Phantasy Star Nova: Weapon Customizations and the Skill Board

 PSNova Base

The Class Counter

Class Counter
The Class Counter

Phantasy Star Nova allows players to install various facilities around the base. One such facility, the "Class Counter," enables the ability to switch to a different class. Just like PSO2, each class can be leveled up separately. Choose a quest with a difficulty that corresponds to your class level.


Class Counter PSNova
Learn Gran Arts and Technics

You can also acquire Gran Arts and Technics and increase their levels at this counter. These Arts can be yours as long as you supply them with specific materials.  For example, the Rising Edge (GA) shown above, requires 2 Memory Fragment A's and a (Lightning) Gran Piece. A Foie (Technic) shown in another screenshot, required 2 Memory Fragment A's and a (Fire) Gran Piece.


 The Skill Board

Skill Board
Select a slot to place a skill.

You will learn different skills as you level up your class. These skills can be activated by setting them on a Skill Board. The board allows the placement of skills from other classes; so you can receive the effects of Force skills, while playing as a Hunter.

Placing certain skills together on the board can activate "Combo Effects." For example, when [S-ATK Up 1] is placed near [S-ATK Up 2], it unlocks the [S-ATK UP 3] combo effect. 

There's a wide assortment of skills that can be acquired from each class.

For example:

  • Hunters have a skill to increase the enemy hate.
  • Rangers have a skill that can send the enemies flying.
  • Forces have a skill to increase the power of Fire technics.
  • Busters have a skill that allows other classes to equip Piles.

Among those, Anti-Bind (Bu), Standing Snipe (Ra), Tech Advance (Fo), and War Cry (Hu), are just a small sample of the skills that's available in the game.


Weapon Customizations

Attachment Parts

As you advance through the game, you can access the weapon customization feature at the Weapon Shop. These customizations can be done through manufacturing items called "Attachment Parts." Each 'part' comes with an effect based on the 'cores' used as materials. Up to four parts can be attached to a weapon, which alters its appearance and grants it with various effects.


Crustacean Gigantes

Eurude: Giant Enemy Crab

Eurude is a crustacean Gigantes carrying large weapon containers on the sides of its body. It can attack in various ways, from high powered lasers to gigantic missiles. With a tough shell covering the entire body, it may be difficult to intercept it unless you attack it at its weakpoint.


Base Customizations + Multiplayer Story

Freely Customize Base

PSNova Base Custom
Assign staff to the facility to increase its effect!

Initially, the base starts out deserted, but flourishes little by little as various facilities are created. Add some character to your base by customizing its look and feel.


Multi Player PSNova

Connect on Ad-hoc and play story quests together with your friends. Playing as the party leader allows your friends to visit your base.


Gigantes vs Gigantes?

Gigantes vs Gigantes

(Stay tuned…)



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  1. ->get skills directly by leveling classes
    ->limited number of skills can be used at once
    ->can equip skills across classes

    *sniff sniff* smells kinda Infinity. not that that's a bad thing.

    1. For this crap? To me it seems that Sega eats in Sony's open hand and this game only exists because Sony wants it. So much wasted dev time that should have been put in pso2.

    2. you do realize nova is made by a different team and is half outsourced, riiiiight? sega isn't some tiny cluster of scam artists like c******fish. they can develop more than one thing at a time without projects interfering with eachother.

    3. Please tell me you aren't serious. Please, please. I don't want to think there are people this stupid in the world.

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