Master Classes on December 19th 2008

Back from finals, hope I pass. Anyways the update everyone has been waiting for… MASTERCLASSES has been announced for December 19th, 2008. According to the Japanese Xbox360 site, our update will include:

  • Christmas Lobby w/ Christmas Box and Christmas Room Remodeling Ticket
  • Episode 3 Chapter 6 Story Mission
  • FighMaster, Gun Master, Master Force. Each class will use S rank weapons.
  • Fortetechers will have an increase HP.
  • Fortetecher will now have LV40 Support Technics.
  • Acrotecher will now have LV50 Support Technics 
  • Wartecher will now have LV30 support Technics
  • Hyuga's NPC AI playing style will be adjusted