New Phantasy Star Nova Trailer

SEGA released a new video showing the prologue to Phantasy Star Nova. You can get up to speed on the latest news by reading our Phantasy Star Nova articles! Some of them have been updated with new information. We're even adding more information as we speak.

Planet Machia
Planet Machia (Makia)


Screens from Phantasy Star Nova
Screens from Phantasy Star Nova

8 thoughts to “New Phantasy Star Nova Trailer”

  1. It would suck a lot if they didn't put braver in the classes or advancements available. I can live without a Dewman race, but Braver or something other than the old 6 classes should be in there else they risk making the game PSO2 offline downgraded other story edition. Not to be nitpicky but since it's a new game, it should have a lot of new things, not just a different storyline, a few altered mechanics and a so-called different setting with PSO2 Vita already existing as the PC game's still-evolving counterpart.

  2. The game will be multiplayer compatible, with up to four players playing simultaneously in co-operation with one another through local ad-hoc WiFi play

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