PSPo:2 Guess the Enemy!

So let's play a little game! Can you guess what enemy this is?  Sakai updated his blog today, he says that he remade Phantasy Star Online monsters. Hmm.. Maybe that is a clue. Also, expect an interview to appear in Dengeki Magazine today. I'm sure Shougai PSO will cover it.

Oh man.. I hope you guys don't beat me to it.

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+Added minor info to Technic casting weapons.
+Made minor clarification of bullet attributes.


Delicious DVD!


This DVD appeared on Ebay. According to the seller, it contains promotional footage for video game retailers to put on display.  It does not contain any game software. Apparently it is not for sale, I'm not sure if SEGA will take action.

Blog Updates + Password

  • A new blogger! This time it's from Senior Director Terada!
  • Terada worked with Sakura Wars and Blazer Drive (put your collaboration thinking caps on…)
  • He says the goddess in the opening movie is actually _ _ _ _
  • Try inserting either four English alphabet letters or 4 katakana characters. (That's if the 4 circles stand for four blank spaces)
  • Collaboration items can be acquired with a password.

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