Phantasy Star Portable 2 Official Site Updates: Hoshin Engi Artist Collab, My Room, Partner Machinery Dragon And Retro

The official site updated today, and if you visit this blog you already know it's going to be a re re re hash of information already released. So to make this interesting we"ll add some new elements inside. It's nice to see NA video game news sites covering Phantasy Star Portable 2 but for some reason they seem to skip out on a majority of the major changes that were announced. If you follow this blog or other fan sites you'll be pretty much in the know days before Sega of Japan releases official news overseas. Cool ain't it! POWA UPU!

The official site became very white… They also added Promo Video 3, which has already been uploaded on Youtube a few weeks ago.


Hoshin Engi Collaboration


Ryu Fujisaki, artist for the manga Houshin Engi, created a pretty strange outfit. It's like a cross between dot hack and Kingdom Hearts. The outfit is called Blank Epoch and Shin no Zou (Telltale Hearts) which are knuckles with freaky glowing effects.


Let's knock down enemies with these knuckles!


PM Dragon and Retro

Due to popular demand, Partner Machinery selection has increased. This time two new types have been introduced. Dragon and Retro type attaches a "support effect" with the player.

pm dragon

Dragon Type: PM 500
It floats! It Attacks! It reduces Fire and Ice Damage!



Retro Type: GH 510
It small! It Attacks! It reduces fire and lightning damage.


Customize your room!


You can change the theme of your room by purchasing a reform ticket. Change to any style you want, go from a gymnasium themed room to a cute and girly pink paradise!


Up to four people in both multi modes can enter your room.
You can purchase a whole assortment of furniture and objects!


Type Counter


Enhance your character's class by visiting the type counter. Here you can upgrade your class by spending "extend points" to add or remove weapon categories and grades. Make your ideal class in any way you want.


You can also embed "abilities" in your character to enhance their battle style. Try out the abilities "Full Charge Shot" "Wild Blast" and "PP Guard Save" and more… For more information read here and here.

Fate/Stay Night Collabs

Fate Stay Night's Archer and Saber costume and items make an appearance in the game. Read below for extra details.



Photon arts for items like Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory
will have an extra effect applied to them.


saber archer

Saber and Archer's costume will come in many colors!


Evangelion Collabs


There will be various Plug Suits for the Evangelion Collaboration in addition to the Lance of Longinus spear.

  • Password Plug Suits
    • Shinji Plug Suit
    • Asuka Plug Suit
    • Rei Plug Suit
  • Downloadable Plug Suits (available at a later time)
    • Kaworu's Plug Suit
    • Mari's new and old plug suit.
    • Asuka's Test Plug Suit
    • Plugsuits are from "Evangelion 2.0 You can (not) Advance".

Hatsune Miku Collaboration


Hatsune Miku's leek will appear in the game! Not only will the leek appear, but it shall also appear as twin sabers, saber, wand, and rifle. There will also be 4 different kinds of leeks.

nagimiso vn02

Nagimiso's "Miku VN02" costume design will also appear!


For each of these collaboration costumes, both humans and casts will be able to wear them. You can obtain certain collaboration goods by inputting a special password, or downloading them for free.

Tomorrow Sakai will talk more about the playable demo version that will be released November 1st, 2009.

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Phantasy Star Portable 2: Details about Shizuru, Braver Class, Customization, PM, and Demo

Sakai wants to clear up some details regarding the Phantasy Star Portable 2: Famitsu Article. It was previously analyzed at this site, so now we'll look into more details!

Mika and Shizuru


Both Mika and Shizuru appear to be somehow connected by fate to an old civilization. You'll meet Mika at the end of chapter 1. Mika's voice actor is Sayaka Ohara, who provides a motherly gentle voice. 

sizzle scan

Shizuru on the other hand can be seen in the earlier stages blocking Emilia's path. He has silvery hair and with a very gaudy outfit. He has many secrets, in fact all main characters have secrets. Did you know Shizuru's nanotranser holds his swords?

cool nanotranser

Emilia can't get passed me!


Customize your battle type!

So, Sakai has reduced the amount of classes the game has to four. The newest class, braver, appears to be a mixture of hunter, ranger, and force, as can be seen by it's photon art cap. 

This time you'll be able to customize each type as you see fit with "Type Extend" and "Ability Customize." In PSP1 and PSU, when you cleared a mission, you would gain mission points… Well in PSP2, the name has been changed to type points. As you amass these type points, they increase your type level. Based on your "type level" you gain "extend points" which customizes your class even further.

type extend

The "Type Extend" system will use your "extend points" to add additional weapon categories to your class. When you apply these points to your weapon category, you can either increase or decrease the grade. For instance you can upgrade a C rank claw to B rank or downgrade it back to C rank. So with this mix and match system, you could essentially apply an S rank sword weapon category to the Force class. However, keep in mind you are still limited by your photon art cap. In addition to this it is highly impossible to apply S rank to all weapon categories.

ability customize 3

"Abilities" allow you to customize your character even further by equipping special features. For example you can apply the HP boost or PP boost ability. There are about 100 different kinds of abilities. Abilities are limited by the slot system, since each ability costs a certain amount of slot points. You can only apply a limited amount. Some abilities will cost 1 slot as others may cost 3. As your type level goes up, there will be more ability slots available to you.


My Room Customize

my room

You'll be able to customize your room just like in Phantasy Star Universe. All the room items from Ambition of the Illuminus will be included in addition to some brand new ones. You'll be able to invite players into your rooms in Multi Mode and Internet Multi mode so you can show off your designer skills!


