account based than the second, given that you can have a 13* NT-rifle and just hand it over to any qualified character within your account.

    The second requirement is more likely character based, given that class levels aren't shared among characters.

    Lets say that it's all character based. No need to get upset over the whole thing just take it two classes at a time. Getting to lv75 and collecting class cubes is something any player who sticks around will want/have to do anyway. As for the weapons, just pick a 13* NT wep you like OR grind a 13* NT to +35 and save it to grind some other NT weapon you like.

    1. Well buddy not everybody is ultra rich to be making 13* +35s of weapons they don't like. Sega is being inflexible here, the game offers weapons you could use while leveling a class you don't like as much. Such is the case of hu/br that could use a 13* katana while farming the 21 excubes in lq/vhaqs.

    2. Money is not the issue when it comes to grinding 13* NT weps to +35, given that they cost a lot less meseta than max grinding an OS wep w. lv3 pot. As mentioned in some other post, time is the common issue.

      For the record I myself am 1 of those people who barely managed to max grind an NT wep – so im aware of the struggle. Our best bet for completing the requirement is w. astra weapons unless ofc you REALLY dont have the time. In that case you have my condolences.

    3. I'm worried that it'll be a mix of account and character requirements. I'd imagine they could make it so you can't join a Lv80 block unless your current character has completed those client orders, and gray out classes that you haven't done it on, so that you can't switch while in a Lv80 block.

      I can't believe they didn't even think to specify whether it's account or character based. This is a pretty big thing, so they should be trying to alleviate everyone's concerns. I bet that even if someone asked, they would have said "oh, we didn't think about that", just like with SG Scratch recycling.


    1. I'm just as shocked that there's a launcher that actually looks like a launcher, and not an organic beehive like 99% of the 13 star launchers.

  4. Looking at the Unlocking Conditions for Level 80 Caps, it's like that the most unbalanced class in the game just received a further advantage.

    I mean… Grinding a weapon to 13* +35 needs time, money and a useful amount of required items (example: Lamdba Grinders), while Summoner just need to Level up a 13* Pet to Level 120.

    Getting one pet egg per collection file is no challange, while 6x the same weapon is already a problem with the time. Leveling a pet is no problem as well, since the most players already capped all their 13* pets and even have like 6 different marons, one for each element.

    On that rate, Summoner will be the only really playable class, if the difficulty of the game further increases and the game like to throw stones on the way of every other class.

  5. Lvl 80 seems a pain to reach, erf. I mean I already have some classes with *13 weapons but it looks a little loud to do.

    … And PVP is not why I play PSO2 so I guess I won't spend more that three hours in these… Well we'll see but maybe it will free some space on some other Blocks…

    1. The recent survey asked people if they're interested in PvP. I wonder what the response was like? But they were already working on PvP before asking us. I have to wonder if people asked for PvP in the previous surveys. But I'm sure SEGA also just puts whatever they feel like in the game, and often don't care to ask us about it.

    2. Yes it sometimes feels a little like that. But after all, it's then making the game, not players.
      It they asked me I'd say the Café is too huge for nothing and a pretty useless place compared to its size. Challege blocks wouldn't have become only two and Kohri must die. … (Don't take this last part seriously, please)

      Just to say, there's at least one thing I believe: Japanese players asked for more blinding lights and more AIS before EP4, they have it x).

    3. when the game was new they actually had a poll on if anyone wanted pvp and Japan absolutely hates pvp. There was an option to say like "I'd rather quit than pvp" and a lot of Japanese players voted that lol. Japan never pvps in games really.

      It gets great reactions at the reveals though so who knows

    4. Hmm, I don't really like PvP too but I don't care, as long as it's not forced to be done. In the worst of cases it will just become an other "awesome ocntent" that will be forgotten after two months… Like Challenge Quests (At least in regular Ships… At least… In mine. x))

      Just wait and see.

  6. A shame you can't just make a +35 gunslash and call it a day, since, y'know, every class can equip them. Poor gunslash, the red headed step child.

    Though I guess unless there's content that requires you to be level 80 I guess it's not THAT big of a deal.

    But for those ready to put in the work, here's some tips.

    I recommend making use of your empty char slots to create extra chars. Your goal on them is to get them to a point where they can do every Time Attack Client Order (for $$$) and where they can do Zeig's weeklies (for lambda grinders). I suggest something easy like Braver.

