Phantasy Star Online 2: Alpha Test 2 Improvement List

Applying for the second alpha test will end in 4 days, so if you haven't already done so please apply as soon as possible. As for the day the 2nd Alpha Test starts, unfortunately it will not be announced today and you'll have to wait for those details in the future.

An extremely long list of things to expect in Alpha test 2 was posted, which took a long time to go through. The changes described in previous posts are mentioned in this list. So let's begin!


  • Human / Newman / Cast, you can create a man or woman of your choice among the three races.

Character Creation:

  • After you create your character, you will not be able to change your outfit or accessories in Alpha Test 2.
  • Only a portion of the cast parts will be implemented in Alpha Test 2.
  • Some new costumes, parts, hairstyles and accessories will be added to Alpha test 2.
  • You can now morph the body and face of Casts like the other races.
  • You can make your eyebrow color the same as your hair color.
  • Min/Max range of your height has increased.
  • You can choose whether your cast runs or hovers.
  • You can choose 2 skin patters at the same time.
  • Character Creation Redo and Undo Functions were added.
  • Facial Expression Test added
  • Costume and Parts Defense stats are gone. Defense stats are now based on your Base Stats and Units equipped.
  • Unit graphic settings can be turned on/off through the item pack menu


  • There are three classes, Hunter, Ranger, and Force. In Alpha Test 2, you can not change your class.
  • There are no player specific levels in this game, instead your class level will determine your character's level. Each class individually can go up to Level 20.
  • In this test, if any of your characters go passed level 10, you will automatically join into the next test (the next scheduled test is the Closed Beta Test)


Skill Tree

  • Some skills are implemented in Alpha Test 2
  • The organization and design of the skill tree has been completely redesigned so that it is easier to read and use.
  • A new function lets you increase a skill's level all at once
  • Some new skills have been added like Just Counter and Just Reversal


  • A limited amount of weapon categories photon arts, and technics are available in this test. 
  • You can Just Attack using Ranged attacks and Technics
  • You can hold down the attack button to automatically attack but you will not be able to just attack like this.
  • Hunter's Step and Ranger's Dive Roll Invincibility frames have been lowered.
  • It is now quicker to change from your normal movement animation to running (dashing).
  • When you push lightly on the gamepad and your weapon is on your back, you will do the walking animation.
  • "Guard" will cancel an attack action quicker than "Step"
  • When you are charging a Technic, your movement speed no longer slows down, but you won't be able to run.
  • You can charge Technics at the sub-palette.
  • For some attack-type technics, when you charge them, their power and behavior will change. 
  • You can now change which kind of attack your rod will normally do (ex. Change it from doing physical to technic attacks)
  • The range of effect charged Resta has is now increased.
  • Sword Photon Art "NovaStrike" can now be charged
  • When your HP is completely full, you won't be able to use recovery items.
  • When using recovery items, the time period you can't move, as well as the animation has now changed (details below)
  • With wired lances and swords, your gear will no longer reset when you arrive at another area, or switch weapons.
  • To differentiate the normal shooting style from TPS style, your normal shooting style will have less firing accuracy. (This is not speaking about a stat, it just determine how far off the bullets land from the actual target.)
  • After you've placed a trap, you can detonate it at any time.
  • The function to lock on to other players was removed therefore the follow run function has changed. 
  • There's an option within the game to turn off the blur


  • A portion of the enemies are in alpha test 2. These are limited to Darkers, Native, and Dragon types.
  • A new boss called Kyatadoran was added to the volcano field
  • Except for the large enemies, just attacks can overcome an enemy's attack. (See Fan Briefing)
  • Enemies of the same type will have differences (in stats) based on their size and abilities.
  • Enemies of different types can attack each other.
  • When boss enemies appear in a multiparty area, their name may have a prefix attached. These bosses in particular have stronger powers and abilities, even changing the abilities of enemies nearby.


  • Mags will not be implemented in Alpha Test 2, they are scheduled to be available by the time the official game launches.


