PSPo2: Meet Kuno, Partner Card Details, and Script

Meet Kuno!


Today's new character is Kuno! She'll also walk around Clad 6 just like Bask. Kuno is a member of Little Wing, in fact, Kuno has a certain secret…. She watches and shadows Emilia… Hmmm…


She is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, who also voices Yuto. Sakai was very surprised to hear how different her voice sounded between both characters. Since Kuno is in Chapter 1, you can hear her in the trial version. You can obtain the same type of clothes and parts that Kuno and Bask wears. Although it sounds as if they won't be exactly the same, I believe they won't use the same colors just like Lumia's and Mirei's outfit in PSU.


Interview and Script

Speaking of voice actors, you can also watch a video of Yuto and Emilia's voice actor as they do an interview. Unfortunately there is no gameplay footage.

voice acting

The script is pretty thick. Infact, Phantasy Star portable had two scripts, whereas Phantasy Star Portable 2 has four. Sakai has to record each speech bubble, 2D scene, and battle voice one by one. He also records voices for the 3d cut scenes as well. He may at times tell the voice actor to put more feeling and emotion into a line if it doesn't match well to the scene.


Partner Card

Shougai PSO posted some details about information stored on the Partner Card. You'll be able to see their character name, battle type comment, achievements obtained, the percentage of items they obtained, and battle type abilities. Shougai is unsure if "sex" and "race" will be listed on the partner card.

Well that's all for now, expect two more commercials in November, hopefully it will reveal more, but by that time we would all have the demo.

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Phantasy Star Portable 2: TV Commercial

Phantasy Star Portable 2 TV Commercial


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Emilia seems to have Mika's effects.

Happy Birthday Mr. Sakai

mizuno cake

Delicious cake you must kiss.

Dragon Sakai gets to celebrate his birthday with this delicious Merei Mikuna cake! It was designed by Mizuno, who pretty much does the artwork for the game. Sakai also talks about the Houshin Engi Artist Collab. He said it was difficult to recreate the suit that Ryu Fujisaki designed because of it's semi-transparency.

plank epoch2

Outfit: Blank Epoch and Knuckle weapon: Telltale Hearts (Flow[ing] Heart/Soul?)

There's also going to be the first TV Commercial today during Bleach.