    It'll take roughly 2 mil (give or take) to get a 13* to +30, using the method of getting 3 12*s to +26, +30 and +30. And feeding those into the 13* (you save on lambdas easily this way). Also you know how EQs give you a bunch of dios, feed same named dios to each other, they level faster this way. Then feed those to other things.

    No matter how you slice it, it's a grind. But it's doable.

    1. finally i see someone talks about gunslash, i also thought bout this lol.
      and no information about how +35 gunslash will work for the classes?

  7. Oh jeez it's like they want to make sure people are properly equipped and not leeching. If you can't afford to grind a SINGLE 13* to +35 you need to either stop wasting all your money on fashion or actually put in effort to do some tacos and DOs.

    Seeing as I've heard stories about people maxing 13*s using less than 2 mil I don't see the problem. Hell, by the time level 80 comes out we'll probably see a cost reduction on grinding 13*. It's inevtiable as it was for NT making grinding cheaper than OT

    So maybe instead of whining like babies who want everything for nothing, put some effort into it and play the game?

    1. GL getting your subclass up with your single 13* +35. Maybe you should play the game and read the post before opening your mouth?

    2. Yeah, it has absolutely nothing to do with meseta. I have at least 40-50 NT 13 stars (per account) at +32 to +34, and that's not including all the 10603 old tech 13 stars which cost way more to grind.

      What pisses me off the most is they only recently added that instant +34 on special weapon identify. I have tons of tekked 13 stars that have zero purpose. A lot of the time, you already have that weapon at +32 or +33, but adding the tekked weapon at +34 is only a +1 and not +4. It's so badly designed.

    3. It's not about the money. Just because you only see one reason doesn't mean it's as simple as that.

      If you play multiple classes and want good weapons for each class, chances are you won't have enough time to get +35 before Collect Files vanish, unless you paid a lot of real money for triggers and extra file slots, or have no life.

      I have a tons and tons of weapons at +31 through to +34, but I can't unlock +35 because those weapons simply are not available anymore, or are extremely rare.

      What they could do is let people unlock +35 using 13 stars of the same weapon type, or make all the Collect Files permanent. But they won't, because they are assholes.

      And this is a game, not work. Most people won't waste time on +35 for a tiny damage difference, especially if you're like me and already topping multiparty damage meters constantly, or have non-NT weapons (Austere, Orbit) that are just as or more effective.

      SEGA created this situation by tacking on messy system after messy system, and having so many damn weapons that that all essentially do the same thing. That's why it's not as simple as it sounds.

    4. It's not the money that's the problem, its the +35 requirement.

      I would not have any complaints if the level cap requirement was having a 13* weapon at +30. I'm A-ok with putting forth some effort and money to grind a 13* up to +30. It'd take a little while, but its manageable.

      But the +35 requirement, meaning you have to have 6 of the same 13*, is honestly asking too much. I've tried doing CF the best I can, but the most of the same 13* weapon I've ever had was 2. Two. I cant even imagine trying to get SIX of these things in the CF expiration period.

      I'd love to do EQ's whenever they show up, and/or play for several hours a day to grind CF's to complete. But it's not realistic for me to be able to make that kind of time investment. So i can't help but feel a little sour when they slap on a requirement that basically screams "if you don't have a huge time-block to invest in grinding, we are not even going to let you try to slowly work towards completing this content".

      i guess the point I'm getting at is, the problem isn't that people are not willing to put forth the effort. It's unless you have time to grind out 6 CF before they expire, its Impossible to access this content, no matter how much effort you apply.

    5. So…client order 13*s aren't a thing? The weapon badge weapons aren't a thing? Like, collection files aren't the only "freedbie" 13* weapons. You would need 600 weapon badges to get everything to +35 one of those weapons. That's 60 good runs of the current limited quest at extra hard. Given it's a god-awful quest, but its still goes back to your point. You have the time. If you can play an hour a night, that'll be around 5 runs a night. Half hour, 2 or 3 runs. You can do that easy. Or, if its the client order 13*s you do that every other day?

      Its not nearly as hard as you are making it sound by focusing on one category.

    6. 5 runs a night if you don't have to wait on the telepad 30mins of the hour because people are scattered between the full blocks… Also austere is better than CO trashy nt's and isn't being considered.

    7. for weapon badge 2017 tho, its not 100 badge/weapon but its 200 badge/weapon, so u need 1200 badge for + 35 which is about let say 1200 mins or 20 hours of grinding in chaotic prankster :3, i would say its quite grindy but not really xD ,depending on how much time u play a day

    8. This is hilarious to no end.
      Just a few days ago we argued about people having minimal decency to go on quests with no less than fully grinded 13s, and now its considered an insult and a task beyond any sense, despite that a system was around for almost a year.

