PSO2 Phantasy Star Festa Outfits and June Collaborations

Morning, not much of an update today. So the reason for the lack of news last week was because the Japanese were celebrating a public holiday. Since then, Sakai has reached the final stages for the post-recording work of PSO2 Episode 2, and is completing preparations for the 2013 Phantasy Star Festa.


Game Maniax

Sakai will make a guest appearance on the May 11th episode of "Game Maniax" with some top-secret information. After that, on May 14th, we'll have our Nico Nico livestream where they plan to show Extreme Quests, the character voice project, part 2 of the Illusory Onslaught video, the Arks Grand Prix Preliminary quest, and reveal more information of the Sega collaborations coming up in June. He will also announce promotional items for those who attend the 2013 Phantasy Star Festa!

Next up is a reminder to complete the Players Site survey so you can receive a free ticket for 500 FUN points. The survey must be completed by May 15th at 11:00 JST. If you need help, shoutbox commenter "Assistance" has already translated most of the questions into English.



Thanks Festa Shirt

Thanks Festa Shorts

Phantasy Star Festa 2013 Outfits!


 A Dream Collaboration

When Sakai was asked which game creator he'd like to work with, he expressed his desire to collaborate with someone who does online/multiplayer games, or someone who works in the same genre as his.

Though Sakai didn't specifically answer which game series it was, PSO2's executive director inquired, "I don't know… [is it] Mon..Hun..?" which Sakai responded with a grin and nod.  Though at this point, we can't say for certain if such a collaboration will ever happen, Shougai (A Japanese PSO Fansite) wonders if this is related to a collaboration enemy coming in the Summer. However, thanks to datamining, we can assume this is not the case.

[via shougai]

Sega June Collaboration

Virtua Fighter Akira Costume

 Akira Costume (Virtua Fighter)


Selvaria Costume

Selvaria Bles Costume (Valkyria Chronicles)


Arle Nadje Costume

Arle Nadje Costume (Puyo Puyo)


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