Phantasy Star Nova: Mid-Sized Gigantes + The Restaurant, Shield Units, and Ring Generators

Here you can watch Captain T fight reskins and the Gigantes Gration!


In the previous article, we introduced the concept of customizing the base. Players can install various facilities around the base and task crew members with managing their daily operations. These facilities can be leveled up providing greater effects while players advance through the game. Today we'll briefly look at a few more facilities.


The Restaurant and Other Facilities

Restaurant PSNova
The Restaurant

You can prepare all sorts of meals at the Restaurant by acquiring the required ingredients.

Each meal provides different effects like [Atk Up], [Def Up], or [x Elemental Damage Up]. Choose the appropriate meal for the upcoming adventure, as these effects last until the quest is over.


Hyperion bust


In line with this, we introduce a new character called "Hyperion." He will be voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka, who is known for his role as Jiraiya in Naruto. As you may have guessed from his design, Hyperion belongs to Delta Valiant's food supply division. He has the habit of comparing everything to food, and though he's cheerful, he becomes distressed during severe food shortages.


PSNova Gran Booster
The Gran Booster

Installing the Gran Booster increases the amount of Gran energy you'll acquire. Furthermore, it can also decrease the GP costs for Gran Arts.

There's also other things you can install aside from the two mentioned above:

  • Item Surveying Device: Increases the item appearance rate during quests.
  • Enemy Radar: Increases Rare and Boosted enemy appearance rates. Stationing the right kind of crew member here increases the effect.


Core Abilities

Armor Shop

We talked a bit about the "Armor Shop" in the previous article, but we'd like to go more into detail about the materials you'll be using to create these items.

The properties of these items will change depending on the materials used in the process. Cores are one such material that comes attached with a special ability.

Say for example you picked up several "Darker Cores," each with a special ability attached. In the screenshot above, a Darker Core with [Flame Resist 1] was used in the process which increases the elemental resistance for fire. However, you could have chosen a Darker Core with [Technic 1] to increase T-ATK, or [Ability 1] to slightly increase all stats.


Ring Generators at the Item Shop

Item Shop

In the demo, you had to use Halos to create these platforms in the air called "Ring Fields" when fighting the Gigantes. In the official version, these "Ring Fields" can also be generated through the creation of an item called the "Ring Generator." These consumable items will allow you to generate "Ring Fields" without having to switch weapons. Just tap the icon on the screen to activate it.


Crew Member Traits

You'll have to awaken your crew members from cryogenic stasis if you want to bring them along in battle. Crew members can have different traits that let them specialize in a particular area. For example, crew members could have a "Battle Type" trait where they focus on either [Attacking] or [Healing + Support].


Armed, Boosted, and Rare Enemies

There's all sorts of lifeforms you'll come across on Planet Machia. Among them, you'll encounter armed, boosted, and rare enemies. Armed enemies are biological weapons equipped with machine guns, missiles, or other armaments. Most notable of these types of enemies are the Gigantes!

Boosted enemies look just like regular enemies, except with a a golden color. You can earn more experience points by defeating them.

Rare enemies appear in a different color from their non-rare counterparts. Defeating them gives you the chance to acquire rare materials.


Mid-Sized Gigantes

Gordos, a medium sized Gigantes covered in spikes,
swings its spiked arm to attack.


Ditoas, a mid-sized lizard Gigantes,
has missile pods and fires lasers from its back.

If you enjoyed the first demo, you can expect another demo coming later this fall. The second demo features character creation, and lets you experience the opening areas of the game. It also lets you transfer over your data to the official version once it finally releases. See you next time.

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