      People complained about no level cap for two years, they were so aggressive in their demands, they sweared, threw insults, cursed the game and minded how having 150 levels made PSO infinitely better. Where did this spirit suddenly go? Where was this freakish analysis of how everything is actually designed wrong, where was it BEFORE levelcap and gear check were about to hit?

      Its like Austere reveal hysteria again, yesterdays' hardcore veterans of affix fodder market flipping turn into little innocent balls of mush that never had a chance to get a 13s and absolutely have to tend to all classes on each of twelve goddamn characters that are stuck on level 48.

    9. That's because this new "mechanic" isn't like telling people "You need to be this good to access this quest". It's one thing trying to give incentives to play well and not be a burden when in groups with strangers, and another to outright prohibit character progression for solo-ers, closed groups with Laidback playstyle in mind and such.

      I would prefer if they created quests where you need a minimum of stats and equipment before entering, and locking your character to those when entering (yes, that means no weapon switching) than this.

    10. You're suggesting the same thing that will take place, but even more restricted for absolutely none extra effect.
      Then you talk about "prohibiting" progression for laidback playstyle. What progression, where. Content that might actually demand level 80 is far beyond the cap expansion itself. Moreover, no one is actually pressed to BE level 80 by the time something relevant will be introduced.

      Instead, you want to take away players' choice up to the point they couldn't switch goddamn weapons, because dare we actually slow someone down by not contributing as much as its possible.

      Whenever some new stuff is added, people are audibly irritated that they complete content too fast and demand more. But once there is a chance that it will get them busy for more than a day, they revolt like this. Like it was with austere, when players found out it takes them more than a day to complete a weapon. Oh no, could it be that they might need to play the game?

      What is going through your head anymore.

    11. I don't understand why you think that I belong to the "go go zerg" crowd. I actually want content to last a long time before we get bored of it. But the current style imposed by Sega (and endorsed by the majority of players I guess) does not allow it. PSO2 has done away with ALL FORMS of resource management to the point where you can spam your most damaging attack with ABSOLUTE ZERO need to check your PP, and it has buffed all healing to such levels that if something doesn't kill you in one hit, you can outright ignore it forever because you will get back to full hp anyway, most of the times without even requiring any action from the player themselves.

      I'd prefer a slower pace where success is not dictated by what your atk stat but by how good resource management you can do (PP, consumables, defenses to reduce need for active healing). But it will never happen in PSO2. The players have selected "go go go go".

    12. @DARK MITS

      While I understand what you're saying, that's not true at all for a lot of classes. Yes, there are some classes that can easily spam their most damaging means very easily and thats what gives those classes their strengths. In most of those cases you're also wanting to rotate your PA use for different means which add variety to those classes. Same thing for the healing points you mentioned.

      Not EVERY class in the game can do those things and those classes that can't generally do something different to make up for that.

      The game has always had the means to let you do these things honestly, its just people start using a meta and you go "wow thats insane" because you're seeing the general public using these now. This isn't some new crazy scheme Sega invented.

      Sure gear gets stronger over time, thats how all games work, but people got a huge wakeup call when the solo extreme quests came out. Trying to go in there and just ignore damage while spamming your PAs over and over simply will not work. Sure some things can, Katana Br, Guard Stance Hu, Gu that can fly to the moon but those methods can take exhausting amounts of time. Its no coincidence that Sega is adding in limited party sizes for upcoming content.

      I like Monster Hunter too but PSO2 has never been anything near it in terms of the amount of resource management you have to do. Its always been action first and everything else second.

  8. Since it requires you to +35 a class-specific weapon, does it count Rifle for both Ra and Gu? Heck, does Talis count for Fo and Te? That would make life a little easier if that's the case.

    I highly doubt it though.

    1. I thought of that too. There's no reason why that shouldn't be true. As far as we know they didn't specify on which weapon to grind to +35 for the requirement. Rifles ARE a ranger and gunner weapon; talises ARE a force and techer weapon. Gunslashes not counting i understand, but rifles and talises …. Unfortunately it's still possible for sega to screw us over and take that advantage away from us.

  9. Something I haven't seen anyone else point out is that if you have around 10 characters with almost all classes at 75 (like I do), there is no way you have all of the skill point orders complete. I only got what points I needed for my builds to be effective, on each character. I don't have a main or sub class that I focus on, because I get bored easily and constantly play every class. It will be boring as hell being stuck with the same few classes/characters at Lv80, assuming that it will be character and not account-based, because they didn't care enough to specify.

