Phantasy Star Portable 2: Fun Fan 3: Promo Video and PSO Forest Run

Fun Fan 3 was released today, so in our usual case, here are the videos on youtube for all to enjoy.


Video features a huge snowball, new nanoblasts, new enemies, the item trader, and more. Most of this stuff was already covered here.


Noto and Dragon Sakai play through PSO's forest. Watch as their partner characters Toro and Kuro play with them. Sakai also says that if you do a lobby action in front of a partner character, they will react to it.

The official site updated today as well, we'll go through that later on but it's basically a rehash of information. However you can see more higher resolutions of the PSO enemies, and the nanoblasts.

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Phantasy Star Portable 2: Nanoblast changes, Ursula and Chelsea, Contest Items

Phantasy Star Portable 2 will have certain changes with the Nanoblast. As stated previously, there will be 3 nanoblasts. A gold, silver, and BLACK version. Read on for details.


Nanoblast Changes


  • Nanoblast Changes
    • Blast Badges will be unlocked depending on your level.
  • Nanoblasts
    • At Level 10: "Defense" and "Accuracy" is unlocked
    • At Level 20: "Attack" is unlocked.
    • At Level 30: "Hurricane (Gale)"  is unlocked. (Silver Color)
      > Black Nanoblast possible..
    • At Level 40:  "Impact" is unlocked. (Gold Color)
      > Black Nanoblast possible…
    • At Level 50: "Invincible" is unlocked.
  • Black Nanoblast
    • Under a certain condition, a black nanoblast is released.
    • (sidenote: my friend tyreek speculates it's when your HP is low, hence the screenshot)
    • It is described as a "berserk" state.
    • Can be activated during "Gold" and "Silver" forms

Ursula and Chelsea


Two new characters were introduced, Ursula Rollan and Chelsea. These two characters are actually co workers. One's a boss and one's a subordinate.

Ursula has strong history with Sky Clad and Little Wing, but besides that, she's also a famous fashion designer. She's described as a "versatile" career oriented woman! She's particularly more reliable than Crouch in taking care of Emilia. She's voiced by the wonderful Atsuko Tanaka, who lends her voice to paint Ursula with adult charm and wisdom.

Chelsea is Clad6's receptionist woman, she works very hard to serve her customers. She speaks in high spirits and has a peculiar speech pattern. When you hear her speak, try to listen for a particular rhythm.

PSO in My PSP2?
More likely than you think..


Nano Dragon appears in Phantasy Star Portable 2

Hyperspace sailing is a a new concept in PSP2. If you recall the story of PSP2, Gurhalians are taking on hyperspace sailing since resources are drying up fast in the solar system. During a Hyperspace experiment, an unexpected calamity befell Gurhal. Sakai makes a comment on how previously only Boomas appeared in Neudaiz… But now, PSO monsters are taking habitat within Gurhal. Sakai says these monsters sport a fresh design, and look even better too! I'm sure you can see the beefed up nano dragon model in the screenshot.

New Weapons and Contest Items

There are more than 1200 weapons to choose from. With this amount of weapons, it can be difficult to figure out which weapons you should hold on to. Sakai says NOT to throw away a weapon you deem as weak, there may be some new unrevealed system that might help you out.

Sega held a contest design for clothes and weapons that players can draw for Phantasy Star Portable 2. All except the Chevalier Fluge will be added to the game. Chevalier Fluge will instead become a download item which you can get for free.

cheer setl

Cheer set!


Tight Bathtowel
(My favorite!)


tight bathtowel female

Tight Bathtowel for women too!



Koltovan Suit (thanks angelo)


chevalier flugel

Chevalier Fluge


kakwane costume

Kakwane Costume


clan orca

Grand Orca [sword]


bil de vear rod

Bil De Vear Rod [rod]
Isn't it cute!


lavis arrow

Lavis Arrow [bow]


uchi wa

Uchi Wa [slicer]
The name translates to "Fan"


dark meteor

Dark Meteor [grenade]


purification wand

Purification pole [wand]



Ikotenyoku [twin saber]
(also split form)
Kotetsu + Wing Saber


canon qualia

Canon Qualia [twin handgun]


Phantasy Star Portable "PSP the BEST": PSU Chronicle Movie

maya and lou

??? > "Ah.. You're Little Wing?

PSU Chronicle Movie

psp the best

Phantasy Star Portable: PSP The Best

Phantasy Star Portable PSP the Best will feature 3 episodic movies chronicling the whole Phantasy Star Universe series. It first starts with the SEED INVASION, so that you may know more of the Gurhal Solar System and character history.  It's great for those new players of Phantasy Star Portable 2. Sakai says it was very hard to edit over 30 chapters of video and images together to make one coherent story.

Ethan, Laia, and Lumia will be narrating each episode. The narration voice work is entirely new providing you a sense of feeling and emotion by their respective characters. Also, voice acting is now provided to the script of Episode 3.

However, since Episode 3 has multiple endings (based on S ranking mind you..) certain parts will not shown in the ending of the PSU Chronicle movie.

As for the opening theme of Phantasy Star Portable 2, the "official theme" and the "PSU Chronicle PSP2 opening theme" will be slightly different. Sakai wants you to compare the two openings. 


Oh and LOU GOT A NEW HAT… plus added minor info to character data.

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This video is a great example on how NOT to play the game.

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Lou and Maya Shidow

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