Mission Carnival Racing and Duel is Back after Event! March 6th, 2009


As you know, Mission Carnival ends March 6th, 2009, but the memories will live on in two new permanent missions. Players can try Panther Blitz and Thunderburst Duel with some minor adjustments. There will also be a casino rotation.

  • Airboard Rally will be available at Moatoob Guardians Branch
  • Explosive Arena will be available at Parum Guardians Branch

PC/Ps2 Room Hacking Reported

GM Edward posted an announcement today that they are aware of the recent thefts of player shop items. The affected players had their items deleted from their shop. No announcement has been made for a rollback or compensation at this time.

We have received a number of reports recently of attacks on player shops for the PC/PS2 severs. We want to let everyone know that investigations for this are ongoing, and we will continue to take whatever actions are necessary to ensure the security of player accounts.

It would be a prudent measure at this point for players to lock their shops. If it was me, and there had been reports of these sorts of attacks, it’s the measure I would take. While I hate to encourage paranoia in this game—we’re all supposed to be having fun here, right?—this is a serious issue and no one wants to see any unnecessary damage to player accounts inflicted. “Lock your doors” should be a reasonable (and simple) security measure.

With regards to players who believe they have been affected, please report directly to help.sega.com. We will continue to investigate this issue. We’ll be working closely with the development team to find ways to deal with this and we will keep the community in the loop as best

GM Edward

My Funnily Late Valentine February 20, 2009

During Valentine's Day, be sure to say Hey! to Hey Champaigne!,
maybe she'll even provide gifts for you to give out to that special someone!

Forgot to send your special someone a Valentine's gift? Fear not, it's been extended for 3 weeks! Valentine's Day lobby runs from February 20th, to March 13th, 2009. During the Valentine's day lobby event, Rappies are replaced with Rappy Amures. They will drop Kohibumiteri, Love Letter, as well as a special pink room decoration.

In addition, Mission Carnival's Crystal Central will add a new item for exchange, most likely the Electro Heart and the Space Channel 5 music disc. World of Illusion Alpha will return, and it is assumed that both bosses will be unlocked for each bonus mission. Mission Carnival has been extended until March 6th. Thanks Roux. 

[via psujp]