    Another thing I haven't seen people point out is that even if you wanted +35, chances are you couldn't, because Collect Files expired too quickly. I have so many weapons at +33 to +34, but those weapons are no longer obtainable in any way (Orbit), or just too rare, often involving schedule-only or inaccessible content. Do they seriously expect people to spam EQ triggers hoping for an 0.01% item to drop?

    I'm seeing people (Japanese and non-Japanese) already assuming that if you don't have +35 everything, then you're a leech. People naturally assume this because these ridiculous conditions are obviously SEGA's attempt at reducing the amount of leechers at Lv80.

    In reality though, I've seen tons of people with way better gear than me, who are doing almost nothing in the multi. I'm almost always near or at the top on damage meters, even at least top 5 back when Expert Blocks were new, despite having old tech 13 stars or NT 13 stars at +32.

    If damage dealt was visible, everyone would immediately realize that gear isn't everything. But SEGA doesn't want us to be able to see the damage, and they don't seem to look at it themselves. They are actively fueling misconceptions and directing player hate at the wrong reasons.

    You know what creates leechers? Designing the game to have people repeat the same boring old single quest for months on end, just to get a tiny damage increase. Expect the amount of leechers to skyrocket now that +35 is required. There's going to be tons of people who are sick to death of EQs like Mother, but want to reach level 80. And this will compound when all the strong players move on to Lv80.

    SEGA says they want everyone to be nice and play together, but they refuse to punish leechers. They refuse to teach people how to play properly. They have condescending tutorial videos outside of the game that only a fraction of the playerbase are even aware of. After five years, they are finally going to publish "recommended skill trees", which will probably be terrible. They refuse to fix their broken, redundant systems and make stuff less confusing. They keep adding more and more overly complex systems on top of each other.

    SEGA encouraged people to get Austere, which was and is still one of the strongest weapon sets in the entire game. And now they're screwing over anyone who bothered. I'm glad I didn't bother, but I still think it's a terrible decision.

    SEGA are the ones who keep creating reasons for conflict. What did they think was going to happen by creating such ridiculous conditions for something as fundamental in progression as a level cap? All the previous level caps were so awful that they had to nerf or remove them entirely. Even if they change the conditions later, they've already created so much stress and conflict by announcing these.

    They could have easily streamlined all of this by updating all weapons to be NT. They could have included maxed Old Tech weapons. They could easily filter out a lot of leechers just by adding punishments for people who are obviously doing absolutely nothing (and I am still seeing a lot of those people). They could have made Collect Files permanent in some way. There are so many other easier, simpler, more effective and logical solutions they could have chosen. But, alas.

    To sum up, SEGA designed the game with all of these elements, giving people a HUGE range of possible ways to play the game. Old Tech, New Tech, Crafting, etc. They sometimes encourage people to do stuff like make multiple characters, and level multiple classes on them. But then they suddenly turn around and say, "nope, you need to do this very specific thing that most players, despite being more than strong enough, will in no way be able to achieve for a lengthy period of time". It's hard to say if they're intentionally being assholes, or just being stupid.

    1. Part of the problem goes down to the very basics. That they designed the game around premium instead of the premium around the game. Even If i want to grind I can't because the blocks where people are doing the lqs/ult amdu are full to the brim. Why? Because people are afking to the next eq. Not only we have leechers in the missions but also a different type that take up space in the lobbies. They could honestly make some sort of dungeon finder that has gear checks, matches people. and obviously an option for "expert only".

    2. It's all about timing. The hour before an EQ starts, blocks will start filling. If it's Japanese peak times, blocks will be filled anyway cause that's when they're on to play. You have to remember, you're a foreigner here, you have to work your schedule around theirs if you want to get things done in a group.

      Premium makes this easier, but it's not necessary. Work on time management.

      A dungeon fighter would already just add to the lag of peak times and result in nothing during off hours. In addition to that, gear =/= skill cause there's more than enough times I've seen people with good gear just stand around afk.

    3. lmao dungeon fighter. That aside is not that there isn't enough people to run the lq's but that they are scattered between the 3 or 4 blocks that are filled. If you could play without having to "reserve a block" there would be less lag during the off hour since people don't have to afk around as much. It's not about "scheduling my day to play with our japanese overlords" and more of "I'm being limited from playing x content because of the artificial barrier that are the blocks".

