RaCaseal Yellowboze Ver. APSY Plastic Kit

Yet another RaCaseal Plastic Modeling kit is coming out. First we saw Elenor, Shino, then Whitill, and now she's all decked out in yellow. It even comes with a Shato mag. This kit is coming out in May of this year. 

RaCaseal Yellowboze Ver. Apsy

This Plastic Modeling Kit includes:

  • Double Saber 
  • Sinow Beat Blade
  • Spread Needle
  • Shato
  • Section ID
  • 4 Head Parts
  • 2 Bangs
  • 2 wrists


Purchase @ AmiAmi

[thanks typestatic]

 New Photon Arts for PSE

Phantasy Star Eternal Planets added new Photon Arts that did not exist in PSU/PSP2 series.

  • Rapid Wind
  • Dam Wind

Hmmm Wind Technics? 

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