Game Tweaks, Graphical Technic Nerf, Machine Gun Glitch Fix Planned for Jan 20, 2009

GMs Edward and Ruby posted details about a Title update scheduled for Jan 20th, 2009. This update will fix several bugs in the game and make slight changes in game mechanics. Hopefully these changes will make the game a more enjoyable experience to everyone. Here's a rundown on the most important issues.

  • Graphical Technic Nerf
    • Technics will now display as high as Level 21-30 to prevent slowdown. Though they did not specifically mention this, in the Japanese version the caster will still see level 31+ technics. We're assuming this still stands.
  • Machine Gun Glitch
    • The Machine Gun Glitch will finally be fixed, great news for Xbox360 players.
  • Rare missions
    • A message will appear on the screen notifying the party that a rare mission has been received.
    • The calculation of rare missions has been changed so that solo players can now receive them.
  • Photon Charges
    • Photon charges will now fully charge  a weapon in each hand instead of 50%. In other words, a photon charge will now work the same way as they do with 2 handed weapons. 
  • Kicking Party Members
    • It will now be impossible to kick party members between "Trial End" and "Mission End". This means you may no longer boot players when the boss or clear boxes appear. 
  • Party List
    • When you select to join a party on the  mission screen. The party list will now display open parties at the top of the list.

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Winter Lobby and Billing Site Change for Janurary 16, 2009

Winter Lobby

This week's mission update is the Winter lobby. It will run from Janurary 16th to Februrary 13th. In addition the snowman room decoration can be purchased during this time.

Edward posted a note that the  Phantasy Star Universe PC/PS2 billing site has changed to and will soon release information regarding the U.S compensation for the December 20th Rollback.

GBR: Parum Screenshot Competition

Sega is holding a screenshot competition where the theme is based on Gaurdians Boost Road Parum. There will be four categories where anyone can submit a screenshot

  • Dramatic / Action Scenes
  • Scenic Character / Location Shots
  • Group Shots
  • Humorous / Weird / Fun

The contest is open to both PC and Xbox 360, the screenshot can be taken from capture card, PC, or digital camera. They only ask for you not to edit or crop the photo. For more details visit the contest page.

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