Phantasy Star Portable "PSP the BEST": PSU Chronicle Movie

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PSU Chronicle Movie

psp the best

Phantasy Star Portable: PSP The Best

Phantasy Star Portable PSP the Best will feature 3 episodic movies chronicling the whole Phantasy Star Universe series. It first starts with the SEED INVASION, so that you may know more of the Gurhal Solar System and character history.  It's great for those new players of Phantasy Star Portable 2. Sakai says it was very hard to edit over 30 chapters of video and images together to make one coherent story.

Ethan, Laia, and Lumia will be narrating each episode. The narration voice work is entirely new providing you a sense of feeling and emotion by their respective characters. Also, voice acting is now provided to the script of Episode 3.

However, since Episode 3 has multiple endings (based on S ranking mind you..) certain parts will not shown in the ending of the PSU Chronicle movie.

As for the opening theme of Phantasy Star Portable 2, the "official theme" and the "PSU Chronicle PSP2 opening theme" will be slightly different. Sakai wants you to compare the two openings. 


Oh and LOU GOT A NEW HAT… plus added minor info to character data.

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This video is a great example on how NOT to play the game.

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