Phantasy Star Nova: New Screens from Famitsu

Some minor details on Phantasy Star Nova was posted at Famitsu this morning. Let's take a look at it below!

The Story So Far


The ORACLE fleet assembled the [ARKS Special Planetary Search Unit] in order to investigate and safely navigate a region of stars they could not warp directly to. Within the search unit was a group known as "Alter," and their ship, the "Delta Valiant." They were forced to make an emergency landing after mysteriously coming under attack from a newly discovered planet known as "Machia." This strange planet has the peculiar quality of negating the use of "photons." In this game, our heroes are tasked with repairing the ship and discovering a means to escape from the planet.



Lutina pic

Lutina (Human x Force)
(CV: Maaya Uchida)



Seil (Human x Hunter)
(CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)


magnus cut

Magnus (Human x Hunter)
(CV: Banjō Ginga)

Captain of the Delta Valiant. Came up with the idea of the [Planetary Search Unit] to travel through treacherous areas.


Fieldia pic cutFieldia (Human x Hunter)
(CV: Miyuki Sawashiro)

Long-time veteran, Fieldia, is the commanding officer of Delta Valiant's military unit. But for some reason…she'll serve as temporary captain of the ship.


izuna psnovaIzuna (Newman x Ranger)
(CV: Ai Kayano)

A person of exceptional talent, graduating at the top of the class. She was Sail's partner during her training years. 


Delta Variant

There are around 1000 people aboard the Delta Valiant in cryogenic stasis. Only some of the characters are active around the time of the emergency landing. As you collect resources, and restore power to the ship, more people will come to support you in the search.

In PSO2 you have many facilities available to you from the start, you can freely use them as you please. However, in PSNova, you start out with barely any facilities. As you progress through the game, you'll gradually gain access to more facilities and see even more characters. (Keep in mind that some of the people on the ship are non-combatant civilians.) The player gets to decide the order of which facilities they wish to see function. So the revival of the Delta Valiant may be quite different depending on the player.


During their search, the main characters will have to face the Gigantes! A colossal bio-weapon adorned in heavy artillery and armor. The Gigantes has a drill mounted on its forehead, with what appears to be seating space for a cockpit. Though it seems to work unmanned, Famitsu wonders, if by entering the cockpit, you're able to control the Gigantes?

PSNova Scaffolds

Considering that the Gigantes is huge, you can't do any decent damage by only attacking the feet. However, you can use these platform-like thingswhich acts as a scaffoldto reach a high enough level to attack its upper body with ease!


PSNOVA Character Creation

With the character creator you can set their height and build, and change the color of the costume. You can change the bust size for female characters too!

More details on Phantasy Star Nova will appear in this week's issue of Famitsu Weekly! See you later!

15 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Nova: New Screens from Famitsu”

  1. Blue recolor of Flamegash? Do want. Wonder if they'll reverse-port it to PSO2, like they're going to do with Taiwan weapon collabs.

  2. Honestly, I'm waiting to go back to Ragol. When that happens I think everyone will be satisfied.

  3. Am I the only one who looks at Lutina's character design and instantly thinks Vanille from FF13?

  4. How neat; the Captain's uniform is in the same style as the ARKS trainee uniform. Also, blue and white Heartbreaker variant! I hope that makes it into the PSO2.

  5. on the last section on characther creation. then you make your own avatar. then it would be no diference than playing story mission on PSO2 isn it?

    dat gigantes so huge… it has twice of big vadra's sise IMO 😀

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