PSO2 JP: Maintenance (6/4/2014)

June 4th Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 6/4/2014 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 6/3/2014 @ 9:55 PM ~ 4:30 AM EDT


Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Daylight Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!


Eastern / Central / Mountain / Pacific / Hawaii

São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan


Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • If you are using a mobile device or an external application, please [sync] the calendar after maintenance has ended.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will be posted in this calendar with the duration of 1 minute. This change was made to make the calendar easier to read when viewing the events as a list.


300,000 DLs Commemorative Campaign

300k Downloads Campaign

SEGA is holding a special PSO2es campaign to commemorate reaching 300,000 downloads. Login to PSO2es during the campaign period to receive prizes!

Campaign Period

  • June 4th @ 0:00 JST ~ June 10th @ 23:59 JST

Login Bonus Period

Login DaysEarned Bonuses
1st Day1 Rappy Medal
2nd Day10 Grinders
3rd Day1 Rappy Medal
4th Day500 FUN
5th Day1 Rappy Medal
6th Day10 Grinders
7th Day1 Rappy Medal

Items are given based on the number of days you login during the campaign period. If you login everyday, you can achieve the 7th Day login bonus.
You can pick up the rewards in the mailbox.

ARKS Museum: Character Portrait

The ARKS Museum is now accepting entries for its third Character Portrait contest.


  • Take a picture utilizing the [Character Portrait] feature on your PlayStation Vita for the three contest divisions.

Contest Divisions

  • Costume Division: Submit a picture of a character wearing a costume like the Lillipan Suit, Rappy Suit, etc.
  • Male Division: Submit a picture of a male character.
  • Female Division: Submit a picture of a female character.

Entry Submission Period

  • Until July 16th @ 17:00 JST

Contest Announcements

  • Mid-August 2014


  • Gold Medal of Thanks
  • 1000 FUN Ticket
  • EXCube
  • Grind Success (100%)
Screenshot Example
Example Entry

Submission Contents

  • One picture intended for the contest.
  • One picture with your Player ID

First Picture Conditions

  • Characters saved as Character Portrait Data or Partner Character NPCs.
  • Personally identifiable information such as a person's entire face and body should be avoided in the photograph.
  • Even if you are photographing a person in a way that does not make their identity known, you must obtain consent from that person before submitting it into the contest.

Acceptable Outfits for the Costume Division

  • Rappy Suits (Any color variation, even Docomo)
  • Summer Rappy Suit
  • Latan Rappy Suit
  • St. Rappy Suit
  • Love Rappy Suit
  • Lovey Rappy Suit
  • Egg Rappy Suit
  • Frog Rappy Suit
  • Lillipan Suit
  • Black Lillipan Suit
  • Otsukimi Lillipan Suit (Moon Viewing)
  • Torajima Lillipan Suit (Striped Tiger)
  • Warrior Lillipan (Samurai)
  • Reindeer Costume

Second Picture Conditions

  • Please take a screenshot with your character and their player ID overhead.
  • The picture should be taken in a location where the Player ID is clearly visible.

Tips and Advice

  • Use the Left Stick in Character Portrait to move the character.
  • Use the Right Stick to rotate and adjust the size of the character.
  • Use the arrow keys to tilt the character.
  • In Pose Settings, you can select your character's pose, facial expressions, and equipment.
  • In Speech Balloon settings, you can change the speech bubble, the message contents, the symbols, and justification style.

Submission Criteria

  • Works submitted should be unpublished works made by the contest entrant. Please refrain from making edits to the image like cropping and such.
  • Submitted works should be a JPEG file up to 1MB in size.
  • Pictures must be taken in the landscape orientation.

Important Links

Important Points

  • The work must be submitted only through the entry submission form.
  • One entry per division for each person; meaning one person may enter up to 3 entries, as long as ONE entry is submitted for each contest category.
    (1 x Costume) + (1x Male ) + (1x Female) per person.
  • If you submit two or more entries for one contest division, only the last submitted entry for that division will be counted for the contest.
  • One entry per person allowed. When you submit two or more entries, only the last entry is counted for the contest.
  • Any last minute edits or changes will not be accepted after the entry period is over.
  • You must get permission from the person in your photograph before submitting it into the contest.
  • Sega may edit the works in someway.
  • The copyright of the works submitted will belong to SEGA

Client Order Campaign #55

CO Campaign 55

Clear Xie and Revelle's client orders to earn several items!

Campaign Period

  • June 4th until June 11th's maintenance.

Qualifying Client Orders

(1) Clear Xie's client order 「ロックベア対Mr.アンブラ」 Rockbear vs. Mr. Umblla to receive:

  • +50% EXP Booster (x2)
  • Grinder (x20)

(2) Clear Revelle's client order 「イレイザー・レポート・V」 Eraser Report V to receive:

  • Grind Risk Reducer +1 (x2)
  • Liliparium (Small) (x1)

Prize Distribution Date

  • June 25th at the Visiphone after maintenance.

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