Phantasy Star Portable 2 Famitsu: Evangelion, Fate/Stay Night, Classes and Demo

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Sega is going crazy with all these collaborations. This time, Rebuild of Evangelion, Fate/Stay Night, and Hatsune Miku items and clothing will be added to the game. Since I've been up for about 24 hours, I will just give you a quick sneak peak on what to expect. Later in the day we will have more in depth and clarified information.


Customize your class

There are several concepts in regards to maximizing your character. The scan uses some brand new terminology to explain the whole process, so let's start from the beginning. There are four classes or "types" in the game. You will be able to customize some aspects of them as you play. When you fight and gain experience, you will accumulate type points. The more type points you have the higher your type level.


The Four Types

  • Hunter: Strong offensive ability and Defense Power. The balance between offense and defense is good.
  • Ranger: Can Aim at an enemy far away.
  • Force: High Technic power and spiritual strength, they are good with handling technic weapons
  • Braver: They are good at handling light weight weapons

Each Type has a photon art level cap. For example, the highest technic a hunter can use a level 15.

  • Hunter: Skill: 30 | Bullet: 15 | Technic: 15
  • Ranger: Skill: 15 | Bullet: 30 | Technic: 15
  • Force: Skill: 15 | Bullet: 15 | Technic: 30
  • Braver: Skill: 20 | Bullet: 20 | Technic: 20

To change your type, you must spend meseta at the "type counter."


Type Extend

"Type Extend" or (Class Extension) will allow you to increase the amount of weapons available to you in your class. If you recall the class list post, notice how you started off with C rank weapons only. As you are playing, the higher your type level, the more "extend points" you will have. This will allow you to set an "equipment grade," meaning you can now upgrade from C rank weapons to B rank weapons, etc… For now the article sounds as if you can set the weapon ranks yourself. (Sakai will have to explain this..)

extend point

Braver Type Extend

This is the Braver Type. The Braver type has pretty much all base C rank weapons from the TGS class list. Notice how the Twin Sabers are B rank. It looks like you'll use these extend points to upgrade or downgrade each individual weapon class. This differs from PSU where all C and B rank weapons would be available to you at the same time. [view more]


Ability Customization !

ability customize

You can select your ability at the "type counter". Each ability uses a certain amount of slots, for example, Wild Blast (which allows you to decrease the time it takes to increase your blast gauge) costs 3 slots. In the scan you can see how you have a total of 5 slots to spend on. If you increase your type level, the amount of slots you can use increases, but it will cap at a certain value.

  • HP Boost: Your Maximum HP boosts by 50. (Status Ability)
  • Offensive Power Boost: Information missing…
  • Defensive Power Boost: Information missing…
  • Recovery Boost: Information missing…
  • Wild Blast: The time to charge the Blast Gauge is shortened so you can use your "blast" more often. (Special Ability)
  • PP Guard Save: Information missing…


The Rest

  • Two types of Partner Machinery
    • Dragon Type: Supports Player, they seem to float in the air…
    • Retro Type:  Partner Machinery acts the same as PSP1, they run around and battle with you.
  • New Characters
    • Shizuru: Age 20: He often blocks Emilia's attacks. (VA: Jun Fukuyama)
    • Mika: A mysterious woman, believed to be hailing from ancient civilization. (VA: Sayaka Ohara)
  • Collaborations
    • Hatsune Miku Costume and Leek weapon from Vocaloid
    • Three Plugsuit and Lance of Longinus from Evangelion
    • Saber and Archer costumes. Saber's weapon Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory from Fate/Stay Night
  • Demo Release Date is November 1st, 2009
    • Click here for more in depth Demo information
    • Shops will release a UMD demo on November 9th.
    • Play 1 Chapter of Story Mode.
    • You can play Ad hoc and internet multi mode too.
    • Internet multi mode will be available for a limited time.
    • There is a mention of a "lottery", it sounds as if a random amount of players will get in. (Still looking into this…)
    • Free mission, battle mission, and "cooperation mission" is playable.
    • The free mission will have the new boss at the end. (I'm assuming Reol Badia)
    • Level 15 Cap.
    • Save Data Transferable to retail version.
    • Fanta and Pizza Hut Collaboration items also transferable to retail version

[view scan]

[via teitenkansoku and marunao and elpsu and famitsu]

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