PSO2 Station #4 Recap

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Before we start, please be sure to check the New Year Carnival post to see which quests qualify for the event.



February 4th Tidbits

Solo Profound Darkness

  • Has a time limit of 20 minutes.
  • Can be S-Ranked in 12 minutes
  • Has the same drops as the regular version, but the Solo version has Union Boosters.
  • Costs 50 Weapons Badges if you plan on obtaining the Trigger version.
  • Gives you 1 Union Booster for clearing it, and another one for S-Ranking.
  • You'll get 4 through a Title when clearing it for the first time.

Neo-Japanese Weapons

  • The second potential's stats are [Power +20% / Taken Damage -40%] within the Solo Profound Darkness EQ.

4 Person Limited Quest

  • You can receive a Title for S-Ranking it while Solo.
  • Has another Title when S-Ranking it with 4 people.
  • Has great EXP for those leveling up from SH and below.

Revolucio Collection: Longterm Revival

  • Revolucio Collection will be reviving late March. Basically this will be implemented as a relief measure for people who have a hard time getting 13 star weapons. 

SORO (White Day Event)

  • Make sure to clear ALL of Rina's Valentines Client Orders.

Class Level 80

  • Gunslashes are not included in the conditions for unlocking Level 80.
  • Your Support Partners can also reach level 80 for the class that you've unlocked.

Overlimit Item (Under Consideration/Planning Stages)

  • They were thinking about an item that can force a +1 Overlimit. It would be reaaallyy hard to obtain but you might be able to sell it through My Shop.


  • There are about 22 patterns of footstep sound effects for Cast Leg Parts.

Costume Conversions

  • They'd like to make some old costumes into Layered-wear. This won't be done for all costumes though.

Names of the Neo-Japanese Weapons

  • 雪華椿 Sekka Tsubaki
  • 雪凪 Yukinagi
  • 氷柱華 Tsuraraka
  • 凍迅 Toujin
  • 双霜華 Sousouka
  • 華天狼 Katenrou
  • 想雪夜 Omoi Yukiyo
  • 針忍冬 Shin Suikazura
  • 寒覇 Kanpa
  • 斬霜 Kirishimo
  • 幽揮風 Yuki Kaze
  • 凍時雨 Ite Shigure
  • 風花 Kaze Hana
  • 斬雪 Zansetsu
  • 氷天華 Hyoutenka
  • 咲雪崩 Saki Nadare
  • 虚細氷 Kosaihyou
  • 砥氷雨 Tohisame

More to come…



Post Livestream Updates

  • Added PSO2es information.
  • Added tidbit to Purchase Passes.
  • Updated tidbits for Lv. 80 Unlocking.
  • Added Gravity Daze picture.


Secret Phrase

  • Speak the phrase まめまきの前にあけおめ in chat to receive the following items:
    • Bitten Oden
    • 2017 FUN Ticket
  • You have until February 8th's Maintenance to complete this action.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Racing the Phantom Mother (After the Concert)
  • +100% Rare Drop Boost & +100% EXP Boost (+10% Extra Boost if you attend the Concert)
  • January 28th @ 22:30 (Quna Concert)


WebMoney Award Campaigns

In-game Chat Item Present

Speak the phrase グランプリ連続受賞おめでとう between Feb 1st ~ Feb 8 (maint) to receive.

  • 100 SG Ticket
  • +100% Tribooster (x2)
  • Free Salon Pass

Boost Campaign

  • All quests will receive a +100% Rare Drop Boost  (2/1 ~ 2/8)


AC Scratch: Sparkle Fashionista

  • Bunny Girl, Leather Jacket, & Exposed Pajama Layered Wear
  • Blended Japanese/Western Style Layered Wear
  • Scratch Bonuses include a Snow Sculpture Lillipan and falling washbasin lobby action


Early February Update

  • Xie will receive new Client Orders
  • New items will be added to Xie's Exchange Shop.
  • New Solo Emergency Quest for Perennial Apocalypse
    • Face Double and Profound Darkness on Extra Hard Only.


