Phantasy Star Portable 2: TGS Notes; Customizations, New Nanoblast, New Characters, PSO Dragon

During Tokyo Game Show, Sakai showed off several new features very briefly. Unfortunately we do not have much details on these features but at least you will get to see a glimpse of what to expect.

New Features!


New Black Nanoblast (sorry no axe!)



New Air boarding SUV!



Customize your character! The screenshots above and below show some sort of a customization screen. We don't have much information about it at this time. From the screenshots you can see various items that boost certain attributes. Of particular, the items show an HP Boost, Wild Blast, and PP Guard Save. (With PP Guard Save it makes me wonder if this is the "free slots" for units.)

Each item costs a certain amount of an icon looking similar to "gold."  I'm assuming you'll have a certain amount of "slots/gold" available to equip with.


Wild Blast decreases the charge time of your Blast Gauge

HP boost will boost  HP, duh…


New Characters

ms newman lady

Ursala the green haired newman.

mr sephiroth

Shizuru the silver haired antagonist.


New Enemies

Next they showed some new enemies, like the Nano Dragon from PSO, and an original enemy known as Fazntal (Fazuntal) and Sagntal (Saguntal), who does a rotation attack similar to Kagajibari in PSU. The Sand Rappy from PSO also appears.



PSO Dragon appeared as a boss, and you fight within the central dome. The BGM was "Growl from the depths of the earth" It differed slightly from PSO, it wags and attacks with it's tail. After they defeated the boss, a reward screen appears and it appears this was the mission "Forest of Illusion".

PSO speculates that each "Rare Mission" may have their respective bosses from PSO. Hopefully they digitally release the second trailer because it sure looks juicy. They even show off a bit of the new snowy field!


Toro and Kuro


Sakai officially announced his collaboration with Doko DeMo Issyo. The characters Toro and Kuro will appear in the game as special partner machinary characters. In addition, they will also appear as "My Room" items.



Other Notes From TGS


Item Trader?

  • Maser Beam Item from PSOBB Appeared.
  • Collab with Doko DeMo Issyo
  • What appears to be an "Item Trader" is shown in a screenshot.
  • An entirely snowy field!
  • Multiple Endings was said by the narrator.
  • Side Story appears where you take requests from clients.

[via Wind Luo and Shougai PSO and 4gamer and mike]

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