  • Volcano Cavern and Forest fields are implemented in Alpha Test 2
  • You can make a new party when you choose a quest from the quest counter
  • When starting a quest, you can now input a party name, comments and various party settings. 
  • There's more information displayed when selecting a party from the list of parties.
  • You can set to display whether you want to see HP bars over the heads of your party members (or other multi party players)
  • Camp Ship has a quest counter and shop function
  • You also do not need to get a quest at the  quest counter, you can go down to the field and start a "Free Field" quest.
  • In Free Fields and some Arks quest, at the last area, all parties will get their own individual boss area. However a boss may also appear at any time before this.*
  • When going from the Campship to the field, you can now go directly to the area the party members already went through.
  • There will be some visual indication of the telepool within the camp ship when someone places a telepipe down on the field.
  • The graphics of dropped item icons are now redesigned to improve the visibility and identity of the specified item.

Interrupt Event

  • Only a limited variety of Interrupt Events are in Alpha Test 2
  • Those sudden trials that were a part of what's called Interrupt Events are now known as "Emergency Trials"
  • Emergency Trials can appear in Free Field quests.
  • When you complete an Emergency Trial, your reward item is sent to the main storage box if your item pack is full. If your main storage box is full, then your item is sent to what's called the "first storage." This storage box can only hold 30 items, it will automatically delete old items to make way for new items if you reach this limit.


  • Only limited variations of Photon Sensitive Effect is in Alpha Test 2
  • Changed the balance of the frequency and how long a PSE occurs


  • Various operation methods and interface problems were revised in Alpha Test 2
  • When you first logon, you can set whether you want to use gamepad or kb/mouse
  • You can change various settings with whichever control method you are using.
  • The main menu is now iconized
  • A quick menu to perform lobby actions was added for the gamepad.
  • It is easier to look at the item details, and a specific button can be used to jump to a certain page.
  • Improved the Icon Designs
  • Made it easier to know when an item is locked in your item pack
  • Improved the readability on the number of consumption items you have.
  • An equipment menu added to main menu
  • Enchants are now called "Special Abilities"
  • You can move multiple items at the same time to the storage box
  • At a shop you can buy and sell from storage
  • Store meseta in the storage box
  • Easier to see HP and PP of the characters
  • Quest Goals or Emergency Trial Targets are now indicated by text on the screen.
  • The map size will not change (close to far) when you arrive at another area in the field. (bug fix)
  • Map size has increased since last test
  • If a party member was far away, their relative position is still indicated on the map.
  • An online status indicator stating "Looking For Party" and "Away From Keyboard" has been added.
  • Loading Screen has changed
  • Screenshot Function added.


  • A limited amount of manga iconography (ex. sweat drop) and autowords are available.
  • Lobby Actions are the same as PSU, and these are only temporary.
  • By the time the official game launches a new chat functionality will be added.
  • Gamepad users can chat using any key on the keyboard instead of pressing C. This feature is available in "Direct Chat" mode.
  • A feature was added that lets you go to the block your friend is on directly.
  • Lobby Actions Alt +[A ~ Z]
  • Press SHIFT+ENTER for cut-in chat preview and CTRL+ENTER for manga iconography and speech bubble variations. 
  • Chat log and Chat Channel are now separate
  • Search for players at the Visiphone

My Room

  • A limited set of features are available for My Room in Alpha Test 2
  • Unlike PSU, it is not 1 character per room, but rather 1 ship (server) per room. 
  • Only a limited amount of remodeling tickets and room items are available, you can purchase this at the room shop in the Arks Lobby.
  • Various functions to interact with room items will be available by the time the official game launches but only "Sit" is available for room items in Alpha Test 2.
  • The my room interface for this test is temporary and will be improved upon later.

Item Lab

  • Item Lab has 3 functions, "Item Grinding" "Attribute Grinding" and "Special Abilities"
  • The cost, the success rates, the results of your customizations are all temporary and will be rebalanced later.


  • A minimal amount of story will be discussed in Alpha Test 2. A full-scale story will be implemented when the official game starts.


  • Alpha Test 2 low end spec adjustments are not implemented.  The Alpha Test 2 spec requirements are higher than the official minimum requirements.

Save Data

  • Alpha Test 2 Data is not carried over to the next test.


Alpha test 2 has now changed the way the Recovery Animation was implemented. People found this animation unpleasant since your character would inject a recovery item into their body.

(Click for Larger)

Now this animation has changed where you character drinks a recovery item instead.

[via pso2blog]


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