    4. well the game certainly was not designed around premium. Premium used to actually be really awful and a waste of money, it did next to nothing. It was a huge complaint from players so all the features you see today from it are basically due to sega listening to the players.

      It does create some tough situations for non premium players and I agree with what you're saying, its much harder to find groups without premium. Having premium is a huge quality of life boost and makes everything far easier, thus being worth it's price tag much more than it was in the first year of the game.

    5. You have this weird way of criticizing everything that's normal to the franchise, or things MMOs do in general. Not to say you're wrong to do it, but I find the perspective you're doing it from to be very strange.

      Is PSO2 the only MMO you've played?

      1) Your problem is a bit of a unique one to have. Multiple characters all with capped classes? This one tips more on the scale of a "you" problem rather than the game's problem.

      2) I am in agreement there's a bit of degree in difficulty in getting +35. Unless you make it to every EQ (no doubt many of us are sleeping or working during some of them) and always make sure to have star gems on deck to refresh the file, you might have some issue. That being said, don't avoid the alternatives. Make use of limited NPCs that offer 13*s. Three of my +35s were gotten this way through the PSU and PSPo2 npcs. Farm up dem weapon badges for one of Xie's 2017 13*s if need be.

      3) The assumption of "if you don't have gear that satisfies my taste GTFO" is an elitist syndrome that plagues all online games. You can't avoid this. This is a player problem, not a game problem.

      4) Yes, gear does not equate to ability. Seen it with my own eyes far too many times.

      5) While I personally don't think showing damage dealt is an issue, it can create some unnecessary conflict. Given the nature of friendly competition when it comes to Japanese games, I can see why they wouldn't want such public penis waving. Plus when it comes to damage, it can vary from class to target. Plus you know damn well Summoners will top the charts with Maron Strike alone, so it's kinda pointless to show damage in this stage of the game.

      6) Doing the same thing over and over is the nature of an MMORPG. Even if you think you aren't doing it, you're doing it. The Skinner Box effect is way too strong. That's the grind, man.

      7) As for "punishing leechers", I don't know how you would expect to do this. AFK timers, don't say damage dealt because screws over the TE/RAs who just wanna support. As for teaching people how to play, there's valid criticism here. I'd split it, there's a lack of proper teaching (or is there, I actually haven't done the training quests, they might be good for all I know) and there's a lack of players wanting to learn (how many gunners still mad they can't just do a flip and mash a button anymore still?). In my experience, people are way too quick to blame a game for not hand holding them, then complain when they DO get handheld, and never blame themselves.

      8) I agree for those who have good old type 13* that are good (austere, orbit) are kind of locked out of an easy pass to satisfy the 2nd requirement. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean you can't still just make a gosh dang +35 to satisfy it. I use orbit TMG on gunner, but there's so much Chocolate EQ on deck making a quick +35 ain't that big of a deal, and I can always feed it later.

      I know it's the hot thing to blame others and not ourselves, that's human nature.

      But c'mon people.

      And again, the 80 cap ain't that serious. It's be previously mentioned there won't be additional SP for it, so it really doesn't matter UNTIL there's content that requires 80 cap and I doubt that'll be for a while. tbh this is probably just to satisfy people who keep asking for a level cap increase (like me) cause they like the feeling of progression.

    6. Out of curiosity, could you share where it was stated that there would be no skill points for 76+?

      I can't find anything about this on psoworld or PSO2's subreddit.

  10. what required stuff do we need to do during valentines to get the special stuff for white day? is it just clearing the client orders till you get the weapon camo?

  11. Ok, seriously guys. If you cant get a 13* wep for your classes to +35, then you should just uninstall. Its the easiest thing in this game.

  12. I don't know why its so surprising that we have to do things to achieve progress. I'd much rather have conditional levels than just have a game bloating it's content with pointless level cap raises constantly.

    The conditions are things you're doing anyway if you play the game often. If you don't play the game often, why is it hard to imagine it may be difficult to achieve progress nearing the end of a game?

    The game was made with the purpose of being able to max every class on one character for ease of use and class combinations. If you have multiple characters, players already knew they were taking an alternate path that is much harder than simply maxing everything on one character, it was a choice players already made.

    If you don't raise your level cap its not the end of the world. Theres still going to be plenty of content you can do. And guess what? You'll make progress pretty fast towards that level cap by playing that content.

