Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity: Meet the Dumans

Today we're going to look at the Dumans. We'll learn about what an Infinity Blast actually is and how it looks.


Meet The Dumans

Sakai updated this morning about the Dumans. First he'd like you to know that you can obtain Nagisa's sword, "The Steel Hearts" in the game. Where will it drop? Who knows…

Default Outfit for Male Dumans

The Dumans are pretty much like a 魔法剣士 or Magic Knight or Rune Knight class. They are very proficient with Hunter and Force weapons, however they have one big drawback. Their defense skills are severely lacking. Dodge Rolling is the key to survive with this class for close range attacks.  This might be a good race for those who play as a Vanguard.

Comparing level one stats with other races, Dumans possess the 2nd best ATK and TP, and have high ACC. However, they have extremely low  HP, EVA, DEF and Stamina. This race is meant for expert players who can Just Guard and Dodge Roll effectively.

The Male duman default outfit is in the style of a bullfighter and while the females have a flamenco dress. The style of clothes were based on the Middle Ages. The race is supposed to present  a Medieval or "Dark Hero" of sorts.


Infinity Blast

The Dumans can invoke a new ability called the Infinity Blast. The blast is actually condensed photon that was stored inside the body. The Dumans can unleash it and use it like a weapon. There are four different styles, based on each of the battle types. The Infinity Blast can be used for a limited time, you can extend it by attacking enemies in a chain. You can additionally charge your attack. It appears you can move freely as you use the blast.


As a Hunter, your Infinity Blast is a sword!


As a Ranger, your Infinity Blast is a beam!

You can also play Episode 1 as a Duman!

[via pspo2iblog]

Type Level Abilities

Type level ranges unlock new special features for Infinity Blasts.

  • Infinity Blast Levels
    • Type Level 11 ~ 20: HP Recovery*
    • Type Level 21 ~ 30: Reduced Charge Time
    • Type Level 31 ~ 40: Sleep Effect
    • Type Level 41 ~ 50: Blast time lengthened.

[via pspo2iblog]

Though Sakai wrote HP recovery, the current form in the Demo is HP absorption.

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