Phantasy Star Nova Details Coming To The Phantasy Star Festa 2014!

nova 2

PSO2 Nova

  • PlayStation Vita
  • Releasing 2014
  • 1 ~ 4 Players
  • Adhoc Multiplayer

After obtaining the Famitsu scan, we've updated this post to reflect what was written in the article.

The Japanese blogosphere is abuzz with some details on Phantasy Star Nova, here's what they found in a recent Famitsu interview.

  • The game's atmosphere feels close to PSO.
  • Character Creation is almost the same as PSO2. Confirmed
  • The advancements made in the graphics engine makes the skin and clothing material feel real.
  • Weapons, Defensive Gear, and Recovery items are prepared with "Self Sufficiency." 
  • After coming up with a method for players to visually experience the concept of survival, they came up with the idea where your equipment gets damaged.
  • Since the setting is based on PSO2 Episode 1, they have no plans to do Episode 2's race and classes.
  • The battle system is quite different from PSO2. Those inexperienced with the series could have an easier time getting into the story.
  • Both new and old kinds of enemies will appear.
  • As the player progresses through the game, they can decide which facilities they want to see function on the ship.
  • Game Development is currently at 65%


  • Lutina ルティナ (CV: Maaya Uchida)  (Human x Force)
  • Sail セイル (CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) (Human x Hunter)
  • Izuna イズナ (CV: Ai Kayano) (Newman x Ranger)
  • Fieldia フィルディア (CV: Miyuki Sawashiro) (Human x Hunter)
  • Magnus マグナス (CV: Banjō Ginga) (Human x Hunter)

According to the blogs, new information for Phantasy Star Nova is expected on June 15 at the Phantasy Star Festa 2014!


[via zaregoto od3 / gamestalk / hokanko alt]

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