Phantasy Star Nova: Pre-TGS Trailer and Vita Theme

Phantasy Star Nova showed off a new trailer at Sony's Pre-TGS conference. The trailer offered a brief look at the Gigantes Alcyone and Gration battles. There also appears to be some slight changes from the Demo. For one, you can now activate Halo platforms from the sub-palette menu. In addition, the footage showed players performing a Stylish Roll, which was impossible to do in the Demo.


PlayStation Vita Custom Theme

The new firmware update 3.30 will offer support for custom themes. Sony's Pre-TGS conference announced that a Phantasy Star Nova theme will be available from the PlayStation Store.

PSNOVA Vita Theme

8 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Nova: Pre-TGS Trailer and Vita Theme”

  1. Nova should clearly be a lot better than PSO2. That's a relief.
    I'm glad we have a replacement to this "full of errors" game (PSO2) which makes PSO feel ashamed.

    1. Dem ? Tho ?
      Don't know why you're laughing, but lucky you if you are ; ) .

      Anyway, I'll be pleased to have Nova in November especially as much as It was good to stop playing PSO2 ^^ . It has good points, but the negative ones are overwhelming.

    2. Dude! I completely agree. PSO2 has it moments especially in the combat but there are other issues that do annoy me. Nova really has me excited because it keeps the same battle system essentially while fixing some things here and there. I just picked up a PSP on eBay and now I need a memory card to set up my Japan or Asia PSN depending if the Asian version comes with English translation. November here I come!

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