Phantasy Star Online 10th Anniversary: Infinity

Now I'm somewhere else with a tiny laptop, might buy one… Hi my vacation is almost over… Today we'll talk about Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity and PSO 10th Anniversary.


Phantasy Star Online 10th Anniversary

Sakai updated this morning with a new post about our PSO 10th anniversary. It appears PSO was released 10 years ago on December, 21, 2000 (Hmm my vacation senses say to pay attention to that date.)

The 10 in the PSO logo is actually Pioneer 2. Originally it was thought that the PSO10th anniversary logo should use the original logo, the one with the three rings.  The new logo suggests how PSO has exceeded it's 10th anniversary, and continues to sail forward.

Please expect future developments that commemorate PSO's 10th Anniversary.



IDOLA The Immortal Memories

In Phantasy Star Universe, several PSO monsters appeared. PSPo2i plans to reveal the deeper connection between it and PSO.

For now Sakai will reveal 3 new kinds of enemies that appear in PSPo2i.

Chaos Bringer




Olga Flow


Sakai says he misses the PSO fans and wants to bring back some enemies you might remember. Back in the day, he actually designed Olga Flow and Chaos Bringer, so he has a deep attachment with them. He has spruced up their model, animations, and effects. The hardest one to pull off was Olga Flow in particular. But rest assured, Olga Flow is now powered up! What new tricks he has up his sleeve will be revealed at a later time.

Tomorrow the official site will update with Rapico's corner.

[via pspo2iblog]

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