PSO2 + Border Break Cross Collaboration Campaign!

BB Union vs PSO2

Phantasy Star Online 2 and Border Break Union are having a cross collaboration campaign! During the campaign period,  items and characters from their respective titles will cross over into the other game. The campaign begins June 12th until August 7th, so you'll have plenty of time to join in on the festivities.

Campaign Period: June 12th through August 7th, 2013

Login Cross Collaboration Campaign

(Border Break)
Everyone that logs into BB.NET during the campaign period will receive:

  • Nicknames: Transcend Boundaries and ARKS
  • Emblem: ARKS CREST

Everyone that logs into PSO2 during the campaign period will receive:




BB Union Items in Scratch

During the campaign period, the following Border Break items will appear in either AC or FUN scratch.


フィオナ・レプカ Fiona Repca (AC Scratch)
フィオナフェアリーロング Fiona Fairy Long Hairstyle (AC Scratch)


No Peeking Fiona

*見ちゃダメ・バインダー *No Peeking Binder
(AC Scratch Talis Weapon Camo)



Border Break Boss in PSO2

BB NX Cougar PSO2 Boss

Cougar NX will appear as a boss in PSO2 for a limited time dropping exclusive items.

Collaboration Item Drops

  • *D92ジェイナス  *D92 Janus (Twin Machine Gun Weapon Camo)
  • 熱源 Heat Source (Music Disk)
  • 優曇華 Udonge (Music Disk)
  • クーガーブランド Cougar Brand (Sticker)
  • *SW‐ティアダウナー SW-TearDowner (Sword Weapon Camo)

D92 Janus Weapon Camo

*D92ジェイナス  D92 Janus


Play BB Union and PSO2 Campaign

By playing both titles during the campaign period, you'll receive several items within each game.

Campaign Qualifications for Border Break

Players must achieve D4 or higher class in BB Union to receive:

Items will be distributed to Border Break players sometime in August. (They will be sold in the Border Break item shop at a later date.)

Campaign Qualifications for PSO2

Players must defeat Cougar NX in PSO2 to receive:

LE Rigel

*LE‐ライゲル LE Rigel (Double Saber Weapon Camo)

Items will be distributed to PSO2 players late August.


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