Shonen Jump and Phantasy Star Portable 2 Collaboration! + Sakai Interview

The blogs are abuzz with information in this weeks Shonen Jump! Click the images below for larger pictures.


The scan also shows a new screen shot of battle mode at the bottom right corner. The rest of the clothes and items will be displayed in V Jump and Weekly Shonen Jump in the future.

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Accessory Set


Phantasy Star Portable Accessory Set for PSP, which should have one collaboration item code. The Accessories set has a storage pouch, an LCD protector case,  screen protector filter for both sides of the unit, and analog attachments.


Interview with the Dragon

Dengeki Playstion posted an interview with Producer Sakai! Much of the information has been  posted here but you can read about some minor tidbits that were posted on fan blogs.

  • Character Creation voice is completely new.
  • Running Animation changed (supposedly it's dynamic, and  full of motivation.)
  • If you attack an enemy with an opposite element Technic, you will see new animation. For example, ice will scatter if you attack a fire enemy with ice elements.
  • They had differing opinions on how they would set up the NANO/SUV blast gauge.  *He won't say how it will work at this time.
  • Time it takes to clear a mission in the mission counter
  • Multi Mode Players do not receive the same item drop.
  • Super rare items come in a rainbow colored box.
  • Collaboration items with food and drink industry.
  • Expect some kind of linkage to PSU:Aoi
  • Keep all Photon Arts you have ever learned.

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Blog Updates 9/12/09 + Demo

  • Rappy Kid will release Opening Movie with subtitles next week.
  • Demo Version expected to appear in November.


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