Phantasy Star Online 2 JP: Summer August Update 1 (Summer Vacation Scratch)

Phantasy Star Online 2 will update 3 times next month, August 1st, August 8th, and sometime near the end of the month. For the August 1st update, new enemies and new Arks Cash Content is coming! Today PSO2 has reached 730,000 registrations and 90,000 simultaneous connections.


Summer Festa Lobby

The Arks Lobby transforms into a Summer Festa. You'll see palm trees and cute surfing rappies at every turn!


New Enemy: Fang Banther and Fang Banshee

A huge powerful native type enemy that lurks in the forest and will appear in an emergency quest on Planet Naberius called "Subdue Fang Banther". Nicknamed the "hunter jackal," it's quick and agile moving from tree to tree. Unlike the Snow Banther, it makes use of its environment to launch an attack against the player. He'll leap into the tree and quickly attack the player from their blind spot. Players should be on high alert since the two enemies can even perform a coordinated attack.




Summer Rappy

These special rappies can only be seen in the summer. They will drop a special weapon called the "Space Tuna."


スペース・ツナ Space Tuna



Summer Vacation Scratch

パンツスイムウェア Trunks Swim Wear


ビキニスイムウェア Bikini Swim Wear
ハイビスカス Hibiscus (Accessory)
赤い浮き輪 Red Swim Tube (Accessory)


ハイビスカス Hibiscus (Accessory)
ピンクシュシュ Pink Scrunchie (Accessory)


ヘイズソーサラー Haze Sorcerer
ヘイズソーサラーの帽子 Haze Sorcerer Hat (Accessory)


キャンディークラウン Candy Crown
キャンディークラウンのヘッドギア Candy Crown Headgear


マギウスシリーズ Magius Series (Magus)



イルシオンシリーズ Illusion Series


New Hairstyles

ショートリーゼント Short Regent


スキンヘッド Skinhead


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