Episode 3: Restorations Walkthrough

Restorations is the second chapter in Episode 3, and it covers mainly the tensions between the GUARDIANS and the New Rogues. This chapter features some switch puzzles and an audible maze which can really annoy you if you don't have speakers. We will cover them both, so scroll down to the section you need when it is available.


Restorations 1

The general complain of Restorations is defeating Alfort Tyler whom is level 95 on all ranks. We will cover him later when we are up to him, but first lets go through the basics of the gate puzzles.

In order to get an S rank you need to not only destroy every enemy, but also destroy traps that shoot after you. Equip weapons and photon arts that can destroy these 3 hit traps very quickly. Twin Claws, Double Sabers, Twin Sabers, are very quick in destroying traps, try to avoid using guns as you may be running late under the time limit.

When you reach the first red gate, you do not need to press any of the green and red switches, just run behind the rock to the left and enter the portal.

As you reach to the second red gate puzzle, there will be 4 switches on the ground. Step on them so that the colors alternate

[Red] [Green] [Red] [Green]

Both gates on the left needs to be two lines horizontal to each other, no red gates should be touching, no box formations, just two gates horizontal to each other.

As you cross over, just press any switch so that now the gates form 2 lines | | vertical to each other. There should be no horizontal gates. Afterwards head over to where you see a rock and cross the bridge to defeat an enemy. After your done, head behind the rock, hit the switch and teleport yourself inside your vertical gates and head over to block 2.

Block 2

When you first enter there will be a small nook that you need to cross, a trap will pop up in that area which you must destroy. After you pass the trap you need to enter a room to your left or indicated in the map with the monster sign. This will just help your achieve S rank.

When you reach up to a gate blocking your path to the right of you, you can just head forward, and step on the Green switch so that now you can't go back from where you came. Enter the only room you can with the green bubbly plants and destroy the enemy to be teleported back so that you can now enter the area that was previously closed off.

S Rank Guide: There is a shooting turret before you leave this room, its to the left of the door. If you skip this you will not be able to get S Rank.

After this you will reach up to key 4. Don't worry about key 4 right now, your main job though is to make sure that you leave the gates in the proper position so you can obtain it later. First step on the floor switch so that the red gate no longer blocks a portal. Then step on the switch on the other side so that the gate closes off the portal.

Make sure to set the gate up like this when you use the portal. Note that the portal is closed off again. Don't worry about that key, we will get that last.

As indicated by the map key 1 is located after Key 4 before the teleport.

Key 2 is located as indicated in the map inside boxes. Then obtain Key 3 inside other boxes.

S Rank Guide: Use Goggles to choose the right switches to cross the bridge. If you cross the bridge without activating any traps, this will help towards getting the S Rank

You may now cross the bridge to obtain key 4, immediately afterwards, take a 180 degree turn back from where you came to fight the last enemies and open the last gate.

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