Phantasy Star Online 2: 1 Year Anniversary Event!

Phantasy Star Online 2's One Year Anniversary event kicks off June 12th, 2013. Yes this is an actual PSU-style event where players can receive rewards by unlocking panels through ARKS Bingo.


BB Union vs PSO2 Collaboration

Cougar NX

Available: June 12th through August 8th, 2013

Border Break (a multiplayer mech arcade game) is teaming up with PSO2 in a Cross Collaboration. Players who achieve certain conditions during this campaign period can receive special prizes. In addition, "Cougar NX" will appear as a boss in a quest available for a limited-time titled "Border Breaking Chaos" (alternatively: The Chaos that Breaks Borders). Under direct supervision of the Border Break development team, Cougar NX will use his signature animation, sound effects, and music during the boss fight. For more details about the BB Union vs PSO2 Collaboration, check out the BB Union Campaign post.


Tear Downer Collab Item

SW-TearDowner (Sword Weapon Camo drop)



1 Year Anniversary Event


Web Bingo Event
  June 12th through July 10th

The 1 Year Anniversary, part of the "Phantasy Star Thanks Festa 2013" online event, shall introduce a new feature called "ARKS Bingo!" Each player's bingo points are tallied up and used to unlock prizes to be distributed after the end of the event.


Arks Bingo CO

Arks Bingo
June 12th ~

ARKS Bingo plays exactly how it sounds, but instead of calling out numbers, each square is cleared once the player achieves a specific objective. For example, one square may say "Grind a Weapon or Unit" and another may ask you to "destroy a blue container" or "feed an item to your mag."

Players can receive rewards by clearing a line of squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. This will contribute to your "Bingo Point" score that is tallied with the rest of players to unlock prizes during the 1 year anniversary event.


Persona Mask

Limited-time Quest: Border Breaking Chaos
Available: June 12th through August 7th, 2013

This new quest available for a limited time features an all-star cast of enemies from Forest through Sanctum. Fight the Vol Dragon, Zeshrayda, and even the 'Masked Figure' as he drops exclusive rare items.


Kuna Live Stage Event

Kuna Live Stage

Available: Mid June

(Upd) Come see ARKS Idol Kuna perform live on the main stage in the shopping lobby! Feel a part of the concert with a new lobby action that lets you wave around glowsticks. During her performance, she'll sing one of her two hit singles "Our Fighting" and "Everlasting Eternity!" Stick around after the live performance and something else might occur.


Dark Falz Powers Up!

Dark Falz Elder

Available: Mid June

Dark Falz is back with a vengeance in two new beefed up versions of his Emergency Quests. Unlike his other EQs, these do not show up at random, and are announced ahead of time by the development team.

Falz Elder Beam

This time, since Dark Falz has higher HP, the ship will have to defeat even more Arms in order to advance to the next stage. Some of his attack patterns have changed and players may soon find themselves frozen when hit by long distance attacks. Both Falz Arms' fingertips and his main form will drop new items in both regular and buffed up versions of this quest.


 The Sonic Lobby

The Sonic Lobby

Available: June 12th through June 26th

Sonic and his friends are on display in the Arks Lobby for a limited time.


Sega Star Selection Scratch

Lillipa Hood

Available: June 12th through July 24th

In celebration of Sonic's birthday on June 23rd, Sega has put together a scratch of costumes and accessories from their most popular franchises!

Akira Repca

アキラ・レプカ Akira Repca


Arle Repca

アルル・レプカ Arle Repca


selvaria Repca

セルベリア・レプカ Selvaria Repca


Student S Repca

スチューデントS・レプカ Student S Repca


No Peeking Binder
*見ちゃダメ・バインダー No Peeking Binder (Talis Weapon Camo)


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