Partner Machinery

In addition to the 8 kinds of partner machinery in PSP1, PSP2 will increase this amount by adding two types, "Retro" and "Dragon".

Retro type

The Retro version is like a little retro robot guy who runs on the ground and attacks enemies.

dragon type

The Dragon version is like a dragon who floats and attacks enemies in a mysterious motion.


Tales of Dragon

Dragon Tails

PSO Dragon has a new battle strategy. If you are a hunter and braver, you focus on the tail… I heard the dragon loses it's balance and….



The demo will be available November 1st, at the JP PSN store. You can download it for free and play ad hoc or infrastructure mode. The demo needs PSP FIRMWARE 6.00 in order to play it! Please note that infrastructure mode (internet multi mode) will be available for a LIMITED TIME, the date it will end is December 3rd, 2009.

Infrastructure mode is by invitation only. Each individual who wants to play will receive a ticket, and Sega will hold a drawing and randomly select players . The announcement of who shall play internet multi mode will be provided at the official website.

You'll be able to import your character from PSU:AoI and Phantasy Star Portable 1. You must allow 370MB of space on your PSP memory stick. There will also be a special menu on the main screen which will differ if your demo was downloaded online, or you obtained the UMD version.


Collaboration Domination!


Evangelion; Rei, Shinji, and Asuka's Plug Suit!
Lance of Longinus


fate stay night

Fate Stay Night; Saber, and Archer's costume.
Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory 


vocaloid 2

Hatsune Miku: Costume and Twin Leek!


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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Famitsu: Evangelion, Fate/Stay Night, Classes and Demo

anime collab

Sega is going crazy with all these collaborations. This time, Rebuild of Evangelion, Fate/Stay Night, and Hatsune Miku items and clothing will be added to the game. Since I've been up for about 24 hours, I will just give you a quick sneak peak on what to expect. Later in the day we will have more in depth and clarified information.


Customize your class

There are several concepts in regards to maximizing your character. The scan uses some brand new terminology to explain the whole process, so let's start from the beginning. There are four classes or "types" in the game. You will be able to customize some aspects of them as you play. When you fight and gain experience, you will accumulate type points. The more type points you have the higher your type level.


The Four Types

  • Hunter: Strong offensive ability and Defense Power. The balance between offense and defense is good.
  • Ranger: Can Aim at an enemy far away.
  • Force: High Technic power and spiritual strength, they are good with handling technic weapons
  • Braver: They are good at handling light weight weapons

Each Type has a photon art level cap. For example, the highest technic a hunter can use a level 15.

  • Hunter: Skill: 30 | Bullet: 15 | Technic: 15
  • Ranger: Skill: 15 | Bullet: 30 | Technic: 15
  • Force: Skill: 15 | Bullet: 15 | Technic: 30
  • Braver: Skill: 20 | Bullet: 20 | Technic: 20

To change your type, you must spend meseta at the "type counter."


Type Extend

"Type Extend" or (Class Extension) will allow you to increase the amount of weapons available to you in your class. If you recall the class list post, notice how you started off with C rank weapons only. As you are playing, the higher your type level, the more "extend points" you will have. This will allow you to set an "equipment grade," meaning you can now upgrade from C rank weapons to B rank weapons, etc… For now the article sounds as if you can set the weapon ranks yourself. (Sakai will have to explain this..)

extend point

Braver Type Extend

This is the Braver Type. The Braver type has pretty much all base C rank weapons from the TGS class list. Notice how the Twin Sabers are B rank. It looks like you'll use these extend points to upgrade or downgrade each individual weapon class. This differs from PSU where all C and B rank weapons would be available to you at the same time. [view more]


Ability Customization !

ability customize

You can select your ability at the "type counter". Each ability uses a certain amount of slots, for example, Wild Blast (which allows you to decrease the time it takes to increase your blast gauge) costs 3 slots. In the scan you can see how you have a total of 5 slots to spend on. If you increase your type level, the amount of slots you can use increases, but it will cap at a certain value.

  • HP Boost: Your Maximum HP boosts by 50. (Status Ability)
  • Offensive Power Boost: Information missing…
  • Defensive Power Boost: Information missing…
  • Recovery Boost: Information missing…
  • Wild Blast: The time to charge the Blast Gauge is shortened so you can use your "blast" more often. (Special Ability)
  • PP Guard Save: Information missing…


The Rest

  • Two types of Partner Machinery
    • Dragon Type: Supports Player, they seem to float in the air…
    • Retro Type:  Partner Machinery acts the same as PSP1, they run around and battle with you.
  • New Characters
    • Shizuru: Age 20: He often blocks Emilia's attacks. (VA: Jun Fukuyama)
    • Mika: A mysterious woman, believed to be hailing from ancient civilization. (VA: Sayaka Ohara)
  • Collaborations
    • Hatsune Miku Costume and Leek weapon from Vocaloid
    • Three Plugsuit and Lance of Longinus from Evangelion
    • Saber and Archer costumes. Saber's weapon Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory from Fate/Stay Night
  • Demo Release Date is November 1st, 2009
    • Click here for more in depth Demo information
    • Shops will release a UMD demo on November 9th.
    • Play 1 Chapter of Story Mode.
    • You can play Ad hoc and internet multi mode too.
    • Internet multi mode will be available for a limited time.
    • There is a mention of a "lottery", it sounds as if a random amount of players will get in. (Still looking into this…)
    • Free mission, battle mission, and "cooperation mission" is playable.
    • The free mission will have the new boss at the end. (I'm assuming Reol Badia)
    • Level 15 Cap.
    • Save Data Transferable to retail version.
    • Fanta and Pizza Hut Collaboration items also transferable to retail version

[view scan]

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