Phantasy Star Online 2 and Border Break Union Cross Collaboration!

Today's PSO2 Livestream announced a brand new cross collaboration between Border Break Union and Phantasy Star Online 2. The Collaboration campaign begins June 12 and introduces Border Break costumes, weapons, and enemies to PSO2!


Border Break x PSO2 Scratch Contents

Fiona Costume

Fiona Costume


Fiona Border Break Poster
BB Union Posters and Arcades



No Peeking ♥ Binder (Talis)


PSO2 x Border Break Campaign Items

Players who achieve certain conditions within each game will receive special prizes.

BB Union Collab

Banshee's Roar / Guld and Milla / etc.. (Border Break)


UshiMan Costume

UshiMan T shirt and Scarf (Male and Female)


Rigel Weapon Camo

LE-Rigel (Double Saber Weapon Camo)

PSO2 players will have to defeat Cougar NX, while Border Break players will have to reach D4 or higher class to qualify for the items. (Please await further instructions on how you may qualify for this campaign.)


BB union

Border Break's Cougar NX will appear as a boss within PSO2



Login to PSo2 to receive Border Break Posters and Stickers
Login to to receive Emblems and Nicknames.


Livestream Recap

  • Yet another new hairstyle for Sakai
  • 50.7% of players chose the White Day Emergency quest over Dark Falz.
  • Tundra and Mechs Extreme Quest will release tomorrow.
  • うしたろう is this week's secret phrase. If you type "うしたろう" in chat between now through May 22nd, you'll receive several new voices from the PSO2 Livestream Cast.
  • Tomorrow, players will receive 10 extreme passes, afterwards, 1 pass will be distributed per day.
  • Vita players can now adjust the camera rotation speeds
  • A new "Half Doll" Item (The menu appears at the Death Screen.)
  • A reskinned Camp Ship for Extreme Quests, at the gate, the party leader can choose to pay for everyone or have each player split up the cost.
  • You can choose which stage you'd like to play. (Stage 1 ~ 5, 6 ~ 10, 11 ~ 15, etc.)


MAy 29th update

May 29th Update

  • Wedding Lobby
  • Holy Bright Priest Scratch with religious themed outfits and Ursula's costume
  • New Recolors of Wedding Dresses
  • New Extreme Quest Forest and Dragons
  • New Advance Quest: City, Ruins, and Altar

Student Style

June Update

  • Sonic Lobby
  • Sega Star Selection Scratch with Sonic the Hedgehog face masks and room items
  • Dragon's 2020 Student Style Costume, Selveria Bles Costume from Valkyria Chronicles, Akira from Virtua Fighter 5.
  • 1 Year Anniversary
  • Border Break Cross Collaboration




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