Early February Update

  • Neo Japanese Style Weapons (Xie's Exchange Shop)
    • These weapons will receive a new potential that comes into effect for the Solo Perennial Apocalypse. This potential increases power and reduces the damage received.
    • Don't forget you can switch potentials from the Item Lab!!
  • Xie's Exchange Shop Update
    • Radiant: Perennial Apocalypse Trigger
    • According to the video, it costs 50 [Weapons Badges 2017]
  • Perennial Apocalypse Collection 2 (~3/8)

    • A revival of the Ray weapon series.
  • Weapon Upgrade System
    • You can upgrade your Ray weapons into Union Weapons.
    • You'll need a Ray Weapon + 5 Union Boosters
    • The upgrade  maintains your Grind Value, Element Value, and more…
    • You can also change the weapon's photon colors.


Early February Update

  • PSO2 will debut its first 4 person multi-party quest.
  • In this you must defeat Ultimate Quest Bosses across several planets.
  • You'll receive a Title if you clear it under certain conditions.
    • Stats will adjust when playing it solo!


AC Scratch: Winter Symphony (Late February)

  • Casual Summoner Layered Wear and Parts
  • Casual Winter clothing for women.
  • Blue Heart Earrings as a Scratch Bonus!


Late February Update

  • White Day lobby (~3/22)
  • White Day Bingo (~3/22)
  • Client Order rewards will include ★13 weapons!
  • Itsuki, Coa, and Musashi will appear for the event.
  • Achieving certain conditions during the current Valentines Event will make SORO appear.


 Late February Update

  • A Boisterous White Day 2017
    • You can receive Itsuki Chocolate if you clear the E-Trials.
    • A special nicknamed Gruezoras Drago will appear at the end.
    • There's also a chance for Empe Rappy or Izane to appear.


Late February Update

  • Itsuki Avatar themed Weapon Camo and ★12 Unit will also be added in this update.
  • White Day 2017 Collection (~ 3/22)
    • Fornis Gen (Sword)
    • Fornis Fanaid (Jet Boots)
    • L&K38 Combat (Launcher)
    • ★13 Melon Egg
    • ★13 Zinga Egg


My Shop Pass Changes (Early March)

  • ★10 ~ 12 weapons and ★10 ~ 11 Units will no longer need a My Shop Purchase Pass.
  • You can also turn in your existing passes for other items.


Class Level 80 Cap Unlocking Conditions (Late March Update)

There will be two Titles for each class that act as conditions for unlocking level 80.

Unlocking Condition #1

  • Clear your class's Skill Point Client Orders from I ~ IV
    • Ex: Rangers would clear [The Perfect Ranger I ~ IV] from Risa
    • Ex: Hunters would clear [The Perfect Hunter I ~ IV] from Ohza

Unlocking Condition #2 (Excluding Summoner)

  • You'll need to have just one ★13 [NT] weapon category designated to your class at +35. For example, Hunters would need to grind either a Sword, Wired Lance, or Partisan.
  • This is also valid for rarities above ★13.

Unlocking Condition #2 (Summoner Only)

  • Raise a ★13 Pet to Level 120.


The Launch of a New Guide

  • Soon they'll publish a [Recommended Skill Tree] Guide.


~ Battle Arena ~

Battle Arena Update

  • Battle Arena launches in March!
  • Additional arenas include the Volcano and Tokyo fields!


Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 0

  • The PSO2 Episode Zero serial will debut in Monthly Shonen Ace in the issue that goes on sale February 25th.
  • The story takes place during A.P 228 and will feature the real Melphonsina.


Gravity Daze 2 Reverse Collaboration

  • Gravity Daze 2 will receive the Crazy Kitten costume from PSO2.
  • This costume will be distributed as free DLC starting February 2nd.



PSO2es Update

  • Valentine Limited Scratch (2/1 ~ 2/4)
    • Annette [Valentine]


PSO2es Update

  • Valentine Limited Scratch (2/5 ~ 2/8)
    • Gene [Valentine]


PSO2es Update

  • Valentine Limited Scratch (2/8 ~ 2/15)
    • Silva [Valentine]
    • Last Samurai [Memorial]
    • Kid [Memorial]
    • Silva [Memorial]
    • Orga Cats [Memorial]
    • Master Nezumi [Memorial]


PSO2es Update

  • Astral Riser (Weaponoid) (2/8~ )
  • Final Impact (Weaponoid) (2/15~ )


Weaponoid Stories

  • Yu Kariwatashi (2/1)
  • Turbulas (2/8)
  • Nox Dinas (2/15)


PSO2es Update

  • Emergency Quest
    • Evil Curste (Weaponoid Chip)
    • More ★13 Weapon Drops
  • You can obtain the [Giri Heart] chip by collecting Bon Bons!




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