GM QA Session 2: MAG Returns August 1st

After todays GM question and answer session, it was announced that Maximum Attack G extension will come probably around June 20th. Now the extension is slated to begin August 1st.  Sonic Team has given the green light to allow a second MAG event with a fresh leader board.

Here is a recap of the answers that has been given at today's session:

  • Mag Extension starts August 1st
  • MAG Rewards around 1 to 2 weeks after Extension
  • In MAG extension, the same character will not get 2 Spread Needles, but the same account can get up to four.
  • Level 140 Cap around Early July
  • Those who "hacked" the game to get on leader boards are likely to get banned.
  • Jaggo Sonichi will be back
  • New Story Mission in next update.
  • Details of the June 6th update will be announced Tuesday
  • They will credit your account if you were billed again during the free period
  • New Billing Servers will be ready in a few weeks
  • They will turn off the authentication bypass when billing server is fixed
  • The next event, "Dengeki" may start in Early August
  • Masterclasses may arrive after "Dengeki" Event

And those were the answers to the questions you asked.

Chat Log Available

Mag Extension Delayed Until ????

The Maximum Attack G extension which was slated to start May 23 to June 6th has been delayed. The extension has been delayed due to some technical reason they are withholding from the public. Due to this sudden announcement, the community is up in arms and enRAGEd against Sonic Team. For now, Maximum Attack G will end after tonights update and is expected to come back at some time in the future.

In other news, White Beast Online, the newest MMORPG from Sega has been announced, and is expected to be released tomorrow!

MAG Is August 1st. PSU is No Longer Free..

Maximum Attack G was supposed to be extended for June 6th. However due to some technical difficulty, it will now start August 1st 2008 until August 22nd, 2008.

Sega has fixed the billing error otherwise known as "Pending Cancellation" from all accounts, but now you may play if you were previously under Error 065.

The official announcement with MAG extension has been posted.
Here is quick review:

  • The current leader board will end on May 22nd.
    All players who are on the leaderboard will receive their respected prizes.
  • A new total kill count leader board will appear on August 1st through the extended version of MAG. Any character who is eligible for a prize before the extension will be disqualified from winning any prizes on the new leader board.
  • All PC/Ps2 accounts will have three weeks of free play for current and previous subscribers. This does not apply to Xbox 360, nor does it apply to any new accounts. This free period has ended June 27, 2008
  • Points earned during the extended version of MAG will be cumulative!

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