A Month of Regular Maintenances

A month has gone by with no new content, including the week for July 25. As stated by the Japanese Xbox360 site, there will be regular maintenance this week again. The site has not made mention of any content updates for August 1st though. According to the GM, August first is still planned for a probable content update. We just don't know what it will be.

What shall be the fate of M.A.G?

Maximum Attack G Extension Starts August 1st

What Shall Be the Fate of Maximum Attack: G Extension?

Maximum Attack G Extension will start August 1st 2008, Even though previously there has been talks about canceling the extension of MAG altogether. By canceling the event, Sega hopes to get back on track with updates. The community appears to be split on the issue. However the event has finally been announced for August 1st 2008 and will run through August 22nd 2008.

On one side, they find MAG extension as a way to level up alternate characters and new players as well. On the other side, players are already fed up with the constant delays. They want MAG canceled so they can receive their just rewards. However, if the extension is canceled, how will players affected by error 065 be compensated for missing a month of gameplay?

GM Chillaura put it simply..

Seriously there is obviously a division of opinion here, and we will see what we can do to accommodate everyone. Until we say otherwise we are still planning for a MAG extension in July, but are looking into our options for moving past MAG, getting you the earned rewards (or more), and trying to get back on schedule for August and beyond.


With this post, we are left to ponder what "more" could truly mean. It will be a tough road ahead for SEGA to figure out a plan to appease nearly everyone. It will be even tougher for them to keep active players from canceling their subscriptions all together. What will be SEGA's next move?

July 23, 2008
Sega's Next Move?

After a long wait, the possibility of the extension is now August 1st 2008. Although it has been mentioned many times that the extension is very likely to occur, it appears this August 1st is the new date to anticipate it. Chillaura added this to the current state of affairs:

Anyway, we have been waiting for a decision to be made for this week, as there is still a slim chance for an update. Sonic Team has not ruled it out but we can't make any official announcements until they tell us.

But assuming that does not happen, everything is lined up for an update August 1st with MAG2, level cap increase, seasonal content and other small changes. Not everything we were hoping for but there is more on the way.


So we can safely say August 1st will have MAG. If not, you all know what to do!

GM Question & Answer Session

Also we had a brief Question And Answer session due to the authentication server downtime. As we usually have here on this site, here is a brief list of answers to the questions you have asked.

  • Knuckles & Amy Statue Dates will be announced soon!
  • The upcoming schedule is getting mixed up.
  • Servers will be down July 14-16 for the billing server move.
  • Sonic Team (Sega of Japan) will have final decision on extension.
  • If extension is canceled content may be boosted ahead 2 weeks.
    Also Sega of America will push for everyone to get last 2 prizes.
  • MAG's Badge Exchange Mission will return!

ISP Maintenance July 23rd

Japan's Xbox 360 site has announced there will be connection problems during 12AM to 3PM PST. Sega's ISP will be doing maintenance during that time. Users may be unable to connect or may be disconnected during that time. Please keep in mind that they have not announced what updates we will be getting on July 25th.

[via official site]

Mini GM Session

  • Be prepared for SOMETHING right after the end of July.
  • In upcoming months expect Level Cap Raise first.
  • Guardians Boost Road is expected to return sometime
  • S2 Missions and Shops will sell new Boards.
  • New Event in the future called Mission Carnival.
  • Mission Carnival contains mini-game missions including racing.
  • Expect Master Classes AFTER Mission Carnival event.
  • Amy & Knuckles statues arrive with MAG prizes
  • No new racial abilities have been announced.
  • No official date for Mag Extension until 100% confirmation.
  • Players who play during MAG extension (IF it does happen) will be eligible to win prizes occurring only during that extension.
  • Players who played during first MAG will be eligible to win prizes already announced during that event.

[via chatlog_20080721]