Hatsune Miku And Phantasy Star Online 2 Collaboration; August Preview

Hatsune Miku Project Diva f has a new outfit and stage that Phantasy Star Online 2 fans will surely recognize.


Module: フォニュエールスタイル Fonewearl Style

Hatsune Miku performs in her own variation of the default Fonewearl costume "Viola Magika". She will be singing and dancing on stage in the Arks Lobby to a song called "ネトゲ廃人シュプレヒコール" Online Game Addicts Sprechchor, by the artist "Satsuki Ga Tenkomori."

Hatsune Miku Project Diva f releases on the Playstation Vita August 30th, 2012.

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PSO2 August Preview

August is just a week away, and the latest issues of Dengeki Playstation and Famitsu previewed some of the things coming up during the month of August.

(View the Scan)

Melfonsina Costume キャンディクラウン Candy Crown
(voiced by Kana Hanazawa)


Summer Rappy (Rare Enemies)


The Space Tuna sword


Bikini Swim Wear for Females
Pants Swim Wear for Males
赤い浮き輪 Red Swim Tube (Accessory)



Floating Continent


New Boss: 'Quartz Dragon'

The new boss will appear on a new field for Planet Amduscia called "The Floating Continent."


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