Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation Collaborates With PSO2

~ February 6th, 2019 ~


T: Specter of Tragedy

Persona’s trigger releases this update, featuring a 4-player onslaught upon a Level 95 Persona! Only players Level 85/85 or higher can accept this quest. This time around, the ARKS Support Effect will no longer aid in your efforts. However, those who are victorious may find themselves in possession of an Amphitrite Stone, or a Weapon Camo recoloring of the Detonation, Allure, Clawdem, or Chalyra series.



Revelry of Darkness

Revelry of Darkness is returning from February 6th through February 20th. Its interlocking boost event will also be held, affecting the Emergency Quest [Specter of Destruction].

Update: The Interlocking Boost does not affect [T: Specter of Tragedy], Sega made a mistake on their update page and corrected it. 


Player Shop Changes

The Player Shop now allows you to search the prices of Special Abilities as you're putting up an item on the market.


Inventory Search Returns

Inventory Search has finally returned, allowing you to search items by typing in a part of their names. You can even toggle the display of the search feature by clicking on the little magnifying glass icon.


Lyrical Magic (AC Scratch)

Our next AC Scratch features a collaboration of "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation." Try your luck at obtaining accessories, costumes, hairstyles, and lobby actions from Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate. Also included in this Scratch are weapon camos of their signature devices: [*RH Estrea], [*RH Streamer], [*BD Hornet], and [*Rod (Hayate)].


13 thoughts to “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation Collaborates With PSO2”

    1. You must be confusing this with Magical Madoka because Lyrical Magical Nanoha has never had a collab with Pso2 and my wallet is still recovering from the Valentine Scratch and New Year Revival 🙁

  1. Revelry of Darkness huh….
    After 8000+ of those people get their drop of *14Elder Pain Omega
    i am the one who get only one *14 drop of Ares series and nothing ever fucking drop again since start till it go,
    Despite having 400% Rare drop boost, 150% Triboost, Photon Tree Rare drop rate up, 100% Triboost EX , Party Boost, and Yet i got only one ares drop.. i worked hard for nothing in return While random japanese guy join my party got 2 *14 drops in four runs
    I feel like being left over, I have this terrible Luck and they tell me to get more OP……

    1. I have a teammate that drops one 14* a week, while I play for longer, attend to more EQs and run more boosts than most of my teammates and only get consolation prizes. Oh and 14* eggs. Multiple copies of every 14* egg released. So don't feel sad, you're not alone.

    2. same shit with me i did over 300 Revelry runs and only got 3 14*
      over 60 runs of persona and got a total of 7 rare 13* and 0 units
      some fucking weird shit is going on

    3. That's the thing with the luck ratio, you're never sure to drop something, 300 times this crappy quest, you're completely crazy, and all that for weapons that will be obsolete in a few months if that is not already the case, you break too much the head, PSO 2 is an eternal race to the one who will have the best weapon the fastest first and Sega understood it very well …

  2. I doubt they would, but it would be nice of SEGA to allow players to maintain their Specter of Destruction boosts from the first time round. I don't feel like grinding that quest again purely to boost my RDR in a completely different quest.

    Also, why did they initially remove that inventory search? It was one of the most useful UI additions for a long time.

    Kudos for the special ability search too, but I do wonder if the search is bound to the actual weapon/unit or if it returns results from non-matching weapons/units too. If it is bound, I don't think it will be the solution to make searching for special abilities any easier than it already is.

    1. They removed it due to complaints of not being able to continue moving while the inventory was opening since it'd start typing even if it was W, A, S, or D.

  3. I still can believe the new episode is finally not based on real world culture

    3: feudal japan
    4: tokyo, japan
    5: omg basque country as a fantasy land for the 99999999th time

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