Get the Tasty Lobby Action with Weapono! Memories

Internet mangas "Weapono!" and "Weapono! Tasty," will be released as a comic through publisher Kadokawa. Those who purchase a copy will receive an item code for 4 [Weapono! Memories]. These can be traded in at the Badge & Memory Exchange Shop for Weapono! themed room items and lobby action.

Rate: One Weapono Memory

サマーセラフィマット Summer Seraphy Mat
サマーアネットマット Summer Annette Mat
サマージェネマット Summer Gene Mat
うえぽのSPマットA Weapono SP Mat A
うえぽのセラフィマット Weapono Seraphy Mat
うえぽのジェネマット Weapono Gene Mat
うえぽのモアマット Weapono More Mat
うえぽのブルーノマット Weapono Bruno Mat
うえぽのアネットマット Weapono Annette Mat
うえぽの!壁シール Weapono! Wall Seal

Rate: 3 Weapono Memories

304「テイスティ」 304 [Tasty]

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