Get the Tasty Lobby Action with Weapono! Memories

Internet mangas "Weapono!" and "Weapono! Tasty," will be released as a comic through publisher Kadokawa. Those who purchase a copy will receive an item code for 4 [Weapono! Memories]. These can be traded in at the Badge & Memory Exchange Shop for Weapono! themed room items and lobby action.

Rate: One Weapono Memory

サマーセラフィマット Summer Seraphy Mat
サマーアネットマット Summer Annette Mat
サマージェネマット Summer Gene Mat
うえぽのSPマットA Weapono SP Mat A
うえぽのセラフィマット Weapono Seraphy Mat
うえぽのジェネマット Weapono Gene Mat
うえぽのモアマット Weapono More Mat
うえぽのブルーノマット Weapono Bruno Mat
うえぽのアネットマット Weapono Annette Mat
うえぽの!壁シール Weapono! Wall Seal

Rate: 3 Weapono Memories

304「テイスティ」 304 [Tasty]

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    1. For this specific book, the kindle version on amazon has an Access Code that gets sent to your email when you purchase. The fine print states the access code and item code is the same thing.

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