    1. >If you don’t raise your level cap its not the end of the world.
      riccy (or whichever one of his doods updated the post) missed the part where kimura's going to be locking things behind 80/80, much like UQ amduscia and necky were locked behind 75/75.
      as it is, anyone who can't deal with solo XQ (probably because diabo is a prick, or getting unlucky with gryphon's "fire a whole bunch at once in midair" thing) is already getting trapped in a ghost town. it's just going to get more obnoxious with how he's pushing things.

      down with kimura. someone promote suganuma to series director already. at least he was able to bend in the player's favor without 6+ months of people bitching as seems to have been the case with collect files remember: originally he proclaimed CFs were going to be one-time deals that would never get revivals. I imagine that revo not being permament even with this relief measure revival is his fault. it really might as well be. ditto ray, which would give people a reason to bother with SHAQ, too, because blue weapons. as-is, SHAQ is inferior to VHAQ for leveling and still too costly per run unless you get a good party together to exitburst to ensure you break even on caps, so do people even bother with it?

      but of course, the problem with kimura is that not only does he want a super no-lifer "it's being a salaryman except without a paycheck" game, but he also wants explicit control of what players are doing and when.

  13. Revolucio Collection being revived longterm hopefully makes people a bit less worried about not being able to obtain the +35 weapon for cap unlock. Nice to have a source that will be around for a long long time.

  14. >They were thinking about an item that can force a +1 Overlimit. It would be reaaallyy hard to obtain but you might be able to sell it through My Shop.
    so it's something that would likely sell for more money than you'd get for whatever 13* you wanted to use it on, if 13*s were tradeable. wow, so useful. if getting it is harder than getting another of what you want to drop, it's meaningless.
    kimura needs to get his head out of his ass and stop making life suck for people with bad RNG seeds.

    and everything about solo PD gives me the impression it's going to be miserable for anyone who has any need of union weapons. sure, for people with austere or whatever and the typically preached about cheat-tier affixes (holy shit is that system a thing that needs to be ripped out and revamped, it's been breaking content for years), it'll be a snoozefest. for any of those new players that sega spent last year courting… not so much.
    >I need ~600 badges for a weapon to grind for this (200 if I'm a SU)
    >and then another 50 per non-scheduled attempt
    >and if I'm not fast enough I need five runs per weapon/unit after the first clear
    >and it's probably "balanced" around the latent on those new-wa style weapons so it's not an option
    >and there's a limit to how fast one can generate badges
    >aaand cost-effective grind fodder (read: empe embrace) is not cheap
    RIP newbies.

    the "4p max" UQ boss rush probably won't be nerfed enough for 1~2p runs to actually be enjoyable, and UQ shit is flat out not enjoyable at full power but I'm certain they'll expect that to be the new "how2badges" thing, and anyone who actually needs them thar union toys will probably be unable to get a run because they're "dead weight" if they're not already kitted with the best of the best. R I P.
    inb4 e-peen squad comes in trying to tell me I'm so terrible. bite me, I don't have time or patience for your 'tudes. shoot your mouths off at the empty air for all it matters, you're only impressive yourselves.

    1. (people with bad RNG AKA bad lucks are assembling)
      imagine you have tight RL schedule and bad luck, RIP. (waiting for people to shout "then don't play")

      i kinda don't understand with cheat-tier affix though

      about being dead weight, i hope tanky build can get poor souls pass the UQ since there's no one helping them (and they complain them for being weak, ironically)

  15. I feel a little odd that I'm the only one here who appears to actually give a crap about the episode 0 thing… I just think it's kinda neat, and cannot wait for it to never be scanned and subsequently translated. Such is the life of the only person within 500 miles that actually cares a bout PSO2's story.

    1. It actually sounds really neat. With all that gets scanlated nowadays I could see it happening. The early episodes of PSO2 are by far the best so a prequel sounds much better than what episode 4 has been.

    2. Oh no you're not the only one, I'm too. But I prefer not to wait too much for it, 'cause even if I still believe in people who will scan and trad it, it's really not sure it will happen. But if it does, I'll be sure to read it. (Or improve my japanese enough to be able to without a trad… Such hard way to go)

    3. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It'll be what it'll be. I'm mostly curious if it A) helps flesh out the setting a bit more and B) gets picked up by some enterprising scanlator for the benefit of all us weebs who never got around to learning the Moonspeak.

  16. belatedly I'd like everyone to appreciate the irony –
    UNION series equipment is obtained by doing a SOLO mission.
    where's the unity in "I'mma go kill it by myself"? 😛

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